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Chapter 6 – Pranked

Rosalie's POV

Now, it was actually the early morning of the next day; yesterday had been a bad day for Emmett. Finally we were up to our last prank that involves all of us.

I don't know if I am happy or sad. I am happy that it is all most over because; I didn't like watching Emmett being sad. After all he is my mate and husband and it makes me sad watching him sad.

But at the same time it is incredibly fun and funny working together to get Emmett the way he gets us. And so I'm sad that it is almost over.

Everyone except Emmett (who was in our room, crying over his car.) gathered for a quick meeting about our next prank. This prank is going to go like this: All of us speak in a foreign language and pretend to be like humans. Eating human food and Emmett runs away thinking he is in sane. Then Jasper calls him Emmett back and we all shout, "YOU'VE BEEN PRANKED!"

"So what language do you guys want to speak in?" Carlisle asked, looking at all of us.

"How about Italian?" Edward asked.

"No, I like French." Alice spoke up.

"German. I think it would really confuse Emmett." Jasper interceded.

"Japanese! It would really funny." Nessie hollered

"Chinese would be better." Bella said.

"I was thinking more like, Hindi." Esme said persuasively

"No way, I think we should do Arabic." I stated.

"Perhaps we should do Gibberish since no one seems to agree to one language." Carlisle said in an authoritative voice.

We were all quiet for a few seconds, just staring at Carlisle's face, but then we all cheered for Gibberish. It was the perfect idea.

After we decided we would speak in Gibberish, Nessie asked if we could throw water balloons at Emmett. So we made some water balloons and put them aside till later.

Since we were pretending to be like humans and it was early morning; we decided to be coming out of our beds in our pyjamas pretending to have slept last night. This will be hilarious!

Everyone went to their rooms and wore their PJ's. Edward, Bella and Nessie went up to Edward's old room and I went to the spare room, because Emmett was in our room.

Carlisle told us to stay in our rooms and pretend to be sleeping til he gives us a signal.

Emmett's POV

I am tired of being in my room for nearly five long hours now. I need to go out and do something instead of staring at the same old boring walls. I can't help but go over all the strange, frustrating and mean events that happened to me yesterday. – I hope today won't be a repeat.

I decided that I would go over to Carlisle's study and ask him if I could go down stairs and maybe read today's paper and hope that someone is watching t.v so I could at least look over their shoulder.

I quietly walked over to Carlisle's study, but he wasn't there. So I went to his and Esme's bedroom and knocked, but no one answered. All I heard from the other side was a soft snoring.

I slowly opened the door to see Carlisle and Esme deep in sleep with pyjamas on.

What? Vampires don't sleep! What's going on?

I sneaked over Alice and Jasper's room and found that there were in a silent slumber as well with PJ's on.

I went over to Edward's old room and found that Edward, Bella and Nessie were sleeping as well with PJ's on.

I walked over to the guest room and found that even my Rose was sleeping peacefully.

I had a bad feeling that today would definitely be a repeat of yesterday. It brought a lump into my throat which I forcefully swallowed back down.

Since everybody is asleep, I might as well watch some t.v. I thought to myself as I crept downstairs and turned the t.v on and put it on low volume. It's not every day you find a house full of vampires sleeping.

I was watching a very exciting baseball game when I heard two sets of footsteps coming down stairs. I quickly turned the off and ran over to the unused dining table picked up today's newspaper and pretend to be reading it.

Carlisle and Esme came up to me and kissed each one of my cheeks. Carlisle said, "Teepo, Emmett." And Esme said, "Zuma Emmett." at the same time. They both stared, smiling at me waiting for an answer.

"Umm...h...hello mom, dad."I said. I noticed that both of them were still in their PJ's.

Carlisle sat across the table from me reading another newspaper and Esme went to kitchen and started frying eggs and making human food. I guess it's for Nessie and maybe the pack is coming over today.

"Carlisle, are the wolves coming over, today?" I asked.

"Haa mee ja zen toola." Carlisle replied.

I was creeped out and decided not to talk to him anymore. Something is definitely wrong.

Then Edward, Bella and Nessie came and took their spot around the table occupying themselves with something.

"Laa misa meeta." Edward said to Carlisle.

"Ken karo laa meeta."Carlisle replied to Edward

I just stared at them like an idiot. It took me a minute to compose myself.

It was definitely not English or any other language I recognise. I can recognise almost all languages in the world.

Few minutes later Alice and Jasper came down also in their PJ's.

I noticed that Jasper was holding a camera in his hand. I didn't ask him why he was holing a camera because I decided it was part of this random weirdness.

"Nueti caddy!" Alice exclaimed and everyone replied the same words back to her.

Alice and Jasper joined the table. A minute later Rosalie came down in her PJ's, her beautiful blond hair messy.

"Jey, Jey cootie." she said as took her place around the table. Even my beautiful Rose has gone insane.

"Jey, Jey cootie." Everyone replied back to her.

Then Esme came over to us juggling lots of human food –I never knew Nessie could eat so much-, "Luva, luva." She said and gave Nessie an omelette and a glass of milk.

And then she also gave Edward and Bella each an omelette and a glass of milk. I thought that was for the pack.

Both Bella and Edward started eating the omelette without hesitating, cringing, wincing, grimacing or showing any sign of distaste towards the human food. They ate it as if they were hungry humans. What is this madness?

"Edward, Bella how are you eating that?" I asked.

"La mi na gresh li." Bella said smiling at me.

I sighed frustrated and annoyed, what is wrong with the people around me?

Then Esme placed the omelette and milk in front of Carlisle, Alice and Jasper. They ate just as fluently as Edward and Bella.

Next Esme gave the omelette and milk to Rosalie and I; I grimaced at the smell of the omelette.

Rosalie started eating like the rest of them without hesitating or grimacing.

I stared at the food and everyone stared at me, encouraging me to eat. "No thank you." I said pushing it away from me.

Rosalie pushed it back towards me and glared; I looked down at the food again and everyone stared at me again. I held my breath so I wouldn't have to smell it and took a bite.

Eww...It was disgusting beyond telling. I quickly gulped some milk to wash the omelette down my throat, but the milk made it even more disgusting. I spat the whole thing out and got up from the table.

Everyone stared at me in surprise and Esme asked, "Neeto, pum ya?"

I clutched my head and said, "This is crazy! I need to escape from this insane house." I ran towards the front door.

I was half way out the door when Jasper shouted, "Emmett stop! Come here we need tell you something."

Finally someone is speaking English. I stopped and turned towards them, closing the door but staying close to it, because I still don't trust them.

They were all standing in a row about a metre away from me; they had their hands behind their backs and were all smiling widely.

"YOU'VE BEEN PRANKED!" The all shouted and threw two water balloons at me each.

I couldn't move from where I was; because I was frozen with shock and surprise. After sixteen water balloons were thrown at me I was soaked and wet all through.

I can't believe I was pranked. I am the prankster in the house. No one can prank people like I can. I can't believe I actually fell for all these pranks. Whose idea was this? Whose idea was it to prank the master of pranks?

Everyone was just laughing their heads off and taking pictures of me.

After several minutes I composed myself and everyone explained to me all the crazy, insane stuff that happened to me yesterday and today.

It was beyond belief when I found out that Carlisle and Esme were a big part of this. I never knew and wouldn't have suspected that Carlisle and Esme had that side to them; the fun, childish side.

Rosalie came up to me and kissed me with passion. "I didn't mean anything I said to you before, love." She said smiling. I kissed her back and said, "I love you." And she replied, "I love you, too."

Carlisle told me that I wasn't grounded and that he was kidding and Alice promised to buy me a new, better car. I was finally happy again.

All the while I noticed that Jasper and Edward were doing something with the t.v and camera.

Rosalie dragged me to the couch and the of family were there too. Jasper turned the t.v on and pressed play.

My happy smile turned upside down as I watched myself being pranked on t.v. I'm probably never going to here the end of it.

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