OK, so, an idea I had a while back that I finally got round to writing. It's amazing what you'll do to get out of learning German

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Becker entered the locker room and walked up behind Jess.

"Everyone's planning on going out for a drink tonight. Care to join us?"

Jess jumped and span round in shock, nearly falling over. Becker caught her hands, keeping her on her feet.

"Oh! Becker! I... I didn't hear you come in," she gasped.

He smiled slightly.


She flushed and nodded, thrilled at finally being asked out by Becker, even if it was as part of a group.

"Good," he said, turning to leave. "We're meeting in the main room. See you there."

Pulling a mirror out of her bag, she redid her make-up and breathed deeply. 'Relax,' she thought. Putting everything away, she walked slowly to the main room. Entering, she smiled at everyone.

"Great, now slow coach has finally arrived, we can go," Abby teased, jumping up from her seat in Jess' chair.

Reaching the cars, Abby, Connor and Matt got into one, leaving Jess alone with Becker in the other. Connor winked at her just before climbing in and Matt smirked at Becker, who, as always, ignored him.

The journey was unusually quiet for Jess, who spent it staring out of the window, trying to ignore the man sat next to her. Becker was using driving as an excuse to concentrate on something other than her. The tension was so thick you could almost slice it with a knife.

The pub was crowded and noisy, yet Becker managed to find them a table quite quickly. Weaving through the crowd, a barmaid smiled flirtatiously at him and asked, "What can I do you?"

'Go away and stop perving on him,' Jess thought, annoyed. Leaning closer to Becker, she slipped her hand under his on the table. He looked at her, surprised, then squeezed it. The barmaid glared at her, then started flirting with Matt instead. Rolling her eyes, Jess simply enjoyed the feeling of Becker's hand on hers.

The evening was going quite well, with them having had a couple of drinks each, when Matt's phone rang. Pulling it out, he checked the ID and swore.

"Yeah?" He listened for a moment then swore again. "OK, thanks for letting us know." He put the phone away and stood, grabbing his jacket from the back of his chair. "There's been an alert, guys. Not far from here, just a couple of blocks away. Jess, we haven't time to take you back, so you're coming with us. The night operator is doing your job for tonight. Let's go."

Finishing his drink, Becker stood, putting in his earpiece and shrugging on his jacket in a fluid motion. Picking up Jess' coat, he held it for her to put on. She smiled her thanks, flushing as Connor wolf-whistled.

"Act your age, Connor," Becker said despairingly, shaking his head.

Leaving the pub, Jess felt nervous. This was her first mission. She hoped it went well.

"Well, negative on the visual," Becker told Matt. "It must be either round the back or inside."

"You two check the back garden, we'll search inside. Let me know the second you find anything."

Heading round the house, Becker opened the gate. Not surprisingly, it creaked. Loudly. Jess shivered, cold and nervous. Noticing, Becker offered her his jacket. She accepted it thankfully, knowing he never felt the cold.

As they entered the garden, they both stopped dead in surprise at what they saw.

"Matt? We have visual. And, you may just want to see this."

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