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Chapter 1: The Prisoner

LOCATION: Unknown, some town within the eastern United States.

DATE: 2000 AD, January 24

Another fruitless search. A certain red-and-purple Makuta thought, his 'frown' of disgust hidden by the Kanohi Olmak he 'borrowed" from his brothers and sister.

Tridax looked around the foreign town. He didn't know the name of it, but he could tell that it was somewhat more advanced than some islands at his home world. The inhabitants though, were just as interesting. Organic beings, whom of which wore clothing to cover their bodies. They processed very little, if any, armor. These that were 'armored" carried small machines that shot bullets. He figured that they were enforcers.

"Hmpt. If Mutran were here right now, he'd be jumping on his heels as if it were Naming Day." Tridax muttered.

He recently disguised himself as one of these…. Humans they called themselves (Or an even fancier way of saying it, Homo sapiens). Ridiculous names they were, just like some of them. SOME. From what he gathered so far, they also tend to be tinkerers, so they experiment and explore as much as they can. They even launched several devices out of "Earth's" (The name of their planet which, was odd that they were naming it after an Element.) orbit, which surprised Tridax.

At least not all of them are mumbling idiots. Tridax thought.

A scream echoed the street. Curiosity got the best of the Makuta, so he ran down the barren lane. When got to the source, he frowned. It was just more thugs killing civilians, hardly any different from the ones at Stelt. A man and a woman lay dead at a houses front porch, coated by several bullet holes and their own blood. The door was closed, but he could hear voices. Tridax phased though it to see some humans. He teleported to the living room and spied on the group. Six thugs, each wearing faded brown hooded jackets, pointing their pistols at a white boy inside. The child had a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans, brown hair covering his head, which had blue eyes. He cowered at the thugs, begging for mercy.

"I say we kill the little piece of shit." One laughed in a high-pitched voice, pointing it at the boy. He was obliviously trigger-happy.

"Ain't worth the bullets or time," Coughed another, gagging from his last smoke of his cigarette. "Besides, we'd be long gone 'fore the cops even find out."

Another looked at the largest one, most likely their leader. "What'd ya say, boss?"

The leader threw an empty whisky bottle at the door, shattering it.

"Doesn't matter," He growled. "I'll be leaving. Any of yawl want some sport, make it quick."

The gang left, save for the trigger-happy lunatic. Tridax was about to leave, but an idea ran through his head. These creatures have short lifespans, but they reproduce quickly. They adapt quickly, and number themselves by the billions. He could practically farm for them here. He chose his prey.

"BYE-BYE!" Shouted the madman.

Before he could the trigger, he felt his weapon heating up. The gun exploded in his face, ripping it and his arm apart. All he could see was a shadowed figure emerging from the darkness.

"Bye-bye, indeed." Was all he heard before he left this world.

The Makuta shapeshifted back into his former self, then grabbed the boy by the collar. Tridax then placed the Olmak on his ash-grey face, opening a Dimensional Gate as he did so. The boy yelped at the sight of the 'monster' and the portal. He fought with the purple-and-red alien, but did no good. By the time the 'fight' began, they've already crossed the bridge. The portal faded.

At the front door, police men tore down the door, pistols in hand.

"FREEZE!" The leader shouted. He jumped at the sight the ruined corpse, shattered across the kitchen. One of them vomited at the sight.

"What the hell?" He whispered as he looked across the area. "Search the house. See if you can find anything."

"YES SIR!" They saluted before scattering.

LOCATION: Destral, Matoran Universe

Tridax entered the fortress, child and mask in hand. He teleported to his chambers, placing the human on the floor. He came across a cabinet, opening it up. He shuffled through the pile of tablets inside, until he finally found one of interest. It detailed the location of some ruins to the south, near Bitil's territory. The Makuta smiled, forming a plan inside that head of his.

He could easily set up a laboratory and prison there, with the right resources. It was a good distance from civilization, so he at least has some form of privacy. Bitil might be willing to lend a hand, having always felt out of the action. Still, he was concerned about the other Makuta. If any of them, especially Teridax, were to find out the source of his future experiments, well…

He was going to have to choose his words and allies carefully. Teridax mustn't know about this. For right now, though, he was going to have to take this one step at a time. Using his power over Magnetism, he constructed a makeshift cage around the alien. Once he scouted the area and made sure that nothing else was living here, he teleported away, off on a little trip.

This would be the beginning of a new age…

A/N, 11/14/2014: So here I am, editing and retconing this chapter. Instead of Tridax presenting the child to Teridax, Tridax keeps him secret. Apart from that, not much else has changed.