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Chapter 5: Whispers in The Dark

DATE: 997 years post Great Cataclysm (2004 AD, September 11th)

Subject H627

NAME: Eric Hartless




AGE: 39-years-old

RACE: White



Notes: Madman, butcher, rapist, drug addict, and so many more words fit this waste of flesh and bone. Apparently, he worked in a black market of some sort, possibly selling drugs. Sometime during this career, he got a taste of his own medicine… literally. One night, he gave in and poisoned the head of the operation. Soon after, he cut the victim into hundreds of tiny little pieces before hiding them in a water barrel. Then he drugged the man's maidservant and raped her while she was knocked out. I just happened to catch him in the act when I got to his dimension. Surprisingly, he seemed to know that I was coming all along! From what he said in his failing mental state, he mistook me for a god of somesort. He got dressed, packed some of his belongs (including some of the remains of his boss) and followed me into the portal. Even today, he still thinks I'm that god. Never thought that madmen and fools worked so well together. Oh wait, they do.

LOCATION: Unoyr, Matoran Universe

Yagvi laid his back against the outer wall, eyes closed. The job was simple: sabotage whatever was going on in there and then run like Karzahni. Easier said than done though, especially with security being as tight as The Shadowed One's grasp. He scaled across the wall, slowly climbing like a Fikou. A guard just stood in front of him with his back. Without warning, he leapt and pounced on the lime-green being, slamming the hilt of his sword against the goon's head. The Ba-Toa then tossed the guard into the Silver Sea. Yagvi crouched to the floor, crawling to avoid drawing attention. A tall, lime-green being stood over on the wall on the other side, carrying what appeared to be a crossbow.

Yagvi lifted his hand up, channeling his power. A rock suddenly slammed at the post beside the guard. Jumping a little, it turned to the source of the sound.

"Huh, who's there?!" It shouted in a masculine voice. The Ba-Toa took this time to continue across the wall. He stopped at the post's front door, hearing footsteps. Yagvi looked around, panic in his glowing orange-red eyes. He spotted a barrel filled with fish-like Rahi inside.

Well, at least they're not alive. He thought to himself as he stepped into the barrel. He placed the lid on just in time, as the door slid open. A tall, skinny being, clan in orange-and-black armor, exited the post. He wore what appeared to be a Great Mask of Aging, crimson eyes darting the area. He then started running, almost as if Tren Krom himself was chasing the being. When the coast was clear, Yagiv entered the fortress. What he saw was straight out of the Olisi. Strange, fleshy beings were chained behind bars like wild Rahi. He could hear them mutter a strange language to one another, their cries of pain and agony. Yagvi hid behind a wall when he heard a noise. A hunched-backed being in red-and-lime armor approached one the cage.

"Get over here, sapient." He snapped. Two guards beside him entered the cage, dragging out what might've a sub-species. From what he could tell, this one bore skin as dark as a Po-Matoran's.

"Rah! ¡Suéltame!" He shouted. Yagvi tilted his head.

Hmm, never heard a language like that before. He thought to himself. Come to think of it, the beings did have different accents. Even when the guards left, Yagiv stuck around for a little more. It seemed that they just don't use different accents, but apparently different languages as well. One prisoner tried to speech to another one beside it, but the latter tilted its head gave, the former a face. It was obvious that neither could understand each other. Each prisoner was also different in terms of physical features.

Some were white as snow, some as brown as dirt, and some as tan as sand. Some were the size of a Kanoka disk; some were as big as those laborers on Stelt. Some spoke in a masculine tone, suggesting that they were male. Some were shaped like the upper-classed Vortixx on Xia, and had higher-pitched voices. He presumed that they were female. All of the 'sapiens' had organic eyes of varying colors, as did the strange, well…. He didn't know what was on their head. The best way he could put it was 'organic threads.' Some were purple, some were silver, some were yellow, some were brown, some red, some black, the list went on. He figured that he should explore further.

He silently ran past the cages, hiding in cover whenever he could. He repeated this process until he reached the next chamber, or rather, a new nightmare. Strange, Toa-like beings shambled around the area. Some appeared to be organic fusions of somesort. Some weren't fused, but they weren't Toa. In fact, they bore some resemblance to the prisoners, only with massive amounts of mechanical and armor implants.

Mata-Nui, what were they doing here!? Yagvi thought to himself. He once remembered hearing how the Dark Hunters treated their prisoners, but looking at this… they looked more like Toa themselves now. One of the abominations noticed the Toa and shambled toward him. The zombie-like creature dropped down forward till it couldn't, barely able to straighten itself. As it wandered toward the Toa, its chest place fell off. A boney ribcage was revealed, containing organs of some sort. One of them was beating slowly, making Yagvi sick in the stomach. Then the left arm fell off, leaving a leak of a sickening red fluid. Then the head snapped off without warning, causing the Ba-Toa to back away as the creature's (mostly) metallic head rolled toward him. What really made him jump was that it was fashioned much like that of a Toa's skull. The body continued walking for a few seconds before it dropped to the ground, not so much a twitch. One of the fleshy giants approached him, hands over ears (?).

"Hel…. ..s…. P…se…!" It muttered, in Matoran at that.

Yagvi eye's widened. "You speak Matoran?" He whispered back. The monster nodded.

"I….-no, WE-…. Be…me s….ting ….ous…." It spoke in broken Matoran. "Shadows g…bbed me f…m …..hind, brought …..s …..e."

The creature grabbed Yagiv by the shoulders and lifted him up to its face. It was deformed and randomly molded, like melting clay. It appeared to be missing one of its eyes, a small leak of the red essence dripping. Oddly, droplets of water poured from its remaining eye. He didn't know what it meant, but he should sense something inside of the monster: Agony, sorrow, pain, so much more. Whatever flesh was on the lower jaw was gone. Nothing left but bone.

"PleASe!" The abomination howled. "I…. n't…. …o ..iv… l… ..is!"


LOCATION: Uganda, Earth, undermined universe/dimension…

Somewhere within the country, lay a small village. Not far from that, was a militant squad. Armed humans of varying ages, from just eight to thirty, marched toward their target. The men would bark orders at the children, telling them who the masters were. Suddenly, a twig in the distance snapped. The oldest held his hand. The kids cowered behind each other, the man grinned. He marched into the woods, weapon ready. The moment he went of sight, the children heard a haunting and scary noise: The commander's scream. A large shadow slowly stepped forward toward the group. Strange energy bolts leapt from the trees, striking a few unfortunate targets. A laser of somesort struck a man in the back, his scream dying with him. When the shadow stepped into the moonlight, many screamed, one even wet himself.

Standing before them was a titan, clan in spiked brown and bronze armor (though small traces of silver and black were also present.). He bore huge, silver talons for hands, with large heavy shoulder armor. The foreleg armor looked like a mixture between metallized shaggy pants and samurai armor. The head round and spiked, with two long antenna-like structures on the back of it. He wielded a massive ax, which had smaller blades attached to it as well. In his other hand was the body of their commander, his head twisted backwards.

One of the men opened fire, spraying all the bullets he had left. None of them had any affect. In fact, they just bounced right off of the giant. The man gulped as the monster grinned evilly. Before the man could react, a hand of darkness burst from the being's chest, grabbing him. The soldier clawed his fingers into the ground, but that didn't delay his fate. He screamed as he was pulled into the monster's essence. He never returned. A child took out a pocket knife and tried stabbing the beast to death. Instead, though, he laughed, throwing the child soldier into a tree with unseen hands. Though the actual attack didn't harm him that much, it was strong enough to render him unconscious. Everyone backed up until one person bumped into something metal. The man turned, yelping at the sight. In front of him was a metallic, humanoid snake-like being. It wielded a pronged staff and wore orange armor. It hissed at him, and then screeched, revealing what was a cross between a slug and a snake within the head. The man took out his gun, but a red-silver creature sprang from the bushes. It slid past him and delivered a kick the side, making the man drop his weapon. A tan one stretched its arms out like a rubber band, and yanked it from the terrorist. A yellow beast fired lasers from its eyes, reducing the gun to molten slag. For once, the men felt something they'd thought they'd never feel: Fear.

Cuffs of pure energy suddenly connected their hands to their back, and the troops were pushed forward by the beasts. A minute or so later, they were in the village. It didn't fare so well either. A radio-station was reduced to scrap metal, with an arm hanging out from the rumble. A shrine was being torn down by the snake-like monsters. A blue-silver monster was somehow penning some women to the ground with its staff. The bladed stick glowed as the creature eyed the humans like a feral wolf. A black-gold creature was doing a similar thing, only it magnetized the men to a nearby well. Finally kids and teens were tied by vines to the trees. Green-brown monsters stood guard near it. The chief was guarded by a black-brown creature in front of his hut of dry mud. There were dents in the armor of it, but they faded away in a matter of seconds.

The giant stepped forward, his fiery eyes studying the villagers and then the soldiers. It grumbled something in a strange tongue. Something about a "Tridax" and a "Matoran". He looked to see a teenager, at least 15-yrs-old, staring bug-eyed at him. She was like another of the villagers here: Filthy, baggy clothes, no shoes. Still, she did seem fit and intelligent. A dark snicker escaped from his mouth, and he marched toward her. He turned back to look at one of the soldiers. He pointed at him and the tan one grabbed him. Then it pushed it toward the girl, both her and the man sacred shitless. He looked at the girl first.

The bronze titan spoke first, surprisingly in their tongue. "I know of your kind, Homo sapiens, as well as your home world, your 'Earth'. A world of mixed cultures and beliefs. Countless times your kind fought against one another in pointless wars, whether be they tribals like you, or those like the 'United Nations'."

He turned from the girl to the soldier. "You believe that you're fighting for a 'god'. The truth is, they've lied to you. You're nothing more than a puppet on strings, an instrument of destruction. What you're masters lead is nothing more than a madman's gibberish!"

Then he turned to both. "You actually believed that a 'heaven' and 'hell' existed. Well guess what?" He leaned closer. "None of those are true, either. There's nothing out there but a massive vacuum of space. The only reason you're still alive is because you have an atmosphere containing oxygen. Otherwise, your kind wouldn't even have existed to begin with. Even if there was a 'god', he'd have abandoned your people long ago, ashamed of his 'creations'' barbaric behavior."

The soldier's eyes flared. "LIES!" He snapped. "The Lord DOES exist! He's above us in Heaven, watching over us. He protects us from your influence, devil!"

The brown one laughed, so loud that half the world may have heard it. "Devil? Are you really THAT primitive and stupid? There's no such thing as a 'God' or 'Devil'. They're nothing but white lies created to control you." he let off an evil grin, revealing his empty 'mouth'. There were no teeth, no tongue, nothing but cold iron and a gaping hole that seemed to go on forever. "I can prove it."

He placed one hand on the soldier's arm, then the other on his arm. With little of his might, he tore the whole thing from the shoulder joint, as fast a jaguar. The man let out a scream that nearly made the ears of those nearby to bleed. A miniature-sized waterfall of blood poured down from where his arm was once attached. The man gripped the wound tightly, but it didn't stop the bleeding. He glared at the being, in fear, pain, and rage. The giant just laughed right in his face. He smiled evilly at the man.

"Go to your leader," the being spoke in a commanding voice. "Tell him that the 'god' and the 'demons' have fallen along ago. Tell him that their destroyer is coming. Tell them that Makuta Ghjis well return to finish the job."

The Makuta, Ghjis, then turned to the girl. "Run to the US officers. Tell them that these savages-"He glared at the soldier. "-are the least of their problems. Tell them that a new Brotherhood rises. Tell them that The Brotherhood of Makuta is coming." Ghjis' eyes glowed a toxic green for a second or two, and the same happened to the prisoners. The snake-like monsters released them both, and they ran off different directions, screaming at the top of their lungs. The Makuta laughed, the beasts tilted their heads in confusion. A hole in the fabric of space tore open behind him, and his squad and captives walked inside. As he stepped in, he took one last look at the world behind him. A smile that would send shivers down the spine of a Skakdi slithered onto his face.

Yes….He thought to himself. A world worthy of my rule. He thought about what the other Makuta would say about it. They'd obviously object to his ideas, so early on in the project. But he didn't care. Oh no, he's been waiting for this moment. Teridax kept him caged up on his assigned island, keeping him away from all the land that was out there. Land he could've conquered, for both himself and his brothers. Teridax, though, didn't want an all-out invasion. Not yet at least. Ghjis, though, was growing short on patience. He was already hungry for a fight, and right now, he's craving for war.

I cannot remind chained forever. Ghjis thought to himself. I should be out in the battlefield, not hiding behind some aged throne.

As he left, he made a silent vow to himself. He would return to this… Earth. And he will emerge from the depths of Karzahni, wielding their greatest fears as his own swords.


LOACTION: Unoyr, Matoran Universe….

Two hunched-backed beings expected the body, once a hideous failure, now crushed like a Bula Berry. A tall, cyan-and-red Makuta stood beside them, his face shaped like that of an insect. Technology of great advancement was attached to his armor, giving off lights of varying colors. Silver was also present on it, reflecting light like a mirror. In its reflection were the remains of a monster. Hundreds of crystalline emerald eyes scanned the body as he placed his clawed hand on his chin. The tiny pincers that made up his 'mouth' rearranged themselves, forming a bit of a frown.

"Shame. I wanted to squish it." He turned to one of the guards. "I suppose Gorast had some fun while I was away?"

The minion shook his head. "Negative. She's back at the peninsula. Ghjis left earlier to run some errands." He pointed at the body. "The freak doesn't have any signs of physical contact either. Looks like some kinda force just snapped the life out of it. What do you think, lord Mgahlr?"

Makuta Mgahlr gazed down at the corpse, still as fresh as a flower, and reeked of dead flesh. The grunt was right about one thing: There weren't any handprints or anything on it.

"Most likely energy based," Mgahlr muttered. "Telekinesis, perhaps."

He stood up, hundreds of his eye processing information around them. He could see foot prints on the ground, very much like a Toa's. Not a very big surprise. The Shamblers were designed after Toa. None of them, though, were successful. Either a brother was having fun, or maybe….

Some of the tiny eyes made a twitching motion, and he didn't seem to be happy. "We have an intruder." He whispered colder.

Meanwhile, on another part of Unoyr…

Yagvi held his breath as another guard pasted by his hiding spot. When the coast was clear, he popped his head out of the barrel, then ran like Karzahni. He already almost blew his cover, and he didn't plan on doing it again.

I can't believe that I killed it. He thought to himself. The…. Thing was mad, but I never meant to….He shook his head. What's in the past is done. He can't change time, no one can. He remembered the look in its one eye , a look of horror. Oddly before it died, it seemed… happy. The monster was tortured, obviously, but he never thought that it'd be happy to die. Did they really do that much damage to it? To make it hate life and wish for death? He had no time for that. He had a duty to do.

Suddenly, something pierced his armor and into his shoulder. He fell to the ground, but managed to catch himself. He felt an iron foot stomp on his back, sending him slamming into the ground. He tried to get up, but he felt his strength fading, his vision going black. Then all he could see was darkness.

Meanwhile, in a lab on the same island…

Xociv hummed silently to himself. Finally, some peace and quiet. Finally, he could put his skills to real use. Sure, his brothers knew how to create Rahi and Matoran, but do many of them know much about the materials they use? Not really, so that's where he came in. Mineralogy and chemistry were always his strong points. Whatever strange mineral or substance Tridax or one of the other Makuta brought, he'd study it. So far, his collection was rather strange, and all sorts of varieties. A strange glowing meteorite, a slug filled with a vile red substance, a black oil-like essence in a jar, a red banana-like fruit with swirling marks on it, and so much more. Next-door to his lab was Mgahlr's. While Xociv studied minerals and chems, Mgahlr studied technology. The last time he was in there, he had many unusual items as well. Retro-styled armor powered by fission batteries, a black watch-like device with a green hourglass-like symbol, a metal rod that could produce a blade made of light energy, the list went on. He even had a small, white device that could produce two separate portals. There were also these golden triangle-shaped fragments of….something. Whatever they formed, it was VERY powerful, powerful enough to desolate an entire continent. The fellow brother who brought something like that was truly insane.

Just then, a guard came bursting into the door.

"Sir! We've just found an intruder!" He screamed.

Xociv dropped his tools, turning toward the being bug-eyed.

"An intruder, HERE!?" He panicked.

The guard continued before Xociv could run. "A Toa of Gravity, sir. Yagvi."

Xociv calmed down for a moment, placing a finger on his Kanohi.

"Yagvi?" He muttered. "Now where have I-" He stopped for a moment, eyes widening again. "Oh." He gulped, and followed closely behind.

A minute or so later, they entered the interrogation room, gray as ashes. Battered armor and Kanohi pieces littered the floor. Various colors of fluids (each from a different species) where splattered across the walls. A massive lightstone was hung up on the ceiling, giving off an eerie green glow. In the center were Tridax and the Ba-Toa, his energy being drained by the Makuta. The Toa stood, hands chained behind the back. Xociv walked back in fear, but Tridax held up a hand.

"Do not worry, brother," He said. "This traitor is no threat to use now."

The Toa glared. "If anyone's the traitor, it's you! You turned your back on those you swore to protect!"

Said Makuta snapped as well. He grabbed his former comrade by the throat, burning into his eyes. "Just as you ignored us!? We, who brought life and protection to this world? No, it was all you and the Matoran. You turned to Mata-Nui instead, who did NOTHING for the universe!" He threw the Toa to the ground before continuing. "All he did was ignore us! Why do you even pray to him anyway? You think that he might just hear it? Even if he does, he'd just shrug it off!" Dark energies foamed around his hands, ready to kill him. Sculdar entered the room, seeing the fury in Tridax's eyes. The Hubakilu grabbed the Makuta's shoulders.

"Sir, with all due respect, killing this waste basket won't solve anything. Besides," He looked the Toa for a second. "He might have some useful information."

Tridax didn't listen, only increased his power. Yagvi fell to his knees, wincing in pain, and then collapsed to the floor. Tridax took out his bladed staff, ready for the final blow. Xociv had an idea.

"Wait!" He shouted. "He could still be of use to us!"

Tridax's eyes changed shape, like he was raising an eyebrow. "And could he d- !" He stopped, and looked at Yagvi. An evil smile came on his Kanohi. "Hmm, yes. No need to dispose of him just yet." He raised his handHe didn't even try to get up. There was nothing left of his strength. Without any to move, he would never rise again, for good. Tridax slung the body over his shoulder, turning to his brother.

"Grab the first one," He commanded. "I have much in store for him." He faded away slowly, leaving Xociv and Sculdar to exit as well. When the two got there, the child was already on an operating table, next to the deceased Toa. The later had most of his armor removed, revealing his organic tissue and mechanical parts.

"Xociv, fetch me some genetic sample of each basic Matoran!" Xociv did as commanded, fading one second, reappearing the next. He handed six small tubes to his brother, a concerned look on his Kanohi. Beofre he could speak, the purple-and-red Makuta raised his hand.

"Get Chirox and Mutran," He snarled. "I see the critical error we made. Now we know how to fix it."

Xociv snapped. "Them two? They get along like a Manas and a-!" Beofre he could finish, Tridax slammed him into the wall, his metallic hand around his neck. Xociv panicked, quieting. His boss let him go, and then walked toward the alien. He took out some medical tools from another table nearby. He heard the door open, and turned to see Sculdar. A force blow the commander away like a leaf, straight out of the room.

"No peeking!" Tridax laughed. "Wouldn't want any spoilers." He slammed the doors as the Hubakilu grumbled under his breath, something about Bitil kicking their hides. He tried opening the doors, but some unknown force partially glued them to place. Magnetism, most likely. Two more voices came as well.

"Again?" Sighed one, definitely Chirox.

"And you bring this idiot here too?!" Snapped the other, Mutran no doubt.

"Watch your tongue, thief!" Hissed Chirox. Mutran merely laughed back at him, from the sound of things. Sculdar pressed his side of his head against the door. The chatter turned to whispers, and then to silence. Then he heard tools cutting, and flesh tearing open. Machinery whirred and huffed and puffed, doing Karzahni knows what. He heard a scream, but it suddenly went to silence. For at least an hour, he just stood there, listening to the sounds of madness behind an iron curtain. Final, the doors opened up, releasing a cloud of vapor, slithering out like a Kraata. He could see his master's brothers surrounding the creature. Looking at it now, it was a lot different than before. Much of his skin was removed, replaced by Protodermic armor. Mechanical implants were littered across his body, from his jaws, to the back of his legs, to the spine, almost everywhere. The toes were removed, his foot reshaped to mimic a Matoran's. A heartlight was attached below his neck, glowing a bright yellow. The back of his head was removed, all the way to the brain. Said organ was now protected by a crystalline substance, based off of a Toa's, he presumed. The same substance also covered his eyeballs, the same color as his heartlight. From the look on what was left of his face (or rather, remolded skull), he was rather horrified by the transformation. Sculdar found it to be sickening as well. Before anyone could do anything, two tan Rahkshi grabbed the 'human' and ran off with him. Back to his cell, the right-hand guessed.

Xociv looked like he wanted to moment. "…..never," He began. "EVER am I dissecting one of those things AGAIN!" He shivered at the thought of the species. He faded away in flash, while the two look-alike Matuka shook their heads.

"I found the experience quite interesting, really." He laughed with a smug look on his face. "I never studied a race such as this." He turned to Tridax, a puzzled look on his face. "Where did you find these, exactly?"

Said Makuta grinded. "Above this universe is an Island, named after the 'Great Spirit'. I found them on a smaller landmass south of it."

Mutran and Chirox looked at each other, the latter shrugged. "I'll be sure to drop by and-"

"I took the whole population, by the way." The purple-and-red one interrupted. Again, his brothers were puzzled, but shook it off.

"I'd best get back to base," Mutran began. "Don't want Vican to ruin anything." He faded away as soon as he finished his sentence. Chirox followed the same route, leaving his brother with a suspicious look. Tridax sighed in relief, and then looked at Sculdar. "Don' you have anything to do?"

The commander nodded and left the chamber. As he exited, he felt an explosion in his head. He scream, clasping his clawed hand to his head, falling to his knees. When the pain ended, h rose with an angered look.

That was no headache. He realized. Someone's watching us from the inside.

A certain Ce-Toa stod at the beach of the fortress, eyes widened. Now she knew why the place scared Yagvi. Yagvi…..

She shook her head. That Hubakilu's on to her. She needed to get off this asylum, NOW. Before she could take a step, a strong hand grasped her wrist. She turned to face the stranger, but the other metallic hand covered her mouth. The figure was slick and tall, clan in white-and-red armor. H wore a mask very familiar to her. Crimson eyes burrowed into hers, filled with the aura of a silent shadow.

"Yo-"She tried to speak, but her voice only came out muffled by his hand. The being lowered his head to hers, whispering into her ear.

"Do you wish to get us both killed?" He hissed. Jismal felt the universe spinning around her. When it ended, they were back at her hideout. The being let go of her, and sat on a wooden stool. She glared at the stranger. "What're you up to, you backstabber?!"

The being sat silent before speaking. "Do you not remember who saved you in the first place?" he spoke, his voice cold as ice.

The Ce-Toa's flared up, like a volcanic eruption. "At what cost? The lives of my friends!? You killed them-"

"-To protect you!" The being snapped, rising from his seat. "It was a necessary sacrifice to cover your escape!"

She glared at the being. "And what would a Makuta still need me for?"

The being let off a sad smile. "You know that I do not believe in Teridax, correct?"

Jismal raised a metallic 'eyebrow' on her Kanohi. "Yeah. I've been your Toa Hagah for years."

The Makuta smiled. "So you haven't forgotten. Now then, as you already know, I do not trust him much. Most of my brothers blindly follow him, as foolish as Sand Snipes. I doupt that these…. "Homo sapiens" would help the Brotherhood. No, they would do more harm than they would help us."

Jismal sighed. "Your point?"

The guest paused. "Release them."

Jismal jumped. "What?"

Her former master nodded. "Better to let them run wild then let a madman control them. If I could, I would release them myself. But with all the support Tridax has, I cannot."

"And you want me to just throw away my life?" She snapped.

The Makuta shook his head. "Actully, there is someone who can do the job for you. You just need to-"

"Convince them." Jismal finished. "You want me to start a riot."

The being of Shadow snapped his clawed fingers. "Exactly."

Jismal placed a hand on her chin. "What if some of your brothers die, huh?" She pouted.

Her former ally frowned. "Better to lose a few than to lose them all."

Before she could continue, he was already gone. She looked down at the soil he once stood on. She hated to admit it, but he was right. Whatever the Brotherhood was planning to do with those aliens, it can't be good. Killing them wasn't in the nature of a Toa either. They swore to protect in Mata-Nui's name. Three words came across into her mind: Unity, Duty, and Destiny. Untied, they would stand. Protecting others was their duty. One's destiny, though, was always hidden in the mist. Perhaps this was her destiny.

Deep down, she still hoped that her former master still had some light left. At least he still has honor and respect. She heard a foot step, and it didn't take her long to realize who it was.

"How much have you heard, brother?" She queried.

Out of the shadows came Lanous, a concerned look on his Kanohi. "Everything. You really trust that creep from the deep?"

Jismal nodded. "I sensed truth in his words. Bitter, yes, but sadly still true. Besides," She took out her blade, Elemental Energy flowing through a glass tube inside of it. "Those beings don't deserve to be caged like Rahi. They need our help."

Lanous nodded. "Just try not to get killed, okay. We already have enough casualties. "

Jismal nodded, and held her fist out. Her brother slammed it against hers, a small smile forming on his face.

"Do not fear. I know exactly what to do." She turned to leave, but the Ta-Toa grabbed her shoulder.

"Just who was that Makuta, anyway?" He inquired.

The Ce-Toa let smiled. "an old friend of mine."

AN: In the scene where Xociv's studying, there's a bunch of easter eggs. Can anyone guess what they are?