God among men


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Ugh why does my head feel like I just got hit by sakura. Might as well get up and start trying to figure out where I am. Calmly standing and looking around when he came across his reflection, he did not look like himself he concluded. I look more like Sasuke when he was around thirteen years old although he still had the spiky hair. He also noticed the whisker marks were gone. Thinking back to what happened. It had all happened so fast that this small detail didn't surprise him anymore. Sasuke in a moment of regret had apologized just as Madara's plan was about to be completed, had done something to him then threw him out of the ruin and messed up Madara's plan but the Kyuubi had been extracted though he had wondered how he survived he ignored it. The ancient Uchiha had died with the explosion cause from the eight demons while trying to obtain Kyuubi which Sasuke had ruined it. Naruto had thought Sasuke died too till he walked out of the ruined smirking and muttered only an Uchiha can kill an Uchiha. Sasuke had then given him an apologetic look and brought a topic Naruto had never really thought about.
Sasuke must have hit his head hard thought Naruto when he started speaking " Dont interrupt me okay I dont have all day actually I do but it is painful so keep your mouth shut, now where was I ohh right my planned speech. Naruto I'm sorry to inform you that you might never find the life you always wanted like have several friends that acknowledge you and a family maybe, but Madara had ruined that by destroying half the shinobi world , ninja and civilians will look up to you to rebuild the shinobi world and that will take a life time that why I imprinted my DNA on your blood something I learned at Orochimarus of course the user will die shortly afterward a minimum of twenty four hours don't worry you won't go blind if that's what your worried about apparently getting Itachi's eyes changed my DNA which is disturbing but good news. Don't give me that dirty look I'm simply apologizing. Anyway I'm going to die anyway so stay still because I'm going to use another suicide move to send you to the perfect place where you won't have to prove yourself to be acknowledged and don't go wasting your time changing anything just go about your business. It won't be the past just a different plain kind of like two ramen that look the same but aren't, I hope that clears it up. I know you don't get what I'm saying and I know I sound crazy but try sounding sane when you want to die just to end the pain. So stay still," Just like that" Sasuke gave him the famous Uchiha smirk and brought his hand to do a hand-seal with the Mangekyo Sharingan and everything went black.

Now here he was in a forest alone walking along the path. Then he suddenly realized this was one of the paths he took to get to the hidden sand village. I better go inform baa-chan of what happened. Sprinting down the path several hours later Naruto arrived at the village gates, the gates looked completely different, they looked older like the ones that were there before Nagato blew them off when he attacked the village and the guards that were stationed at the gate looked like a younger version of the ones he saw as a genin. He knew that because they had children that were in the academy when he was there. First thing first ramen, he thought. He walked through the village with lots of villagers passing by giving him nod of approval like he had saved the day which confused him because of what Sasuke did, you would think I would have been hated because I look like him. He kept walking ignoring their stares which was easy he had his whole childhood to practice. He was snapped out of his thought process when he bumped into a girl.
He quickly balanced himself as to not fall, but the girl he immediately recognized her because there was no way he could forget her. The girl was the creepy women who licked his blood during the chunin exams only now she didn't look sadistic.
It was Anko, he thought but she looked like she was thirteen years old. He stood still shocked for several seconds then everything Sasuke said dawned on him.
"Idiot", Watch were your going," Anko yelled at him.
Getting over his shock he nodded and quickly left. He needed to find a
quiet place to think. He let his old instinct guide him to somewhere quite. He ended up at the Hokage Mountain. Baa-chan's face wasn't there yet but he ignored it and sat thinking.
Sasuke had sent him him to the past. He wasn't to change things. Just live his own life. He was an Uchiha which meant he had to act like one good thing Sasuke showed him how to behave. Hmm powerful, I'm better then you attitude, then smirks, quite, confident. Yeah he could do that. Now how officially become an Uchiha. He could go and claim his mother died at the land of wave. But before she died she revealed that his father had been an Uchiha she had met who saved her. Thus explaining the Sharingan he activated. Now what's her name to be, someone who doesn't exist Tsunami Uzumaki. Perfect story or the best he could come up with. Now only thing to make sure of can he use the Sharingan. Focusing on his eyes he felt a tiny itch. He ignored it a push chakra toward it.
His vision became perfect instantly. The village looked vivid he thought. He took in everything it was like a recording he could remember it later just as vivid as if he would be here again. Quickly deactivating it and he breathed out slowly. Now he understood what Sasuke meant by the Sharingan was great. Yeah great but not exactly perfect. It had been near perfect vision he realize it had felt perfect but was really just near. He felt something with his eyes. He felt he could push more chakra and go beyond the Sharingan might as well check if I have the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and sure enough I have it. 'Hmm that's weird it still feels like I can go a bit further' than it so Naruto pushed more and his vision became a lot different. Walking over to the puddle to check his reflection only to find out he also had the Rinnegan but the Rinnegan was different than that of Nagato's. It was the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan in the center surrounded by the gray ripples. Holy shit not only do I have all the powers of the Mangekyou Sharingan but I also have the powers of the Rinnegan. 'I could become a god' he thought. Hmm ill think about that later right now he would have to go to the Hokage to claim his name as an Uchiha but would old man would be there or was it the Yodaime his father. Anko looked about thriteen which meant Kakashi's about thirteen. Kakashi was sixteen when the Kyuubi attacked so that means he has three years before the other him is born and Obito died at thirteen so he thought but this is a different reality so he might still be alive. If he did die he could change the outcome but then he thought about it and Sasuke's words repeated themselves in his head "don't change anything".

Calmly getting up which wasn't like him he realized started walking toward the Hokage tower. It was the Uchiha imprint changing his attitude he thought. It wasn't really changing him just making it easier for him to be calm otherwise he would have charged in there without a plan and have to explain he was from the future and the son of the yondaime.

He calmly stood staring at his dad who seemed amused at his story not only was he claiming to be an uchiha but an uzumaki as well. He had thought that he might be in shock to see his dad but meeting him when the Kyuubi almost got out was more shocking. He waited for the Uchiha head to arrive. His dad had called the man to explain the situation.

Soon enough Fugaku Uchiha arrived Sasuke's future Dad. Fugaku was wearing a black pants with a black coat with the Uchiha insignia on it.

A Couple Minutes Later
Fugaku turned his head toward him with a glare.
"Many people come here claiming ther Uchiha's can you prove it?" Fugaku asked.
Naruto nodded.
Fugaku stood there waiting staring at him.
Naruto quickly realized what the man meant and pushed chakra toward his eyes quickly feeling the sensation where his eyes felt near perfect.
He heard a small gasp from Fugaku.
He was confused why the man gasp surely he had seen other sharingan.
" what is it, sir," he asked politely though he was sure he sounded like Sasuke.
Fugaku quickly regained his composure and turned to the Hokage who still looked amused.
"He is an Uchiha and a very talented one to have obtained three tomoe's so young," Fugaku said in a formal tone.

Hmm might as well get some serious recognition, he thought to himself with a hint of his mischief side.

But sir I have a question.

"What is it" his father and fugaku said.

"Well I feel I can go beyond just that but im worried it might be a defect with my eyes." Naruto replied

Okay then show us they said.

With a mental smirk knowing exactly what it was Naruto showed them the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan surrounded by the Rinnegan. They were both stunned for a good minute before they yelled "HOLY SHIT" in unison

His father said "Son how the hell did you get those eyes?"

Naruto replied "I don't know sir it happened when my mother was attacked. She told me later that I blacked out and I killed the people that attacked us".

"I don't really know how to control my powers so my mom said when she was dying to travel to konoha to find someone that might be able to train me".

The fourth said " hmm I might know someone that might be able to help you, but you are now officially an Uchiha"
"Tomorrow you can apply to become a genin at the academy but for right now you will go with fugaku"
Naruto nodded. Fugaku turned toward him and motioned for him to follow. Naruto of course followed. They walked through the village with people giving them praises.
Fugaku was still extremely surprised at Naruto. Naruto knew that Fugaku knowing what he was capable of would try to manipulate him and Naruto would not let that happen.

Fugaku led him to the Uchiha compound where Every Uchiha lived. They walked until Fugaku stopped in front of an empty house and turned and looked at him.
"This will be your house, your escort will arrive tomorrow to show you around the village," said Fugaku then he promptly left leaving Naruto alone.
" well this turn out better than I thought" thought Naruto.
Entering the house he explored. He walked in where the living room was. It didn't look fancy just plain. There was a small table in the corner. He walked in and realized it has two rooms, one empty and one with a bed both had windows which he quickly decided to use as doors. The bathroom was average and empty too. He would have to fix that. The kitchen was connected with the living room which was also empty. He did have a long journey. Yawning he went to the room with the bed and fell asleep wondering if he would ever be able to return to his old life because before he left to confront Madara, Sakura told him she was pregnant with his child. This worried him to no end because he did not want to have his child to have a life without a father. Ill have to think about a way to return later.

Naruto yawned and got up and stretched. He looked out the window to see the sun rising up. He slept an entire day he mused. He must be tired still because his body is still adjusting to the fact he did not have the Kyuubi sealed inside him but truth be told he actually felt ten times stronger right now without it. He washed himself and got dressed in the same clothes. He walked into the living room and sat down to wait. He was definitely bored though fortunately someone knocked snapping him out of his boredom. He got up hopping it was his escort. He opened it and looked down and found a black hair five year old staring at him indifferently.
"Are you my escort," asked Naruto.
The boy nodded.
"Well I'm Naruto," he said introducing himself.
"Itachi Uchiha," said Itachi with a small nod.
Naruto's mind stopped for a second then he looked at Itachi closer. He wasn't really shocked just surprised really. Itachi didn't look so dangerous than again he would kill his own family to protect his little brother who would be born sometime later.
"Well Itachi-San it's nice to meet you," replied Naruto with a small smile.
Itachi nodded again and waited for him.
"Why dont you show me where the weapon shop and the grocery store is first, then somewhere we can eat ramen then I can head over to the academy to apply to become a genin," said Naruto calmly. 'Better treat Itachi nice now or he might try to kill me in the massacre', thought Naruto with a inward smile.
Itachi nodded again and led him to the weapon shop and the grocery store.

Throughout the morning Itachi showed him places he already knew but acted surprise with the stores not that he needed to really.
'Looks just like when I first joined it,' thought Naruto.
He stared at it then turned to Itachi.
"Now how about a grocery store then somewhere for ramen then a weapon shop," asked Naruto.
Throughout the morning Itachi showed him places he already knew but acted surprise with the stores not that he needed to really.
"Thank you Itachi-San now I need to go to the academy to apply to become a genin even though it's a little fast for me," said Naruto before he ran off.
"Wait," said Itachi.
"Hmm" answered Naruto turning back.
"Here, it's a bag of money," replied Itachi.
"Oh thank you Itachi-san," with that naruto ran off.

Itachi walked back home calmly. He was a bit disturbed by the appearance of the new Uchiha but he ignored it and made his way to his father's meeting room.
He knocked at waited.
"Come in" he heard.
Itachi quietly made his way in and sat across his father.
"What did you think of him Itachi," asked his father.
"He does not seem to have any motive beside being a Uchiha, his behavior could be compared to Uchiha Obito but not by much father," answered Itachi.
"Yes, he seems a bit like Obito," agreed the clan head.
"He will certainly become a powerful Uchiha, and I need to make sure he becomes loyal or he could become a dangerous threat due to those eyes" continued his father. "What eyes father" "The Rinnegan my son and you need to become attached to him so he does not want to turn against us" fugaku said
"yes father," said Itachi before getting up and left.
Fugaku sat there thinking. 'The new Uchiha posed a serious problem if he was not loyal, but im senseing that itachi is becoming detached from us. He would constantly explain the pride of Uchiha but all Itachi do was nod in agreement but never showed his pride as an Uchiha. He would have to push his son harder'.

Naruto stepped in the academy. He had been this age when he had finally passed his genin exam or at least looked the same age.
He was met by an instructor quickly.
"Ahh Uchiha-San I was informed you would be taking the test" said a twenty year looking chunnin.
Naruto nodded and realized he might be answering by Uchiha from now.

Sometime Later.
Naruto walked out of the academy with his he-tai. He was to meet his sensei in a couple days. He would be called to the hokage's office to meet him. Apparently he would become an apprentice to someone unkown to him or the instructor due to his Doujutus he showed the fourth. He made his way back home slowly not really in a hurry even stopped by some grocery stores and bought grocery obviously. He needed to stock up on food since he didn't have any at home. He made sure to buy some instant ramen. He had been trying to cut back on ramen due to a promise from Sakura to eat healthier.
He reached his new home and promptly went to sleep.
He woke up again in the morning. He must really be catching up on sleep he thought. He stretched , did some exercises then showered trying to get back to his old routine. He cooked breakfast which included pancakes eggs and bacon. He wasn't that great but then again he lived off of ramen most of his life.
Naruto stepped out of his house and was greeted by an old lady.
"Hello, I'm Rukia," said the old lady introducing herself.
"Naruto, it's nice to meet you ma'am," he answered back respectfully which made her approve.
" I'm very sorry I'm off to eat, you wouldn't happen to know a nice place to eat," he asked.
"yes, there's a nice Dango shop down district 3," she answered.
"Thank you" he replied with a smile and excused himself and went off to find district 3.

Dango was good almost as good as Ramen. He would never admit it though. He ate enjoying the flavor till he heard a familiar voice that was not at all welcoming.
"Hey your that guy that bumped into me," yelled an angry Anko.
"Anko, you shouldn't just accuse people you see," said another voice which sounded familiar.
He turned his head to see Anko huff with Kurenai standing next to her. Kurenai was wearing black pants with a black shirt with a chunin vest over it. Anko seemed to be dressed the same. How long have they been friends, was really the only thought in his head. He realized Anko was getting seriously angry with the silence. Deciding to break the silence smiled at them.
"I'm very sorry about that, I didn't realize where I was going" he answered in a apologetic tone.
Her anger disappeared though she still seemed annoyed.
"Matarashi Anko and my friend here is Kurenai Yuhi," replied Anko introducing herself and Kurenai.
He nodded and smiled.
"Naruto Uchiha," he replied.
Anko's face turned to a bit of surprise along with Kurenai.
"Ha that explains your attitude from the other day," she replied in understanding.
"Uchiha's are such pricks" she continued but Kurenai nudged her to stop being rude.

"hmm Anko im not like the rest of them" naruto replied
Anko started to quiet down after that until Kurenai noticed his he-tai.
"Are you a genin," she asked in her smooth tone her red eyes examining his he-tai more.
He nodded.
"I just became a genin," he answered.
"You must really suck to have just became a genin we're both chunin already and are all your age," said Anko with a smug smile.
"Well I just arrived here," he answered with a little control. He was starting to get annoyed with her attitude. It was probably Sasuke's blood boiling at being called weak but he wouldn't have cared either way.
"I bet I could take you both on," he said trying to prove he wasn't weak. He would not have done normally but Sasuke would have tried to rip her head off for that comment.
Anko smug smile turned predatory and looked at Kurenai then back on him.
"Your on genin, but what would we get out of it," she answered confidently.
Naruto brain clicked and realized why she was so confident. She was the apprentice of Orochimaru.
He Smirked the Uchiha smirk and thought of what to offer not that he owned anything.
"How about I will teach you both a technique if your choice that I know," he answered. Then his smirk turned predatory too.
"But what would I get if I win," he answered.
Anko seemed to think for a second before she pulled Kurenai.
"My friend here will teach you a genjutsu of your choice," she answered.
Apparently Kurenai was confident too but less smug and nodded not really noticing Anko just used her as a scapegoat in case they lost.

But Naruto realizing this smirked and asked Anko "what are you going to give me because you can't just sell out Kurenai"

Anko hmmphed and replied "fine I'll give you 100 ryo if you win"
Anko payed for the Dango she oredered along with Kurenai's and waited for him. Naruto slowly paid and followed them toward the training ground.
They stopped in a wide training ground with several tree around the clearing.
"Prepare yourself rookie," yelled Anko as she jumped back giving them space. Kurenai too jumped back. They waited for someone to make a move. Seeing as no one was doing anything Anko drew several Kunai's and launched them at Naruto. Naruto activated his sharingan without them knowing and used a powerful genjutsu without them noticing he did it then Kurenai started going through hand-seals. Naruto dodged the Kunai's and released himself from a genjutsu that Kurenai casted. He drew his own kunai's and threw them with deadly precision at Anko and dashed toward Kurenai. He kicked which she dodged by backing up. She seemed surprised with his speed but quickly countered with a kunai at hand and slashed. He sidestepped it and was about to land a punch but jumped back to dodge a group of snakes that were thrown toward him. He looked at her to see that she was smirking with snake wrapped around her arm.
She has the snake summon he remembered. He jumped back and dodged another kunai but noticed the grass were starting to turned blue. He quickly released the illusion and dodged again. He wasn't really fighting at full strength not even close to it but dodging was starting to get boring. With a burst of speed that caught them off guard. He appeared behind Kurenai and delivered a kick that sent her hurtling across the clearing. He turned to Anko who looked at him in surprise at his speed but quickly sent snakes rushing toward him. He dodged the never letting the get close but they had manage to surround him. He knew what was going to happen next as he saw Anko put her hand together and said something before the snakes started glowing. He kawarimied to a falling leaf at one of the trees before they exploded.
Anko stood there looking pleased till she noticed no one was there. She quickly started looking around. Kurenai had got up and was searching to.
Naruto jumped out of the tree and yelled out Katon no Jutsu aiming for Anko. She jumped out of the way. Kurenai started casting another illusion this time he felt the ground hold his feet. He broke out of it but Kurenai was already on him. He dodged her punch but had block her kick. He twisted to block an incoming Kunai with a kunai of his own but Kurenai used it as an opportunity to land a punch that was too fast for him to as he had twisted. He back up immediately but found himself being pulled into another illusion. He broke out of it but found Anko jumping toward him with a kick. He quickly blocked and countered.
"What's wrong Uchiha can't use those special eyes of yours" said Anko taunting him.
He saw Anko jumping toward him Throwing her kunai. He dodged it before she threw it and countered her punch knocking the air out of her. He turned to Kurenai who cast another powerful illusion on him. The ground absorbed his foot and soon enough he was buried with just his head. Anko then grabbed a kunai and placed it on Naruto's neck.
"Now we believe we get to learn some jutus," she asked with a victorious smirk. Naruto replied "nice try but you might want to actually realize what's going on"

They then realized that they were fighting in a genjutsu this whole time

And they dispelled it and found themselves each with a kunai to their throats

Anko pushed him back and growled that they lost
"Kurenai teach him," she said with a growl and tossed him the money and left.
Kurenai stood there with a dumbfounded expression realizing that they both lost without him even really trying.

She then said "hmm I guess I have to teach you"
"well do you want to copy it," she asked because she realized he didn't have the sharingan activated.
Naruto considered if he wanted to and decided not to.
"no, and what are you going show me," he asked with his eyes that were a black charcoal color.
" A "B" rank genjutsu that confuses the senses, up is down,down is up, left is right right is left," she explained her red eyes watching him to see his reaction.
"Okay, continue please," he answered.
"Well you have to focus and think opposite as your intent before you cast it," she replied.
"Opposite got it," he answered excited to learn another jutsu.
"Okay here are the seals showing him the hand signs" she continued and showed the sequence on how they were supposed to go.
He nodded and memorized it.
"I'm sorry but I have to go thanks for the jutsu Kurenai" he said and left for home. He needed to get lots of sleep to prevent waking up late.
So he left a fuming Kurenai.
"Does he actually think he'll just master it in a day," she said offended. With the shaingan he could have copied but mastering had taken her days. She'll see him later when he comes back asking for her help.

He went home greeting his neighbor Rukia, made some instant ramen going to sleep.

He woke up the next day still feeling like his body is still getting used to life without the Kyuubi. He filed it away for later and showered than picked out some simple black ninja black short and a blue shirt with the Uchiha insignia on it. Rukia had delivered it in the morning claiming all Uchiha's get these. He had thanked her of course. He examined himself and realized with a sad expression that he looked a lot like his best friend. He had hated Sasuke and loved him like a brother at the same time, but to know he died made him sad and angry. This was a really confusing feeling. He would never be an Uzumaki Naruto he thought. He was deep in thought thinking about the Jutsus he could use with the Eternal Mangekyou and Rinnegan. They were all extremely powerful such as Susanno which is an entity that can attack and defend against just about anything. There was Amaterasu which was a black fire that cannot be put out and it burns everything. There was Kamui that sucked everything in the vicinity of it into a wormhole. There was Tsukuyomi which could put anyone into a genjutsu and torture them for days in an instant. Then there was the all powerful Rinnegan, he could use Izunagi the ability to merge illusion with reality without losing his eye sight with the Rinnegan as well the use the six paths. With just these jutsus he could be unstoppable but with every other jutsu he learned as Naruto Uzumaki he could become a god.

When he was still in deep thought about this he heard a knock at the door. He calmly got up and opened the door. When he looked out he saw that he had a message from the Hokage to see him in his office as soon as possible to meet his sensei.

Naruto started walking to the Hokages tower thinking who his sensei could be without realizing he arrived sooner than he realized.

He knocked on the door and entered seeing his father at his desk with Jiriaya standing on the other side of the desk motioning for him to come over. Naruto cautiously entered and stood in front of both Jiraiya and his father.

"Hmm so gaki I hear you got the Rinnegan as well as the Mangekyou Sharigan" said jariya

"Yes Jiriaya-sama"replied naruto

"Well let's see it gaki" jiraiya said

Naruto pushed his chakra into his eyes until he had the Rinnegam surrounding the Mangekyou Sharingan and with that Jiraiya gasped.

Kid I have never seen eyes like that, even a boy I trained during the third great ninja war did not have those eyes

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