Tale of Naruto Uchiha 8

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About 10 minutes later

Naruto arrived at the gates of Konoha, and he told Itachi to stopped playing unconscious, then he heard Itachi snore, which made Naruto sweatdrop thinking 'Lazy Gaki' so he ended up carrying him to the compound. Naruto felt really grateful that he was able to make up for his failure. When he arrived at the compound, he found that Itachi was still asleep, he thought 'he must really be tired' so Naruto brought him into the living room and placed him on the couch since he still hasn't gotten a room ready for him. He smiled as he left him there.

That evening

Itachi awoke to what smelled like ramen 'he was in his surrogate father's living room, that smell is coming from the dining room, I might as well check it out' he thought. He turned the corner and "ugghh" is all that escaped his lips as Sasuke hit him hard in the gut and yelled "Why did you have to sacrifice yourself, why couldn't you get them to get someone else to do it? I missed you so much!" Itachi chuckled "I thought you would have hated me" Sasuke said meekly looking rather shy at the moment "…I did until dad told me it was an order then I missed you a lot" Itachi smiled as he hugged his brother. The rest of the family smiled. Naruto looked at Itachi and said "hey why don't you join us, son" with that they had a nice family dinner.

The Next day

Itachi got up a little early as was his habit as an S-rank criminal because if you slept in you would be dead. He walked into the kitchen to get some milk to see that Naruto and Anko were already up talking about how today was their anniversary. Anko saw Itachi and smiled a devious smile which weirded out the usually calm calculating person and said "Itachi you wouldn't mind taking the kids to train all day today and then watching the kids this evening, right?" Itachi probably knowing what's on her mind sweat dropped. He said "..sure why not" knowing he didn't have a choice at all really.

At the training grounds

Itachi was challenged by the twins and he was losing. The twins have started to figure out their Rinnegan so they were able to use the gravity techniques such as Shinra Tensei, and Busho Tennin. So they were using it to their advantage, and it was making him chuckle that he was losing, granted he wasn't using his Sharingan but at their age beating him in this way. He thought 'if they can do this at their age and they don't have all the powers as Dad, I cannot even imagine how powerful he is. He also trained Nagato and Sasuke well. They are easily high chunnin level. Im losing my sight though, I don't know how dad has kept his eyesight but I need to find out so I don't go blind. There is also the fact that im feeling a lot of muscle pain lately, I might want to see a medic here soon.' Itachi said "alright guys why don't we get some lunch, what do you guys want" they all said "ramen!" instantly and in unison which made Itachi sweat drop thinking 'They really take after Naruto' which made him smile.

At the compound

"Anko we are not using whips and chains and candle wax, do you know how much that hurts" Anko just did an extremely devious smile "we can do this the easy way, or the hard way" Naruto replied with a pout "it's always the hard way with you, nothing touches my ass then!"

Couple hours later

"Next anniversary we are doing it my way" Naruto groaned Anko said in a seductive tone "and what is your way?" Naruto replied "something that does not involve me being whipped" Anko pouted then said in a seductive tone that always made him feel drunk "okay we will do it your way tonight after our date" walking away with her hips swaying provocatively.

Couple hours later

Naruto looked at his wife standing in front of him, and instantly felt his brain froze. His eyes widened, and felt as if he had received a punch in the gut, as his incredulous eyes looked the startling image he faced. His eyes started at the lustrous purple hair which has been put up at the top of her head in a messy updo, secured by 2 silver senbons and from which some rebellious purple tendrils cascaded down to delicately frame her face; her grayish hazel eyes encased in some smokey colored shadows and which gave her a mysterious look; her lips which looked temptingly lush in red lipstick; her neck, looked swan like, and was circled by silver antique looking necklace; her strong yet delicate looking shoulders bared, except for the thin straps which hold her dress, her dress were barely holding her bust in, it is dreamy creation made from a cloud grey colored gossamer voile fabric, flowing down her body, molding all her curves to flare from below the hips and fall into graceful folds at her ankles. Some dark silver beads and diamantes had been randomly sewn all over the dress, which shined and glittered at the tiniest moves. And to complete the image, purple polished nailed peaked out from her high heels silver shoes.

Tried as he might, Naruto could not tear his eyes away from her. He felt a heat creeping up his cheeks, and his brain dimly thought that this gorgeous woman was all HIS. His second immediate thought was if he didn't stop ogling at her, he might just want to stay here. But, heck, he would not mind it at all, because he did not have that mind power to stop himself from looking at her. He was a mere human being, after all, a mere man, who had, standing in front of him, looking like a goddess, the woman of his dreams, the woman for whom he would go even beyond his limits to protect her.

"A-Anko chan…" he finally stammered. Looking into her face, he saw that her cheeks were red. 'She must be thinking the same thing as me…the kids should be home soon with Itachi so we need to go before we get caught doing something in front of our kids.'

"Anko-chan, you are so beautiful how did I ever get a goddess to fall in love with me," he ventured.

Her laugh was seductive "You look good too, Naruto. How did I get a god to fall in love with me" breathing a musky scent that always made his mind mush then kissing him on the lips.

"lets get going before the kids get home, pulling him by his tie"

At the Restruant

"Wow, how have you managed to get a seat here?" Anko asked, impressed, as she was seated in her chair in the luxurious restaurant of Daikon's.

"Well… I am the Hokage"Naruto debated whether to tell her the truth, that not only he got the reservation today because he forgot and the fact he wouldn't have to pay either. He decided not to.

"You sure are attracting much female attention, Naruto" "why is it I go anywhere with you and all these hussies want to suck you dry, im gonna have to claim you in public" she said in a devious smile. Naruto knowing where she was going said "I don't think we should do that because I am Hokage now Anko" Anko immediately replied "so what it will be really kinky, hmm now that turns me on" talking very loudly making everyone sweat drop.

"Its Same for you, Anko-Chan".trying to hide his red face. He had noted how all the males' eyes in the room had followed her when they had entered the restaurant. The simple cut of her dress enhanced her svelte frame, and being revealing, the dress was sexy, showing off her curves in the every way.

There was a soft music playing and a discreet hum of conversation in the background; each table had a pretty centerpiece with some candles lit, and the overall effect was very romantic. It was definitely not a setting that Naruto was used to.

The waiter came for their order, and looking at the menu, Naruto felt blank. It took him quite a while to choose what he wanted to eat, but the waiter was politely patient, not rushing him. As he went away, their orders noted.

The food was excellent, and the conversation flowed as they talked and teased each other.

1 and half hour later…

They were sitting on top of the Yondaime's head staring up at the stars, when Anko asked a question he couldn't really lie about "Naruto why do you always sit on top of the Yondaime's head when you want to think and relax?" Naruto stated "well I cant get rid of an old habit" smirking looking like he was hiding something so she asked another question "Why don't you ever talk about your past, before you came to Konoha?" Naruto sighed pulling his legs to his chest hugging them "there are secrets about me that I wish to keep secret" Anko looked like she was getting pissed and she said "you can't even tell your wife your secret, you know I would give my life for you and you can't even tell me a little thing called your past" somewhat tearing up as she yelled it. "….i want to tell you I really do but you might think differently of me" Naruto said kinda sadly. Anko calmed down saying reassuringly "I promise I won't, I love you too much" Naruto sighed "what if I told you I am genetically the same if you put Sasuke, Itachi, and Nagato together" Naruto slightly chuckled, and Anko deadpanned, she eventually got out of her shock and said "….how.." hhhaa "im not from this plain of reality…(he went on to say what he said to Jiraiya) Naruto sighed asking in a placid voice "do you hate me now?" there was a long silence then she thought 'He loves me, hes been there, im in love with him, no matter his past I will always love him' She said in a reassuring tone "I will always love you Naruto, no matter your what was your past" then they held each other and laid there and looked at the stars content to be in each others arms.

"That was great!" Naruto sighed happily, as they walked home. Anko agreed At 1.00 am, in the wee morning hours…

Naruto was happy. It has been a great night, a night he was sure to remember always. He looked at his purple haired companion. She looked so beautiful, with his coat around her shoulders. The early morning breeze had been a tad chilly, and as she had shivered when they had finally set out to end the wonderful night, he had not been able to resist the old gallant act: that of shedding his warm suit to delicately drop it around her almost bare shoulders. Now, they were walking towards their compound, the comfortable silence broken now and then by some bribes of conversation.'I love her so much' he thought, enjoying how his heart fluttered at her every smile and laughs. His own happy smile seemed glued to his face. He felt tipsy by her mere presence, there in that wonderful night where he had won a date with her.

Inside their compound

Anko removed Naruto's coat from her shoulders before carefully depositing it on the couch, then lead the way towards the kitchen. "I think the kids are asleep" Naruto said with a seductive smirk."Yeah, it seems so," she laughed

He found his gaze being drawn at her back, specifically at the alluring long zipper which ran from the top of back neckline down to the top of her hips of her dress. A simple tug down and

Anko turned around pulling his tie to make him come closer and said seductively "you want it your way tonight you have to earn it" with that Naruto kissed her fiercely.

Anko felt her brain close down at the contact, and could only feel as his warm lips tentatively but hotly explored her own. It took her some seconds to get out of her dazed state, then slowly she kissed him back, her breath mingling with his own, as they explored each other's lips. Anko gasped as she felt his warm tongue running over her lower lip. Taking advantage of her gasp, Naruto immediately pushed his tongue inside her slightly opened mouth, and proceeded to unrelentingly explore and taste every bit of her that he could. Anko felt dizzy with the raging sensations, and leant more into him for support, deepening their kiss still further. At first, she had just let herself being filled by him, she started to tangle her own tongue with his.

Naruto groaned as she met him, eventually they had to break apart for breath, panting, but immediately Naruto lunged back into her, not wanting to be apart after having had the taste of heaven. Her lips were so soft and pliant beneath his own, she tasted so sweet, he felt a sense of europhia filling him, his heart hammering in his chest, as he hungrily tasted and explored her. He had this for so long now but he still could not seem to have enough of her, she was so intoxicating. Anko responded with equal ardor, wanting to have as much of the kiss as he did. Their bodies were wrapped around each other, Anko's hands had crept up to tangle in the soft raven hair as she raked her fingers across his scalp, and Naruto's hand was around her in a tight hug, one hand on her hip, anchoring her to him, while the other was roaming up and down her spine, enjoying her smooth and feminine curve.

Needing to come up for air some time later, Naruto trailed open-mouthed kisses across her cheek and jaw, then down to her neck. Anko could only gasp his name aloud as he stopped at a sensitive spot at the side of her neck; seeing her response he nibbled tenderly at the pulse visible under her skin, then soothingly nurse the spot with his tongue. Not being able to bear it for long, Anko grab a handful of his hair and pull his face back to her for another kiss. By this time they were both feeling frenzied, totally into each other, pent up longings coming fully up to the surface. Anko dragged her hands down at his chest, feeling the smooth muscles ripping beneath her palms through the thin fabric of his shirt. Wanting to feel his skin, she broke the kiss and ripped his shirt off. The very tiny reasonable part didn't want to let her kids see this Anko was too immersed in the incredible feeling that was engulfing her. She could not stop herself from reacting to her instincts, which was to get as close possible to the warmth of the man holding her. She knew she didn't want to get caught by one of the kids but right now she didn't care.

In meantime, Naruto, feeling dazed by her moves, looked down at her, noting her flushed cheeks, her kiss-swollen lips, her finely tuned movements... He ran his hands on her sides, starting from below her arms and shaping his palms down to the gentle curve of her hips, pulling her against him and molding their bodies as closely as possible. Anko smiled, and then moaned as she felt his obvious arousal pressed against her. Their lips hotly locked again, and a deep growl left Naruto as he felt her drag her hands from his shoulders down to his freed chest, her palms and each of her fingers living their imprint on his skin as she caressed him.

Anko suddenly felt herself being lifted and placed on the kitchen counter, and, without breaking their kiss, Naruto stepped in-between her legs, his arms sliding around her waist. The new position made that now they were both at the same level, face to face. Releasing her mouth, he again kissed his way down her neck, onto her shoulder blades, past her straps and back again. He badly wanted to touch and feel her, as she had been caressing him, but he hesitated. Then, giving in to his wish, he inched his hand towards her upper back, finding the tag of her zipper. He paused as he fingered the tag, wanting to give her the opportunity to stop him if she wanted. But she only drew him closer to her and buried her face in his neck, her breath hot and tingling his skin. With a light tug, he eased the zipper open, letting his fingers caressing the smooth silky skin being uncovered as he pulled down. He felt no barrier of a bra on her bare back, his breath hitching as he realized that her dress was the only barrier between him and her skin. He pulled himself back a little, to get enough room to first slide her straps off her shoulders, then slowly maneuver her dress's bodice down past her chest.

And before she could realized what was happening, he trailed his lips past her jaw line, on her neck down to one of the soft mound. Anko could not help but cry out heatedly as he took her most of her peak into his mouth, drawing hard on her nipple as he suckled deeply. Pleasure coursed through her entire body as his mouth continued the hot treatment on her, and not knowing what to do, she instinctively grabbed his head closer to her, anything to alleviate the explosion of sensations that his mouth was bringing her.

N-Naruto..."she stammered, panting, waves of pleasure shuddering down her back, a gush of wetness moisten her inner legs, as he continued to savor her breast. When she felt that she could not bear it longer, his mouth released her and got back to her lips for another kiss.

"They are perfect as always," he breathed to her, and she only had time to stammer his name again before he bent down again and subjected her other breast to the same treatment as it's counterpart.

She was once again was reduced to a mass of sensations, all coherent thoughts flying away from her mind, as she could only feel.

Naruto was suddenly brought back to his senses when her passion filled cry ran a little loud due to him softly grazing her nipple with his teeth. Pausing, Naruto's mind slowly surfaced, making him aware of their surroundings. A slow rationality began to get grip of him, as he remembered that they were in their kitchen, their children were in a room somewhere just mere meters away, and in their passion they had been getting quite loud that they could be heard any time. He fought to get a grip on his senses, and as much as his body was screaming for him to continue, he knew that he would have to stop now.

Taking a deep shuddering breath, willing his throbbing body to calm down, he straighten up and touched her forehead with his own, both of them breathing hard. Anko gave an involuntary moan of protest at the interruption, her body arching towards him at the lost of his closeness. It was after quite a few seconds that he could speak.

"Anko-Chan…I want you so much that you cannot even imagine." Her grayish hazel eyes widened at that. "And as much as I want to make love to you right now, we have to stop. Our kids…"

Anko was slow to process his words, her senses still in the throes of their make out and feeling lost by the sudden interruption. She then whispered seductively "who cares" Giving him a ravaging kiss taking off her dress completely in the process..then they heard glass break.

Nagato and Sasuke both dropped their glasses of water. They had an anime white wide eye crying face on and they both yelled running off "Ewwww, my eyes, somebody gouge them out!"

The next morning

The family was eating breakfast at the breakfast table and Nagato and Sasuke both asked "you didn't make this on that counter right?" Not knowing what their brother's were talking about the twins asked them what they ment. Itachi somewhat understanding the situation cringing to himself said "they didn't mean anything, did you guys" giving them a look to just say yes. They both said yes and ate the twins still looking confused decided not to inquire further.

A couple hours later

Naruto was busy doing paperwork in his office, when Jiraiya came in a little beat up. Naruto dismissed the Anbus before they started talking. Naruto pretty much knowing what happened asked "What are you here for, and were you peaking again?" Jiraiya said "I would like to take Nagato on the three year trip tomorrow" Naruto asked "Why tomorrow?" Jiraiya grumbled "I need to do my research as soon as possible, and I wanted to bring Nagato along to do training" Naruto smirked "wow you are the worlds biggest pervert im surprised Tsunade didn't kill you this time, but yes I will tell him tonight to meet you at the village gates at noon tomorrow, remember our agreement he learns senjutsu and I need the intel of Orochimaru's DNA experiments" Jiraiya replied "ill keep my end of the deal, but why do you need the DNA intel?" Naruto sighed and replied "I need a way to isolate some of my DNA to transplant it into someone else without me or them dying" Jiraiya being the curious person he is asked "fine if you don't tell me I wont do it" Naruto growled before replying "if I didn't love you as a father because of my last life I would kill you, but fine, I need it to transfer the My DNA of the Uchiha part of me to Sasuke, and Itachi. Ill tell you more later on but now I need you to do what I asked" Jiraiya just hmmphed and replied "alright tell nagato, but how could you kill me I wasn't going all out against you before" Naruto released a killing intent that made Jiraiya shiver and he replied "I only used a fraction of my power, I have aces up my sleeves so that if I was ever a missing-nin I could take on the world and win" Jiraiya without relizing it he croaked "alright see ya tomorrow". Now Naruto realized why Baa-Chan always drank as the Hokage, and thought to himself 'how am I ever gonna keep on doing this'

Later that Night

Itachi had just come back from the hospital. The doctors had said he had a terrible illness, but miraculously his unusually strong immune system had fought it off saving him. Another thanks to his dad who had stabbed him with the needle a long time ago. He had felt a small ache, but he never thought it would be a disease that would slowly kill off his muscle and immune system had it not been strong enough. How did he always know everything, and always had a plan to counter it in place already. He would have to ask one of these times, but tonight he has to ask about his eyesight.

During dinner

As soon as everyone sat down to eat Naruto said to Nagato "Nagato, Jiraiya-Sama would like to take you on a training trip for about three years" Nagato smiled saying "wow, he wants to train me, I get to learn from a legendary Sannin". Naruto chuckled "alright its settled, for tonight pack whatever you need, and tomorrow you will meet him to leave at the main gates at noon". Sasuke slightly annoyed asked "Who's gonna train me?" Naruto replied "I am when I have free time, when im busy ill have Itachi to train you along with the twins".

That Night in Naruto's Study

Itachi walks in and carefully closed the door and asked "father, im losing my eyesight, I think its from the Mangekyou Sharingan" Naruto replied calmly "I already knew you were and im working on it, for right now I forbid you using the Mangekyou Sharingan" Itachi also asked "How did you not lose you lose your eyesight yet, because you have used yours a lot longer than me?" Naruto calmly replied "the Sharingan part of my eyes have the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and before you ask, it is where I have to take my brothers eye that also has the Mangekyou Sharingan and the result is that I will never lose my sight" Itachi asked "How it that possible, you said that you never had a brother?" Naruto sighed not wanting to reveal anything to him yet "Itachi there are secrets of my past that I don't want to reveal yet, when I think it's time I will reveal it to you and Sasuke. In the mean time you have to trust me, okay". Itachi knowing that Naruto would not tell him anything until he knew it was necessary, bid him goodnight.

Tomorrow at noon

Naruto and the rest of the family said to Nagato "Stay safe, train hard, and remember we love you and that we will miss you" Anko gave Jiraiya a death glare and said "Do not teach Nagato any of your perverted tendencies. If you do I will find you and castrate you" Jiraiya shivered because he knew that was not an idle threat. He replied "I wouldn't even think of it, lets go Nagato" Naruto looked at the scene and it made him remember his trip with Jiraiya and he felt nostalgic.

Three Years Later

Jiraiya and Nagato arrived at the village gates and Nagato was exicited,(remember the scene in the first episode of Shipuuden, but change Sakura with Ino). Jiraiya said to Nagato "Nagato, go ahead and check out the village, I need to report to your Father"

Naruto was having his clones do his paperwork while he was staring at the ceiling, he knew Jiraiya and Nagato would be back today but he didn't know what time they would be back. He was snapped out of his daydreaming when Jiraiya walked into his office. Naruto dismissed the Anbu guards and asked "How did it go?" "He learned Senjutsu in a month, so we worked on everything else he needed to work on, hes just as good if not better than his father now". Naruto replied "that is excellent, but what of the other matter I requested?" Jiraiya replied seriously "it's all in here, it has ways to isolate DNA and transplant it but it is not complete and could be very dangerous" Naruto replied with a marble expression "thank you Jiraiya, tomorrow I will test Nagato on his skill to see if he will advance in rank, but right now I need to read all this, Your dismissed."

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