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Chapter 1: An Embarrassing Day

It has been a month and 10 days since Galaxia arrived into Dragonfang. Spyro and Cynder have been getting excited because Cynder has half a month to go before she lays her Eggs. Frost has been showing signs of being Pregnant (Cyril doesn't know that LOL) Shadow has attempted to sort things out with Cyril with no success. 2 dragons have being signalled by eagles to try to fill the role of the Fire guardians. Ignitus visited the guardians to tell them about the role of the Master Guardian which only a purple Dragon can fill. The guardians have not told Spyro about that yet. Tyrone and his Army have not been seen since they destroyed Warfang and Spyro is beginning to think they will never come.

In Spyros' room...

Spyro was unfreezing the meat they purchased from that Mole for the children (If you remember the Shop was called Newborn applications) and placing it in the Food storage area for ready. He noticed a few had a bit of grublin meat finished setting everything out as Cynder walked through the door." Hello Handsome." Spyro looked to Cynder" Hey there beautiful". Cynder blushed and locked lips with Spyro. Spyro always loses himself to the pleasure when Cynder kisses him. When they parted Spyro said" Is there a day I won't lose myself to the pleasure".

Cynder nuzzled his chest and then looked to him" Oh yeah I just remembered. Have you seen Frost's Belly a bit bigger then last week." Spyro brought a smile to his face." Maybe she's pregnant because Shadow kept mentioning that he wanted to start a family while we were travelling to DragonFang." Cynder smiled and that reminded her of the night she and Spyro mated for the first time. "You know hearing that reminds me of the night we were alone in are room and you asked me."

Spyro blushed and said" Yah well the guilty ones intend to make the first move." Cynder giggled and licked Spyros' cheek." Your comments get funnier every day." Cynder then locked lips with Spyro and they were making out for 15 minutes. They parted at the right time as Shadow and Frost knocked on the door." Come in." The door opened and the couple came in and sat down in front of them" Alright you two. I hope we aren't spoiling and making out moments". Frost elbowed him" Shadow stop embarrassing them" Shadow hide his face as whenever he decides to be cocky a little bit Frost puts him in his place.

Spyro looked to them" Well I was setting everything out ready as Cynder hasn't got long now until she lays are Eggs. I place all the meats for the children in the food storage area for ready."

Suddenly Terrador came in to the room" Sorry to bother but we need to gather in the courtyard because The Freedom ceremony will be beginning shortly." Spyro looked to him with a confused look. "The freedom ceremony is to celebrate peace as 1 year ago this was the Date Malefor was defeated and so it is to honour you and Cynder. I will explain the rest when we get the ceremony begins." Immediately everyone left the room and headed straight for the door.

20 minutes later in the courtyard...

There was a massive crowd probably taking up over a quarter of the City's population. As the group made it to the entrance Terrador went up to Shadow and Frost and whispered to them" Do you see that leaf looking thing on the stage?" The couple nodded" You see when a couple stand under that they must kiss or get bad luck for a week. You see me and the guardians have planned this a week ago to get Spyro and Cynder to kiss eachother in front of everyone." Shadow started to Smirk." Oh I can't wait to see Spyros' Face when he has to kiss in front of everybody." The group carried on and joined the other guardians and Galaxia at the Stage and Terrador sat at the front." Hi mother." Spyro said as he hugged Galaxia's leg." Hello dear, I can't believe it has already been a year since you defeated that monster. I hope you're ready to stand in front of everybody to receive your cheers." She said that to hide the Real plan but that was true as well. Spyro sat next to Cynder as Terrador walked forward.

"Hello and welcome to the beginning of the Freedom festival." Terrador begun." It has been 1 year since the defeat of the enemy that caused us suffering. And his defeat transformed the world and lives around us. And Peace and freedom was brought by a dragon of legend and a dragoness of Legend. SPYRO and CYNDER." Spyro led Cynder to the front as was cheered by the crowds and saw of the dragons breathed their elements into the air.

"Now as you know to celebrate Freedom ceremony you need to do something that is not easy to do. We have already taken the liberty of getting Spyro and Cynder to do theirs right now." The crowd grew silent while the couple became weary. Terrador then brought a smile to his face." Now Spyro and Cynder look above you." The couple looked above them and blushed and looked away from eachother as they knew what it was." Well... What are you waiting for? You must kiss in front of everyone to be able to celebrate freedom Ceremony."

The crowd started shouting" KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS" Spyro looked to see everyone shouting. He got nervous as he turned to Cynder and She couldn't get the blush off her face" We best get it over with so they will stop." Spyro nodded and they walked up to eachother and their maws were about an inch apart. Spyro hesitated but still moved closer to Cynder. Finally they locked lips and everyone went cheering and a few gave whistles at them. As they held the kiss they couldn't even try hiding the blushes of embarrassment in their faces. The guardians sat their proud while Shadow was laughing as he could see Spyros' face. Galaxia and Frost had tears in their eyes as they were proud of the couple. When they finally parted the couple cheeks were red and they bowed before the crowd who were still cheering. They then walked off the stage and back to the others. Terrador walked up" Now let the Festival begin." Immediately the crowd walked off and began walking in different directions. Spyro and Cynder were still blushing while Shadow, Frost and Galaxia came to them" I am so proud of you son. You remind me of Ignitus your Age." Frost hugged Cynder" Me too I wouldn't have been able to do that. No matter how much I wanted too. Shadow came up to Spyro" You should have seen your face it was so funny. HA ha ha." Spyro elbowed him and everyone decided to go back to the temple.

Later that night in Spyros'' room...

"I still can't believe we did that. It was so embarrassing and amazing at the same time." Cynder rubbed up against Spyro" Don't worry love hopefully we won't need to do that again." The couple were looking outside to the window into the beautiful night sky." I wonder when are young will arrive." Cynder licked his cheek" I wish they were here now but I won't be long now. Don't worry they will be here soon. Well we best get off to bed." Spyro nodded and led Cynder to bed. Cynder laid down first and then Spyro got into his comfortable position and wrapped his tail around Cynders tail as she snuggled into his Chest. Minutes later the Couple drifted off to Sleep.

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