Well I didn't expect to come back here, but here I am. I made a promise to all of you I would complete my Spyro trilogy and I shall so let's have a look at this. I had to upload this twice due to problems.

Epilogue: A Dark truth

It has been one week since the destruction of the Floating Mega fortress bent on the destruction of DragonFang. However with its destruction and the Defeat of Tyrone, the Dark Armies have come to a halt. This is what the citizens of DragonFang and Spyro believe but they have yet to learn of a Dark truth.

On the outskirts of the Grendull highlands... Site of the Destroyed Fortress...

Squadrons of Orc's and Grublins and a few Dragons have been searching the ruins of the fortress for weeks to see if there is anything salvageable of the fortress after its destruction. They have been hopeful its hold of dark crystals is intact most but so far they have turned up nothing until now.

A Dragon commander was overseeing the Salvage; he was watching a group of orcs look through the debris until he heard a shout "Commander we found something" The Commander looked to see a Dragon wave to him, he walked over to the dragon who pointed at what they found. A group of dragons had laid a body on a small carrying platform. It was the dead body of Tyrone.

The Commander said "How did his body survive the blast". The dragons didn't think as he said "Doesn't matter, his Body is still useful." He looked to a group of Dragons and said "Take him back to the Badlands. He General's will want to see this". They bowed as one of the Dragons activated a rift crystal and opened a portal. Three dragons dragged the body into the portal as it closed with them inside it.

In the Badlands...

A ground fortress similar in the design of Cynder's fortress when she was controlled by Malefor was sitting next to a few lava falls. Inside Scorch was pacing around in the Fortress control chamber in anger "The destruction of the fortress has cost us greatly, we have lost a lot of troops and the weapon that gave us an edge is lost."

Jade who was nearby said to him "It is a loss for us but we are not down, and the light forces don't know that?" Scorch smiled at her until a portal opened in front of him. A dragon stepped through and bowed to scorch who said "Speak". The dragon stood back up and said "We found something you will find interesting."

Right on cue two dragons exited to portal with the body of Tyrone in tow. Scorch and Jade both smirked at the sight of the body as Scorch said "I am not surprised he didn't defeat Spyro. He only had half the true power he could have". Jade came over and said "I don't see how he could have not without the full power he could have possessed."

The dragons laid the body in front of Scorch and left. Scorch and Jade just stared at the body with grins on their face until a door opened with two dragons pulling in a wounded dragon. Scorch walked over to them and looked to the dragon that looked up to him "Did you enjoy your torture chamber Flame."

Flame glared at him but was too weak to move much "No I don't I probably would have if it wasn't full of your stink". Scorch glared at him and said "It will be your home for the rest of your pathetic life. So you better get used to it." He raised his paw and was about to punch Flame until he was interrupted "No it won't be Scorch".

Scorch stopped and looked at the Dragon who was covered in shadows "But Master, why wouldn't it be." Flame was confused "Wait Tyrone wasn't your master, someone else is". Scorch looked back at Flame and smiled evilly. The Dragon said "Fool, that isn't Tyrone". The figure slowly stepped out of the shadows and Flame looked shocked "It can't be..." He looked back at the figure and the dead body and said "How can there be two of you."

The Dragon was confirmed to be Tyrone and said "Ha that is just a clone of me, Flame. I designed him by using a crystal I called duplicator, it only works once but that was all I needed. I gave him half of my power when I created that clone". Tyrone walked over to the body and said "I used him to believe Spyro defeated me and that I am dead just to catch him off guard the next time we meet and to oversee the Dark Fortress in my place. I instructed Scorch to let him defeated by and you pulled him into the portal to believe you and him died just as I planned."

Flame looked down in shock about the realisation that the Fortress wasn't their true plan. "Now that He is dead I will take my power back". Tyrone smashed a fist into the body and absorbed it back into him with energy sparking off his arm. Tyrone sighed before saying "The Dark fortress wasn't my Endgame; it was just the beginning of the destruction of light."

Tyrone brought his claw and aimed it at a pool of vision which was present in the room. Energy started to pour out of the well of souls and slowly form into a large image. The energy was moving in every direction around the image until it was complete. The Image looked like a Floating Platform similar in the shape of an arrow except it didn't have a point at the bottom. It looked like it was made up of molten rock and Pure Darkness.

Flame looked at the image and said "What is that". Tyrone laughed until he said "I can think of many name but I like to call it the Devastator. It is the ultimate Platform of destruction upon it's completion it will grind the forces of light into dust". Flame looked in shock as he was hopeless to do anything at all to stop them from their plans.

"And Flame I have plans for you as well, so don't feel left out". Flame knew whatever Tyrone had planned for him and what he calls the devastator cannot be good. Tyrone laughed again before looking above him to the roof of the room.

High above them in the sky half way between the ground and the void of space, a single massive object was floating high away from prying eyes. The object was made up of pure Darkness and Molten rock from the Badlands and was potentially powerful. In the centre of it all a single large energy spike of darkness occurred from it.

Well, All of you believed this was the end of the Darkness. How very mistaken you all are. I can tell you are all looking forward to the final book of this trilogy. I can promise you, you won't be disappointed. I hope.