Warning; This story contains blood, tragedy, romance, adventure, family, an ultimate Sasuke, and hate.

The night of the Uchiha massacre, Itachi thought of a different thing to do to Sasuke. To tell the truth, and ask him to join the Akatsuki.

"Itachi, you killed them?" The little seven year old Sasuke asked traumatized.

"Yes, but the elders made me do it, the Uchiha clan wanted to attack Konoha. I had to stop him." Itachi stated coldly.

"So, Konoha is to blame?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes." Itachi answered.

What Itachi was shocked to see was the sharingan, and hatred. It broke Itachi's heart into a million pieces.

"I'm going with you." Sasuke said.

"You will be a enemy to Konoha, people will try to kill you every day." Itachi informed.

"I will learn from you, and I will protect the only family I got." Sasuke stated confidently.

Itachi couldn't help but smile. Even after all of this, Sasuke still loves him.

"Okay little brother, you may come. By the way, I love your sharingan." Itachi replied.

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"You'll see." Itachi stated.

Later with the third Hokage, and the elders.

"It would seem Itachi took his little brother with him." The third Hokage stated.

"Don't worry, we have a look alike to replace him." Danzo stated.

"I see, bring him in." The third said.

"My name is Sai, I changed my name from Sasuke." Sai stated emotionlessly.

"Good." The third said.

This is how the monster was made, the one that will cause the nations sadness.

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