Farewell Greetings

I lean against the wall

to brace myself

for the coming pain

Someone moves behind me

"You alright, mate?"

Rose Tyler

Golden hair

like the sun

against the snow


Probably overdid

the celebrating

"Too much to drink?"

"Something like that—"

If only it were that simple

every cell in my body

broken by the radiation

He'll freeze out here

"Maybe it's time

you went home"


Oh, Rose

If only I could

Gallifrey is gone

and I've lost

too many pieces

of my heart

to ever rest

"Anyway, happy new year!"

"And you."

She begins walking away

I can't let her leave

not yet

"What year is this?"

How early am I?

"Blimey, how much have you had?"

I laugh

"2005, January the first."


Not very early

but even a day

is too far

One day

the difference

between stranger

and friend

between greetings

and farewells

"I bet you're going

to have a really great year."


Snow settles on my hood,

dusting my sweater

"See you"

No, Rose

You don't see

It's me

Rose, it's me

I run to the door

and dash upstairs

Goodbye, Rose



One quick glance,

then I run up to the flat

without looking back