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Chapter Thirteen—Epilogue

Hiroki and Nowaki returned to the hospital room where Misaki stayed the next day. Akihiko, of course, sat in the chair beside the bed. "Hello, Takahashi-kun," Nowaki said, looking at the boy who looked tiny in that big, white bed.

The boy looked at him with his shiny, emerald eyes. "Hello. You're Dr. Kusama?"

"Yes. Did you remember meeting me when you were a ghost?"

Misaki shook his head. "No, sorry. I don't remember anything."

"Oh, so you don't remember taking over my lover's body and using him to kiss Usami-san?" The animosity was hidden under the thick layer of platitudes Nowaki used to hide any emotion other than happiness.

"Nowaki!" Hiroki yelped, rounding on him.

"I did what?" Misaki choked out, looking positively scandalized.

Nowaki looked surprised. "You really don't remember?"

Misaki slowly shook his head back and forth. Then he looked at Akihiko. "Usagi-san, did I do that?"

Akihiko nodded.

Misaki turned back to Nowaki. "I'm really sor—" He stopped short as the words Nowaki had said earlier hit him. Usagi-san had explained that Misaki had borrowed the demon professor's body to communicate with Usagi but Nowaki had said that he'd taken over Nowaki's lover's body. That meant… Misaki choked and stared at Hiroki. "You two are like that?"

Hiroki turned scarlet and sputtered, "Y-y-you have a problem with that?" His hands itched to throw something.

Misaki looked fearful and said, "No sir."

"Good." Hiroki turned and left abruptly.

"Um, Hiro-san," Nowaki started.

"I'm leaving first," he called back.

Nowaki turned back to the other two men. "Uh…oh, Takahashi-kun, I spoke with your primary physician. He says you are free to leave today provided you do nothing overly strenuous or shower alone for the next week."

A smirk grew on Akihiko's lips. "The showering alone won't be a problem." Misaki flushed and elbowed the blond. Nowaki tried not to smile. Since his relationship was safe, he wouldn't hold a grudge. When Akihiko started to detail what exactly they would be doing when they were in the shower, things that were decidedly strenuous, he did the best thing he could; he got out. But not before catching a couple of very interesting ideas he would run by Hiro-san tonight.

"Usagi-san, how come I could talk to Kamijou Sensei but not anyone else when I was a…a spirit?"

Akihiko, who was currently trying to unbutton Misaki's shirt paused. "Does it matter?"


"Well, I don't know." Akihiko resumed his unbuttoning.

"Usagi-san! This is important." Misaki caught his lover's wrists. "Please."

Akihiko sighed and sat back. This halt was definitely only temporary. "Maybe you could connect best with him."

"What do you mean?"

"He's an uke, you're an uke, you both have men who love you and yet you struggle to accept it. Maybe he's just the most relatable to you." A light went on in Akihiko's head as inspiration for a story hit him.

"Oh no…" Misaki whispered. "Don't you dare make a smutty novel out of this! Don't even think about it!" Akihiko smirked evilly. Then he leaned down and kissed his fully distracted Misaki. The boy struggled for a moment then gave in.

The next two days passed peacefully enough. But then…

Aikawa burst into the apartment ready to start screaming at the two men casually drinking tea. "Sensei, you have to work on your—" She stopped short when Akihiko merely pointed at a sheaf of papers sitting on the coffee table. She picked them up. "You're done already?" she asked, amazed.

"Don't sound so surprised."

"Oh but I am!" She smiled brightly and left.

"When did you write that?" Misaki asked.

"Last night, after I had my fill of you."

Misaki shuddered, wishing he hadn't asked.

Two hours later…

"Sensei!" Aikawa was back and in full fangirl mode. "I had no idea you were going for the supernatural in this story. But I love how sweet the spirit of Misaki-chan is. And, you incorporated the Egoist lovers into this one. It's so adorable! And the part where we realize that Hiro-san's and Misaki-chan's hearts cried out to each other in need because they were worried about their relationships with their lovers… Kyaaaaa! I love it."

Misaki rounded on Akihiko. "WHAAAAAT?"

Akihiko completely ignored both of them as he got up, grabbed Suzuki-san and started walking upstairs. "Get back here you baka rabbit," Misaki yelled darting after him. Aikawa, forgotten, stood in the living room and giggled insanely as she watched the Misaki fly across the balcony as Sensei turned to catch him and drag him into the bedroom.

The End

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