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Sonny with a Chance of Moving On?

"Hey guys!" Sonny said as she walked into the prop house as Tawni, Zora, Grady, and Nico sat on the couch. "Do you guys want to come with me to the Patio tonight? They're having a speed dating night! I thought it'd be fun!" Zora looked up from her spot and laughed.

"Fun? It seems to me like you're trying to distract yourself with dating to forget about Chad!" Zora said smugly with a smirk placed on her face.

"What? Of course not! I just really want to get out there. Have some fun. You know, be a teenager?" Sonny said as her voice raised several octaves. Tawni looked at her with an unreadable expression then broke out into a huge smile.

"I'm so proud of you! You're using other boys to get over Pooper!" Tawni glowed with sincere pride.

Sonny rolled her eyes then turned to look at Nico and Grady who were playing a video game with their eyes glued to the screen. "Do you guys want to go? Hey Grady! Mel will be there!" At that, Grady's eyes snapped from the TV to Sonny and he started blushing bright pink.

"Wh-why would it matter if Mel were there?" Grady asked nervously. Anyone with eyes could tell that Grady was totally crushing on Mel, the waitress at the Patio.

Sonny rolled her eyes once more and spoke. "It matters because she told me that she's going to be hosting speed dating night and participating in it after an hour into it." Sonny said matter of factly. "It's your chance to get a date with Mel! A short date, but still a date." Sonny told him.

"Really?" Grady said as his excitement rose. Sonny nodded and Grady looked from the game and back to Sonny. "I'm in!"

*Theme Song*

"You know we can't be more than friends Chloe. No matter how much we both want to be more than we are. We can't. Not now. Not here." Chad said as he and Chastity acted through a scene for an episode of Mackenzie Falls.

"And… CUT!" the director said. Chad sighed and left to his dressing room. He plopped down onto his couch and his phone beeped with an email.

Chad opened his email to find an ad from the Patio. The email read "Are you looking for a chance at finding true love? Why not come down to the Patio for speed dating tonight? You'll have the chance to chat with tons of potential dates for two minutes at a time!"

"Speed dating? Hmm…" Chad said to himself. He didn't really think it would help, but decided to go anyways. He might as well try to find the CDC who dated a girl for two days before moving onto the next one.

Back at the prop house, Nico and Grady were practicing what to do to help Grady impress Mel.

"Dude, you have nothing to worry about! Mel already likes you!" Nico said, trying to boost Grady's confidence.

"But what if she changes her mind?" Grady said hopelessly. "I mean, what if she decided that she doesn't like guys who play with action figures and play video games? What if she doesn't like me that way?" Again, Grady started to lose his courage to do something that he wants. Grady always seemed to lose what little courage he had to do something that was important to him.

"G, you know she likes you that way. If she didn't why would she always be staring at you from behind the counter?" Nico said.

Grady turned redder than a ripe strawberry. Deep down, Grady knew that Mel likes him but he was always just too shy to talk to girls he liked. That didn't stop Nico from trying to help his best friend though.

"G. You just need to believe in yourself and everything will go smoothly!" Nico told him. "In fact, why don't I give you my mini microphone to wear in your ear while you talk to Mel?" Nico suggested.

Grady pondered it for a second before asking, "Where did you get a mini microphone?"

"From the secret agent store of course!" Nico replied. "So what do you say?"

"Well… alright. I'll do it." Grady said a bit reluctantly. Nico pumped his fist in the air and let out a celebratory yelp.

In Sonny and Tawni's dressing room, the two teenage girls were deciding what to wear to speed dating night While Zora was snooping around the studio.

"What do you think of this one?" Sonny asked, holding up a purple and blue spaghetti strap dress with an ivory colored cardigan.

Tawni took one look at the outfit before replying, "Nah."

The two later decided on a floral pale pink, navy blue and pale yellow floral dress with a navy blue cardigan with pale tallow heels for Sonny and a bright purple dress with a green mini jacket, blue sparky jewelry and blue pumps for Tawni.

"You know Sonny, you don't look half bad in that outfit! You're finally gaining some real fashion sense! Wow! That's the second time I've been proud of you today! It's a new record!" Tawni said to Sonny as she twirled in front of a mirror while smiling happily.

"Aww! Thank you Tawni! You look great too!" Sonny complimented back, ignoring the bit about her finally gaining fashion sense.

"When don't I?" Tawni replied still staring at herself in the mirror. Sonny giggled to herself and left the dressing room.

Outside the dressing room Zora was waiting. "So… this is your great scheme for getting over Chad, eh? I'm sure I'll get a good laugh out of this tonight when you get a big surprise." Zora said with a knowing voice. While snooping, she had come across something that will surely be an impact on Sonny's night.

Sonny eyed her suspiciously and walked away.

That night at the patio, Sonny and the randoms walked in. The café was set up with two person table all around and the men were on one side of the café while the women were on the other, all waiting for the bell to signal the start of the night. Sonny, Tawni and Zora went to the right of the café while Nico and Grady went to the left. Grady shyly waved at Mel who was manning the bell and she waved back with a smile.

After seeing that everyone had arrived, Mel rang the bell.

Sonny sat down at a table with a guy that had auburn hair and hazel eyes. "Hi! My name's Sonny! And you are…?" Sonny said to him as he flashed a smile.

"I'm Shawn. It's nice to meet you Sonny. Hey aren't you on So Random?" Shawn asked. Sonny merely nodded and for two minutes the two teens talked about themselves and their lives.

"That's hilarious! I can't believe you actually threw a pie at your old principal!" Shawn said as he chuckled deeply.

"Yeah… well it was carnival day at the school. And it's his fault for volunteering for the pie toss. Everyone knows that I have killer aim. In fact, one year I was playing air hockey with a friend and I scored 20 points before she could even get ready to defend herself. Nowadays, my friends know not to challenge me in something that involves aim." Sonny said. Then the bell rang and the two said their goodbyes and exchanged numbers.

At Tawni's table, Tawni flirted with a good looking guy with brown hair and eyes the color of smoke.

"You are so hot! You know that?" Tawni said as she gave him a flirtatious smile. The guy smiled and nodded at her.

"Well, that's good because that means you won't reject me when I ask you out on a real date. Let's get out of here and go see that new movie." The guy said.

"Sure thing, Zane. Let's get out of here." Tawni said as she grabbed his wrist and started for the exit. Bye Sonny! Got me a date!" Tawni said as she raced past Sonny's table. Sonny waved to her slightly confused then turned back to her speed date.

As Tawni opened the door, she saw someone she didn't expect to see there. Chad Dylan Cooper stood in the doorway. "Chad? What are you doing here?" Tawni asked as Zane stood behind her.

"I don't believe it's any of your business so if you'll excuse me." Chad said as he walked past Tawni and her date and toward a table with only a girl waiting for her next speed date.

"Hi. I'm Chad Dylan Cooper." Chad said to the girl while flashing his signature smirk. Though inside he still felt empty. The girl immediately went wide eyed and stared at him with flirty eyes. Throughout their two minute date, the girl fluttered her eyelashes. Chad still felt nothing but smiled anyways.

The night went on for another half hour without Chad or Sonny noticing the other was there. Sonny enjoyed herself but also felt slightly empty just as Chad did.

Mel's shift ended early when someone took over the bell for her so she sat down at a table and waited for her first speed date.

"Hi Grady!" Mel said as Grady approached her table. Grady waved nervously and waited for Nico to say something for his microphone to hear before talking.

"Grady! She just said hi! Say hi back!" Nico screamed. Only Grady could hear the scream but it still felt very loud in his ear.

"H-hi Mel!" Grady said nervously as he took a seat at Mel's table. "How are you, Mel?" Grady asked as he fumbled with his hands.

Mel found it absolutely adorable how nervous he was. "I'm good. Meet any girls you like tonight, Grady?" Mel asked him hoping for a 'no'.

"Dude, I'm letting you handle this question on your own. I'll start directing you in a few minutes. There is a fine lady about to sit at my table!" Nico said in Grady's ear.

"Umm… well, there is one girl that I like but I almost never have the courage to talk to her without well… talking in a Scottish accent." Grady said as he dropped a hint at Mel.

"Well, why don't we talk? We've got two minutes." Mel said not quite reading into the hints. Grady nodded and stayed silent for a few seconds before hearing the sound of Nico's speaker coming back on.

"G, tell her you think she's prettier than a rose. Girls dig that kind of sappy sweet talk!" Nico said.

"Mel. You are umm… spittier than a nose." Grady said. He had misheard Nico's directions. Mel gave him a strange look.

"Try telling her, you smell so sweet!" Nico told Grady.

Again, Grady misheard him and said, "You smell like feet!" Realizing what he said, he covered his face in his hands and groaned out of the feeling of stupidity. Suddenly, a soft hand pulled his hands away from his face and he saw that the hand belonged to Mel.

"You know Grady, I've known the whole time about the ear piece. And anyways, you didn't need to have someone telling you what to say. I like you because you're you. You're weird and immature, and you love comics and action figures and that's what makes you so appealing! Why don't we go check out the comic book store on the corner? I hear they have the new Gouda guy comic!" Mel said.

Grady broke out in a smile and nodded as they stood up and walked out chattering about the comics. They weren't together, at least not yet, but they were getting there.

Over at Sonny's table, the bell rang and the next boy sat down. "Hi! I'm S- Chad? What are you doing here?" Sonny asked after realizing that Chad was now sitting at her table with an equally confused expression as Sonny.

"I came here for speed dating night… and I'm guessing by how you're at a speed dating table, you're here for the same reason." Chad said as he scratched the back of his neck. "This is pretty awkward…"

Over by the front of the café, Zora watched with a smirk on her face.

Sonny just sat there silently staring at her hands until the bell rang and Chad got up. Things were still awkward between them and she wasn't ready to face it. Sonny grabbed her purse and got up to leave. Before she could though, Shawn walked over to her and asked her out on a real date.

"So, how about we try going out for real? We could go to a movie next Saturday. What do you think?" Shawn said. Sonny smiled but the smile didn't reach her eyes.

"Sure. Why not?" Sonny said. With that, she wrote down her number on a napkin and handed it to Shawn while he did the same. Neither noticed that Chad was watching their exchange with a clear frown on his face.

Sonny and Shawn walked out together and Chad stood there alone even though various girls were staring at him like lovesick puppies.


At the movies, Tawni and Zane kept staring at each other. Tawni fumbled with her fingers and looked nervously at Zane's mouth. Zane looked back at her mouth.

"So… You thinking what I'm thinking?" Zane asked Tawni with a smirk.

Tawni shook her head and grimaced. "Zane, I hate to tell you this but your teeth are covered in popcorn kernels. I am NOT kissing a guy with a mouth full of food. Bye Zane!" Tawni said as she flipped her hair and walked out of the theater leaving Zane stunned.

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