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Won't Say I'm Still in Love

"Chloe, my heart aches. I want to feel for you what you feel for me, but sadly, my heart has been stolen by another." Chad stared into Chastity's eyes with a sad expression etched upon his face. They stood in a set of a gazebo at night surrounded by white roses. He opened his mouth to speak again when he got cut off. "CUT!" yelled the director. Chad and Chastity both looked at him in confusion.

"What's wrong?" Chastity questioned.

The director shook his head in dismay and spoke once more. "Nothing was wrong with your performance Chastity. It's Chad I'm worried about." With a look of relief, Chastity walked off leaving Chad alone with the director. "Something's up with you lately, Chad. You're acting has been sub-par. You seem distracted and lately, incredibly moody."

Chad glared at the director and stomped off to his dressing room. The director stared at him as he left and let out a sigh. "Fifth time this week he's done this." He muttered to himself.

*Theme Song*

Sonny sat on the loveseat in her and Tawni's dressing room flipping through a magazine. Something caught her eye and she started frantically reading.

"No. Yes. Maybe… I don't know." Sonny muttered to herself as her eyes flitted across the page. Zora, feeling rather annoyed, opened the vent shaft and pulled out a telescope, zooming in on Sonny's magazine.

"What are you reading? 'Are you over your ex?' Are you seriously doing a magazine quiz on whether you're still gaga over Pooper? You don't need some dumb quiz to tell you that you're head over heels. Anyone with eyes could see that." Zora said after seeing the magazine page.

Sonny stood up suddenly and started trying to play it off, all the while her voice rising in octaves. "What? I am so over him. I'm absolutely over him. I mean, I've dated other guys since breaking up with Chad. I could be taking this quiz about one of the other many guys I've dated since Chad. Like Shawn or…" Sonny trailed off at a loss for who else she could name.

"Right." Zora replied sarcastically while rolling her eyes. She proceeded to close the vent shaft and scurry off to spy on some other poor sucker.

"I am over Chad. I am." Sonny said to herself, seemingly trying to convince herself. She scanned the quiz again reading the questions. "'Do you think of him often, more than once a day?' Well… yeah. I mean, he's always around and we do bump into each other a lot but that doesn't mean I still have feelings for him… 'Do you find yourself whenever smiling when he's around or angry if he's around other girls?' Yeah right!" Sonny continued reading, her voice rising at every answer she gave.

"'Do you avoid anything you did with him while you were dating, i.e. date spots, movie theaters, etc.'" She frowned, realizing she hasn't done a lot of going out to places like that since she broke up with Chad. Suddenly, her face lit up with determination.

It seemed like a light had gone in her head. With a smile and a glance towards the clock, she grabbed her purse off her makeup table and raced out the door, yelling random nonsense.

*Scene Change*

"I cannot believe you dragged me here. I had a date tonight with a smoking hot guy from tween gladiators." Tawni complained as Sonny dragged her by the wrist towards the ticket line at the movie theater. All the while, Sonny smiled with glee.

"Oh hush. You'll love this movie! It has a shirtless guy in it…" Sonny prodded. Like Sonny knew she would, Tawni took the bait.


"Zac Efron!" Tawni then squealed with delight. Sonny smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. She continued, "Zac is so hot. Those abs. The hair. And those eyes!" Sonny gushed. Tawni nodded her head vigorously and then it became Tawni who was dragging Sonny.

Inside the theater, they took their seat and the previews started. One preview in particular caught Sonny's interest. It started in black in white but slowly turned to color and she noticed how though none of the actors and actresses in the preview could be seen, they all seemed to be saying familiar phrases.





"So we're good?"

"Oh we are so good."

Sonny flicked her own ear as if she thought maybe she heard wrong. She pocked Tawni in the arm. "Tawni? Did the people in that preview say umm… 'Fine.'?" She asked cautiously. Tawni gave her a look that said, 'What are you talking about' and turned back to the screen.

Sonny sighed and returned her attention to the screen as well. Not 10 minutes later the movie started. Zac Efron made his appearance and both girls giggled in delight, Tawni's noticeably more enthusiastic than Sonny's, Sonny's sounding almost… forced.

*Scene Change*

"Chloe. The time has come for me to leave. For me to move on to another love and for you to do as well." Chad recited from his script as he paced back and forth in his dressing room. Suddenly a loud thump came from outside his door. Suspiciously, he tiptoed to the door and opened with urgency.

A guilty looking Nico and Grady stood holding a bucket of purple paint next to a rope. Chad could figure out what they had in mind but decided to play dumb. "What exactly were you two doing outside my dressing room with a bucket of paint and a rope?" Grady looked at his toes in despair.

"Umm… We weren't planning a prank or anything. We were uh..." Grady trailed off unconvincingly. Nico looked to his left as if planning to make a break for it. Before he could though, Chad grabbed both of their shoulders and pulled them into his dressing room.

Chad glared at them for a second before speaking, "I'm gonna let you off the hook this once because I am honestly too tired to deal with you right now. And you're going to stay here for a while I rehearse my lines for MF. I know you two are closet MF fans so you're gonna tell me what's wrong with my acting lately."

Nico looked about ready to insult his acting but lost his nerve at Chad's glare. "Umm… ok." He muttered quietly.

And so the long day of acting began. A montage of Chad reading lines and looking to Nico and Grady for their approval (Weird…) only to find them either shaking their heads, "No." or giving his acting a thumbs down.

Finally, he collapsed on the couch next to them and angrily punched the pillow.

*Scene Change*

Back at the movie theater, Tawni's eyes were glued to the screen, as were Sonny's though hers were staring at something particularly odd. A tuft of blond hair stood out from one of the background actors. And a pair of blue eyes seemed to gleam with confidence. Her eyes widened in realization that she was seeing Chad in the movie. Tawni didn't seem to notice and she tried to control her curiosity.

A few minutes later, she saw Chad again, in fact everywhere she looked on the screen, she saw Chad. Her mind was racing and scared out of her mind at what was happening, she raced out of the theater, leaving Tawni alone. Tawni didn't seem to notice.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she decided to try something besides watching a movie. As the sun was just setting, she decided to watch it from the beach.

As she arrived at the beach, she noticed a couple walking slowly along the after, looking lovingly at each other. The girl was a brunette and the boy was blond. Sonny looked on, as if reminiscing…

*Scene Change*

"Just tell me what's wrong with the way I've been acting." Chad moaned impatiently at witnessing yet another thumbs down.

Nico and Grady exchanged glances as if wondering what they should tell him. Finally, Nico decided to speak. "Dude. You have no passion. You're like a hollow shell of the guy you were when you were with Sonny. Ever since she dumped your sorry butt, you've been either mopey or just uninspired to do anything. You got it bad for Sonny…"

Chad pouted throughout the speech and when it was over, he took a breath as if to yell at them but at the last second, said, "I know" instead. Grady's jaw dropped. As did Nico's.

"I guess you could say I l-lo-" Chad started.

Nico cut him off. "No need to pour your heart out to us, dude. We got it." Chad scratched the back of his neck and nodded. "You need something else to get you inspired. Obviously it can't be a new girl since we know exactly how you feel about Sonny but maybe there could be something else." Nico made his way over to the computer in the corner and started typing something in. Grady stood over his shoulder, often whispering things in Nico's ear while glancing back at Chad.

"I've got it!" Nico exclaimed. Grady smiled and pumped his fist in the air. Grady pressed print and handed the piece of paper to Chad. He read through the page quickly, a grin growing upon his face.

Chad shook the paper passionately and excitedly said, "This is perfect!" Nico and Grady smiled at him for a second before scurrying off, presumably to continue with their prank.

*Scene Change*

On the white sand of the beach as the moon shone with a glow of radiant white, Sonny walked along the sand, a thoughtful look gracing her features. Her sundress billowed in the breeze and her hair blew behind her majestically. It suddenly seemed as if she was walking through a portal to take her to the past.

Memories flashed in her eyes. Memories of her and Chad at the beach, building a sand castle and holding hands slipped by like the tide rolling in under her feet. Next came the memory of her and Chad's first kiss together. Finally came the breaking point in their relationship, the Tween Choice Awards. Tears pricked her eyes and she sat down, letting her toes touch the edge of wet sand she wrapped her arms around her knees and rested her chin upon them, deep in thought.

*Scene Change*

The movie having finally ended, Tawni rose from her seat and smiled. She then looked to her right to find Sonny not there. She quirked her eyebrow and spoke. "She missed one heck of a movie." She then strutted out of the theater and went home.

*Scene Change*

Over the next few days, everyone seemed to be in a good mood, except for Sonny. She was rather quiet and Tawni noticed. At some point, she pulled her to their dressing room. And she closed the door with a slam.

*Scene Change*

"I am torn between two and my heart cannot decide which my true love is. I must run and escape this place. Someday I will return and I will know for sure who my love is. Someday." Chad said passionately while in character. He continued on to run off stage and the lights dimmed.

"That's a wrap everybody! We're done for the week. Chad, excellent job. You've really got your fire back. How'd you do it?" The director asked him.

Chad smiled and loosened his tie. "Let's just say that my mind is somewhere brighter." With that, he walked off.

*Scene Change*

"So Sonny, why are you so mopey lately? And don't even try to give me some baloney about how you're not mopey because you are." Tawni asked very interrogational, as if she was in some scene with a good and bad cop, minus the good cop.

Sonny frowned and took a breath. "Maybe… Maybe I'm not as over Chad as I thought." Tawni remained stoic before placing a supportive hand on Sonny's shoulder. She gave her a kind smile, and wrapped her arms around Sonny in a friendly hug.

Tawni finally responded, "You think?"

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