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The first thing Sasuke noticed the next morning, was the pleasant warmth radiating around his chest, along with a heavy weight. It took him a few seconds to remember what had happened the night before, and more to the point, why he was laying there with another man's head on his chest. Evidently, neither had moved all night long and Naruto's left arm lay casually draped over his lower abdomen. Sasuke had a brief moment to wish he'd taken his shirt off before climbing into bed before he noticed bright blue eyes staring up at him, a shy grin on Naruto's face as he said, "Morn'in teme."

"Morning," Sasuke managed to say as he once again found his hand tangled in Naruto's hair.

With a slight blush, Naruto pulled away from Sasuke, sitting up on his elbows. "What do you want to do today?"

Immediately missing Naruto's warmth, Sasuke's mind began figuring out a way to get it back. Smirking, he thought of a way to touch Naruto all day long, well - maybe not all day. He guessed it would depend on how much Naruto had managed to recover in the past few days. "I haven't noticed you training much these past few days."

Naruto's eyebrows shot up, his mouth breaking out into a wide grin. "You mean you wanna spar?"

Sasuke raised his arms, pulling them back and behind his head as he looked up innocently. "Only if you feel up to it."

Instantly, Naruto sat, bouncing up and down on the bed. "Hell yeah! I am so gonna kick your ass."

"Are you still asleep dobe?"

Naruto looked genuinely confused as he answered, "No."

"Are you sure, because you must be dreaming if you think you can beat me."

"Oi - you arrogant bastard," Naruto shouted as he jumped up on the bed. "Care to make a wager on that?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "What kind of wager?"

"If I win, you have to answer a question - truthfully."

"What kind of question?"

"That's for me to decide."

Sasuke stared up at his hyperactive friend, his mind working over the proposal.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Naruto's eyes danced with mischief. "Scared, teme?"

"Hn- you wish. Fine, but it's a stupid bet. There's no way you're winning."

"Says you!" Naruto sang as he hopped from the bed, his excitement overflowing.

Groaning, Sasuke muttered, "No one should have that much energy this early in the morning."

"Stuff it teme. It's not my fault, I was just born this way."

Sasuke stiffened, afraid of what Naruto had implied. But looking over, Naruto was simply humming happily as he gathered his clothes. Evidently, his talk with Gaara had done some good and inwardly Sasuke relaxed. It seemed Naruto was back to his old self.

"I call the shower!" Naruto yelled before running out the bedroom door, leaving Sasuke laying in the bed, thinking some of the most impure thoughts he'd ever had in his life. And that, was saying something. Soon, they'll be no need for one of us to shower first. We'll be doing it together, Sasuke thought with an evil smirk. Closing his eyes, he let his mind imagine a naked Naruto, beads of water sliding down golden tanned skin, sinking lower and lower with each second . . .

Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasu

Sasuke's plan worked better than even he'd thought it would. Indeed, Naruto was feeling better. His wounds had completely healed and it appeared as if both his chakra's were almost at one hundred percent. They'd spent most of the morning traveling to a more secluded location and then wasted away the afternoon fighting - just like they had as children. Along the way, Sasuke finally realized he'd never asked what he would get when he won. To this, Naruto simply asked what he wanted, and although a plethora of exotic things came to mind, he finally settled on them eating something different for dinner other than ramen. Naruto only groaned and told Sasuke he better be deciding what kind of ramen he wanted that night.

The physical combat was only slightly overshadowed by the verbal barbs they threw each other's way. Each egging the other one on with insult after insult. Time after time, Sasuke found his body connecting with Naruto's and each time, it fueled the fire in his belly, pushing him into doing things he never would have done before. When he'd get Naruto into any type of compromising position, he'd stay that way just a little bit longer than necessary. One time even going so far as tickling Naruto's sides, relishing the giggling bursts of laughter erupting from Naruto's body.

But through it all, one thing remained clear to Sasuke, Naruto really was his equal - in all things. Of course, he'd realized that long ago. Long before he'd ever realized how he truly felt about the blond. And knowing that only made him want Naruto more. The longer the afternoon wore on, the more distracted Sasuke became, until finally, Naruto managed to kick his legs out from under him, sitting on his abdomen, pinning his arms to the ground.

"Gotcha!" Naruto yelled with happy exuberance.

Sasuke lay on the ground, panting more from desire than fatigue. He loved looking up into those ocean's of blue. The only way this could possibly be better was if their positions were reversed.

Releasing Sasuke's wrists, Naruto leaned back, still sitting comfortably on Sasuke's abdomen as he jeered, "Now, for my reward."

Propping himself up onto his elbows, Sasuke sighed. "What do you want to know?"

Naruto's expression was no longer gleeful and Sasuke felt warning bells sounding in his head. Why did I ever agree to this?

Turning his face away from Sasuke, Naruto stared into the distance.

Shit, this can't be good. He can't even look at me.

Clearing his throat, Naruto finally said, "Remember, you promised to answer honestly."

"I know. What's your question?"

"I need to know why you came back."

Sasuke felt a coldness filling his chest. He wasn't sure Naruto was ready to hear his answer and so he tried stalling. "What do you mean?"

Naruto turned sharp eyes on him. "Exactly what I said. Why did you come back? I mean, what changed? Before you tried . . . I mean, you didn't really seem like you even wanted me alive. So why this time? You could have told Sakura no and walked away. Instead, you came back. Tsunade could have killed you, but you came back to save me. Why?"

"Naruto, I don't think you really want to hear . . . "

Slamming his hands down on Sasuke's shoulders, Naruto pinned him to the ground again, his anger and uncertainty fueling his actions. "I didn't ask you if I wanted to hear your answer. I just want the truth."

Sasuke closed his eyes, hoping this wasn't the last time he'd ever feel Naruto's body lying next to his own. Taking a deep breath, he answered, "The truth?"

"The absolute truth."

"You'll hate me."

"Well, you've done some pretty shitty things so far and I haven't hated you yet."

Yet, that word floated through Sasuke's brain, playing havoc with his emotions. "Ok. Truthfully, when Sakura said you needed me, I told her you were better off without me. I had no plans on coming back to the village."

Naruto frowned. "What changed your mind?"

Sasuke swallowed, feeling the ache of his dry throat. "When . . . when Sakura said Tsunade was going to have to kill you . . . "

"So, you really didn't want me to die?"

"Not exactly . . . "

"I don't understand."

"Naruto, I couldn't stand the idea of someone else killing you."

Sasuke felt Naruto's hands leave his shoulders and finally opened his eyes, instantly wishing he'd kept them closed. Naruto sat there, looking lost. His blue eyes holding the first hints of understanding. "You didn't want someone else to kill me? Why?"

"Because, you're mine."

Voice barely a whisper, Naruto asked, "What?"

"Mine. You are mine. Your life, was mine to end. No one else had the right to even touch you."

"Yours? So, it was ok if you . . . but not if Tsunade . . . Oh, gods . . . " Naruto shakily lifted one of his legs off of Sasuke's body, using all four of his quivering limbs to crawl away as the horror of what he'd just heard hit his heart.


"Shut up!" Naruto felt his face, noticing the wetness on his cheeks for the first time. Never, in all his imaginings did he think this would have been Sasuke's reason for coming back to "save him". The only reason he'd done it was so that he could be the one to . . . his mind couldn't comprehend it. That kind of an answer just didn't make sense in Naruto's world.

"Naruto, please . . . " Naruto felt Sasuke's hand touch his shoulder and he exploded, swinging his fist around, hearing the gratifying crunch as it made contact with Sasuke's face, knocking him back on his ass. Shaking, with tears still streaming down his face, Naruto screamed, "You fucking bastard! What the hell kind of person are you? You don't own me. I am not a toy to be used for your amusement!"

Sasuke saw Naruto standing up, knowing that once he got his feet under him, he'd be gone. He would not let things end like this. He would not! Jumping and moving faster than he had all day, Sasuke landed on Naruto, rolling the both of them as Naruto kicked and punched at him. Only Sasuke's lightening fast reflexes saved him from most until finally he'd managed to pin Naruto's angry limbs to the ground.

"Teme, get the fuck off me! Let me go!"


Naruto glared up into Sasuke's bottomless eyes, the hurt in his own shining brightly. "NO? You've lost your fucking mind asshole!"

"Yes, but not for the reason's you think."

Naruto closed his eyes, more tears leaking out their corners as he thought back to how peaceful last night had been. Without a doubt, it had been the best nights sleep he'd had in years. This morning, he'd been so hopeful, and now . . . everything was wrong. It was all going away and he was alone again. With a heart wrenching sob, Naruto choked out, "Why? Why do I let you do this to me?"

Feeling the tension in Naruto disperse, Sasuke let his weight off of Naruto's arms, bringing his hands up cupping his dobe's tanned face, rubbing his thumbs along his jawline. "Naruto, look at me."

Naruto only squeezed his eyes shut tighter.

"Please, Naruto. Look at me."

Letting out a shaky breath, Naruto let his eyelids flutter open, his blue eyes sparkling brightly with his tears. Leaning over, Sasuke let his head hover over Naruto's, his onyx eyes fastening onto the blue ones he so craved. "Naruto, you let me do this to you because I'm right - you do belong to me. Your body, your soul, everything you are, I own. But, this goes both ways. Whatever is left of me . . . whatever pieces of my heart and soul still cling for existence - they're yours. I can exist without you, but I can't live without you. Please, tell me you understand. Please tell me you don't want me to leave. Please . . . " Sasuke didn't wait for an answer, instead, he closed the short distance between their mouths, dipping his lips to Naruto's quivering ones, gently pressing them together.

Naruto listened to Sasuke's words, angry at first and then filled with pain. Deep in his heart, Naruto knew Sasuke was right. Hell, he'd known it for years, but knowing it and speaking about it were two different things. He knew Sasuke needed him to speak, needed him to tell him he understood, but the words wouldn't come. And then, Sasuke did something so totally unexpected that it drove any thought from his mind. Sasuke kissed him.

With his hands still firmly around Naruto's face, Sasuke stared into Naruto's surprised, water filled blue eyes. "Please . . . " he felt his breath catch. "Please . . . I know I have nothing to offer you. You're right, I'm a bastard - cruel and cold. The only good left in me are my feelings for you." Feeling more desperate than ever, Sasuke squeezed his hands, unconsciously digging his nails into the sides of Naruto's face. "Don't push me away, Naruto. Don't ask me to leave . . . I can't . . . " Choking on a sob, Sasuke couldn't go on. There were no words left to say and only a swimming sea of blue holding his fragile sanity together.

Pushing Sasuke away never even entered Naruto's mind, and getting over the shock of Sasuke's lips on his own, Naruto found his own pain within the mountain of agony Sasuke was buried under. As he listened, Naruto found his hands moving, reaching up, grabbing black locks of soft hair. "And you call me a moron," Naruto smiled before pulling Sasuke down, touching their lips back together, only this time, his body more than willingly complied.

Licking and sucking at his bottom lip, Sasuke moaned when Naruto opened his mouth, letting his tongue have full access. Without hesitation, his muscle moved over every inch of Naruto's cavern, exploring every last piece of flesh. Soon, he felt Naruto's hands pulling hard at his neck and head, pulling him down and deeper into the kiss until both parted, gasping for air.

"Gods," Sasuke panted, "you taste like heaven."

Naruto didn't know what to say, his mind was reeling and all he could mutter was Sasuke's name.

Hearing his name on Naruto's breathy lips tightened something low in Sasuke's abdomen and all he could think was that he needed more. Lowering his head, he began trailing kisses down Naruto's neck, sucking on the flesh and finally biting down, drawing blood over the area where his pulse sang, garnering a deep moan from Naruto's body. Encouraged, Sasuke made short work of Naruto's shirt, quickly pulling it over the blonds head and diving down to start working on his chest, twirling a nipple between two fingers before lowering his mouth to suck on the sensitive tissue.

Flinging his arms wide, Naruto felt his hands digging into the grass all around him. "Shit . . . Sasuke . . . "

Sasuke's head came up, his black eyes glowing. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Fuck, no. It feels . . . "

Sasuke smirked, grinding his hips into Naruto's groin.

"How does it feel?"

Naruto arched his back, his hips coming off the ground. "Sasuke, you bastard. What . . . what are you doing to me?"

Sasuke only ground down harder, feeling the rough fabric between their erections, pulling even breathier sounds from Naruto's throat, telling Sasuke all he needed to know. "Looks like you really are enjoying this." Rubbing his bandaged palm down Naruto's sides, Sasuke reached back, grabbing Naruto's ass while licking around his navel, tracing the Kyuubi's seal with his tongue.

Pulling Naruto's hips up to slam into his own, two gasps ripped through the forest. "Sasuke . . . oh, gods . . . "

"Yes," Sasuke panted, "I'd say you're enjoying this very much."

"Teme . . . shut . . uh . . ."

Naruto's sputtering words were cut off as Sasuke once again pulled his hips up, forcefully grinding their hard cocks against one another. Somewhere, in Sasuke's distant mind, he knew he wanted more from the blond, but he'd already waited so long and they both needed the release. Besides, thanks to Orochimaru's "teachings", Sasuke might have been as far from a virgin as possible, but Naruto wasn't. At least, Sasuke thought, he sure as hell better be a virgin.

Feeling something low begin tightening, both Naruto and Sasuke were beyond anything more than a few grunts and intermingled moans. Both boys hips speeding faster and faster with needed release. And soon, it came - both of them spilling their sticky fluid into their boxers. Both blissfully sated as Sasuke let his body fall back onto Naruto's, covering the smaller figure with his weight.

"Sasuke . . . you're kind of heavy."

Propping himself up on his elbows, Sasuke stared down into Naruto's half lidded eyes, suddenly nervous about what had just happened. "Naruto, are you ok?"

A deep rumbling chuckle escaped Naruto's mouth, curving the edges up into something positively delicious. "Yeah, never better. Although, I never would have thought this is what Gaara was talking about."

Instantly, Sasuke felt his anger flare. "After what we just did, you're thinking about someone else?"

Naruto's eyes flew open, his smile only widening. "Relax, bastard. I was just thinking that Gaara told me to keep an open mind when it came to you. I just never figured this was what he was talking about."

A small smile worked its way across Sasuke's face, but unlike Naruto's, it wasn't pleasant. "Naruto, you've never done anything like this before . . . have you?"

After what just happened, Naruto hadn't thought his face could get any redder. He'd been wrong. "What . . . what are you talking about?"

Trailing a finger down Naruto's face, Sasuke obsessively stared at his scared cheeks. "This. No ones ever touched you this way, right?"

Squirming, Naruto was sure Sasuke was making fun of him. "Shut it, teme. Why do you have to insult me . . . "

"I'm not insulting you, only making sure I'm your first. Your only."


"Answer me honestly, has there been anyone else?"

Naruto turned his face to the side, completely unable to look Sasuke in the eyes as he simply answered. "No. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not like you. People don't really like getting this close to me."

Bending down, Sasuke began leaving butterfly kisses along Naruto's jaw, lowering down, tasting his neck once again as he mumbled, "That's not entirely true."

"Che - right."

"Besides, I'm glad."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Jeeze, selfish much?"

Grabbing Naruto's chin roughly, Sasuke turned his face, staring down into Naruto's surprised eyes. "Yes, very selfish," then relaxing his grip, he added, "Currently, my revenge plate is rather full, I'd have hated to add more names to the list."

"Jackass, this isn't a joke."

His face becoming hard once again, Sasuke's voice was low and emotionless. "Whose joking."

Swallowing, Naruto remembered back to when Sasuke had threatened Sakura's life for even hinting she might ever seriously hurt him and in that instant, he knew Sasuke meant every word. "Um . . . I didn't mean . . . "

"Weren't you listening before? I said you were mine. No one else is to ever touch you like this."

Something inside Naruto shuddered, but all he could mumble was, "Possessive bastard."

Sasuke gave an honest smile. "Damn right, and don't ever forget it."

"Fine, but the object you are currently obsessing over is hungry," and then, as if just remembering where they were, Naruto said, "we should get going. Someone might see us."

Once again, Sasuke wondered how Naruto could be such a powerful adversary and be so incredibly clueless at the same time - totally ignorant to the Anbu operatives who'd been Sasuke's shadow since he'd returned to the village. Internally laughing, Sasuke knew it was already too late to be worried about being seen, and truth be told, he was more than happy with the scenario. After all, he wanted everyone to know who the dobe belonged to, and there was no time like the present to start that particular rumor mill.

Reluctantly standing, Sasuke reached down a hand, pulling Naruto's wobbly body up, eliciting yet another blush from the dobe as he fell into Sasuke's chest.

"Ne . . . sorry."

Running a hand through Naruto's messy hair, Sasuke pressed his lips against his tanned forehead. "Not a problem. In case you hadn't notice, I like the feel of your body against mine."

"Agh . . . who knew you were such a pervert."

Naruto felt Sasuke's hot breath on his ear, sending pleasant shivers radiating throughout his body. "Oh, Naruto, you have no idea how big of a pervert I can be."

Feeling his heart freeze, Naruto was only beginning to see what he'd unwittingly gotten himself into and he was simultaneously thrilled and terrified at the prospect.

Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasu

Tsunade stared quietly up at the Anbu operatives before her, glad the ninjas wore masks to hide their obvious embarrassment regarding the newest intell on one Uchiha Sasuke.

"At first we were unsure if we should intervene. It appeared as if the Uchiha was attacking Uzumaki."

"But, I assume that wasn't the case," Tsunade politely inquired.

"No - it was not the case."

"Well then, what was going on?"

There was a pause and both masked figures glanced at each other, making Tsunade's ire rise. "Damn it! Stop beating around the bush and tell me what happened."

One of the Anbu gave a soft cough. "It seems as though the nature of their relationship has taken a turn."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "And, what exactly does that mean?"

"It seems that Sasuke wasn't attacking Naruto . . . rather he was . . . "

"Molesting him," the other Anbu piped in.

Both of Tsunade's eyes went wide. "He what?"

"Well, that may not be the best term as it appeared as if Uzumaki was thoroughly enjoying himself. Or, ah, well . . . that's what it looked like."

"And sounded like."

Both Anbu took an unconscious step backwards, waiting for the inevitable explosion that was surely about to occur. As they'd watched the boys, they'd both wondered if they really should intervene, but it was all so intimate. In the end, they'd simply stayed in the background, watching like a couple of voyeurs. It had been an uncomfortable day. But instead of the furious outburst they both expected, their Hokage leaned back in her chair, bursting with laughter.

Slamming her fist down, Tsunade cheered, "About damn time!" Her crazed laughter spinning around the room, frightening both Anbu more than any maniacal rant.

Finally settling down, Tsunade wiped the happy tears from her eyes, only now realizing that neither Anbu had left. Sobering, she asked, "Was there something else?"

"Ah, no . . . not exactly. I was just wondering what you'd like us to do with this information."

"I assume you'd like us to keep this quiet," the second Anbu added.

Tsunade thought about the matter and smirked. "I assume Uchiha knew you were there."

They nodded. "He always knows we're there."

"Then no need to keep your mouth's shut. As a matter of fact, I have a new mission for you."

Both Anbu became acutely more nervous. "And what would that be, Lady Hokage?"

"I want you to tell everyone you know that they are together."

"Um, by together, you mean . . . "

Tsunade threw her hands up in frustration. "Together. You know, that they're a couple - as in screwing each other every chance they get. Oh - and don't forget to add what a possessive bastard Uchiha is and that he'll fucking kill anyone who lays a hand on the brat." She'd added the last, fearing for Naruto's safety given the renewed fan-girl base Sasuke had managed to obtain since his return. Once they knew Sasuke was off the market, their wrath could be deadly.

"Are you sure this is . . . "

"Are you questioning my orders?" Tsunade's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"No," they both called out in unison.

"Good. Oh - tell Hatake Kakashi first. I'm sure he'll find the news . . . interesting."

With a quick nod, both Anbu fled the Hokage's office, sure she'd finally lost her mind and yet determined to adhere to her orders.

Relaxing into the cushions of her chair, Tsunade couldn't help the smile on her face. Really and truly, it was about time. The tension the those two had been building was either going to wind up destroying half of the village, or the results of it would eventually save it. Both she and Kakashi had been a little nervous regarding which way it would go.

"About time, Uchiha," Tsunade murmured. "About damn time."

Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasu

Despite Sasuke's protests, Naruto's will was unwavering regarding the deal they'd made earlier and under no circumstances were they eating anything besides ramen that night. However, Naruto did make one concession and they both wound up getting take-out from Ichiraku instead of pulling up a stool at the bar.

Once home, Sasuke could barely contain himself as he watch Naruto seductively slurping his noodles. Licking his plump lips, Naruto was barely aware of what he was putting the Uchiha through. "See teme, ramen really is the food of the gods."

His black eyes locked on Naruto's pink lips, for once, Sasuke found it difficult to argue with his ramen obsessed friend. Because, make no mistake, if ever their was a deity to which Sasuke would pray, the man in front of him would be it.

Keeping his mouth firmly closed, Sasuke'd barely touched his food by the time Naruto was leaning back, a look of complete and utter satisfaction spread across his face. "Ah . . . nothing like a good bowl of ramen."

"Or eight," Sasuke interjected.

"Teme! I did not eat eight bowls."

"Hn. How many then?"

Naruto's eyes lowered while grinning sheepishly. "Six."



-More silence.


Smirking, Sasuke began dropping his blank stare, allowing the lustful feelings stirring his soul full access to his ever darkening eyes.

Unused to any type of willfully shown emotion on Sasuke's part, Naruto felt his anxiety escalate and suddenly, his question of, "What," had a totally different meaning.

"So, would you say your hunger has been sated, Naruto?" Sasuke practically purred as he stood from his seat at Naruto's kitchen counter.

Bringing up a hand, Naruto nervously scratched the back of his head. "Uh . . . yeah, I suppose so. Why?"

"Just wondering if there was anything else needing satisfied is all."

Feeling his lips suddenly dry, Naruto wetted them, unwittingly adding to the fuel firing Sasuke's libido. "Teme, just what do you . . . " Naruto's words dropped to a halt as Sasuke grabbed his wrist, pulling him from the kitchen and into his small bedroom. Before Naruto had time to wonder what exactly was going on, he found himself laid out flat on his back, a pillow roughly shoved under his head. "Hey . . . Oh, gods . . . "

Arching his back, Naruto couldn't help pushing his groin into Sasuke's face as he mouthed the blonds clothed erection. "Ahh . . . shit, Sas . . . "

Replacing his mouth with his hand, Sasuke's head raised, his eyes drinking in the site of Naruto's flushed body, panting with need. "Fuck, Naru. You look so damn sexy." Then, giving a good, hard rub, he added, "You like that? You like my hand kneading your big cock."

Pleasure on a scale Naruto had only recently experienced began firing through his body. How Sasuke could even begin forming coherent sentences was completely beyond him. Feeling another fiery jolt dance up his spine, Naruto panted, "What . . . what . . . I can't . . . "

Sasuke stopped his ministrations, earning a disappointed whine from Naruto as he folded his arms over Naruto's chest, laying his chin on them while staring up at the object of his affection.

"Why did you stop?"

"It seemed like you were having trouble thinking and I need to know what you want."

Naruto was genuinely confused. "Teme, I don't know what you're asking."

"Let me rephrase it - what are you comfortable with? Just how far do you want me to go?"

Letting his head drop back onto the bed, Naruto felt a burning blush light up his face. Only it wasn't due to desire but embarrassment. "I . . . I'm not sure. I've never really . . . "

Sasuke's heart pounded, pleased once again at the realization of just how new all this was to his dobe. "Do you know just how fucking hot I think it is that you've never done this before."

If possible, the redness coloring Naruto's face deepened. "You're making fun of me again."

Minutely shaking his head, Sasuke's eyes hardened. "You couldn't be more wrong."

More embarrassed than ever, Naruto shifted his blue orbs, unable to look into those black as night globes staring back at him. "I mean it dobe. I find your inexperience very appealing."

Naruto snorted. "Che - you just like being better than me at everything."

A ghost of a smile flitted across Sasuke's face. He couldn't really argue with his friend, because in fact, he did like being the best at everything. Still, this was about pleasuring his blond dobe. And, with that thought, his eyes softened as he began stroking Naruto's cheek. "Back to business, what do you want me to do to you?" Leaning down, Sasuke placed feather light kisses along Naruto's blushing cheeks. "Honestly, what are you comfortable with?"

"I . . . I liked what you were doing before."

"Hmm, that's good, but how far do you want me to go with it?" Sasuke asked as he tilted Naruto's head back, giving him better access to his neck.

"I don't think . . . I mean . . . not all . . . "

Sasuke's teeth dug into Naruto's flesh, making another fresh mark before Sasuke growled, "No sex? Is that what you're saying?"


"Ok, not until you're ready." Giving an evil smirk, Sasuke's head disappeared from Naruto's field of vision.

"What are you doing?"

"You said you liked what I was doing earlier, right?"

Naruto nodded.

"Then, that's what I'm doing."

"Oh - shit . . . Sasuke . . . "

Sasuke's hands made quick work of Naruto's pants and boxers, quickly pushing them down and out of the way, exposing Naruto's hardened cock to the cool air, eliciting an almost feral groan from him as Sasuke bent his head down, licking the slit at the tip.

Running his tongue up and down the shaft, Sasuke thrilled at the noises Naruto was making, until they started becoming muffled. Looking up, he saw Naruto laying there, his lust dazed eyes staring at the ceiling as he clamped down on the fist he'd stuffed in his mouth, quieting his screams. Reaching down, Sasuke squeezed Naruto's hardness, grabbing the blonds attention.

"Take it out of your mouth," he demanded.

Naruto complied, but looked confused. "But someone might hear."

Gratified beyond measure, Sasuke answered, "Let them. I want to hear you scream."


"Scream for me, Naruto. Scream my name with something other than grief and pain."

Understanding filtered into Naruto's foggy brain and he smiled. "Ok teme. Get back to work."

Sasuke eagerly complied and put the whole of his effort and training into what he was doing. Going painfully slow at first, wrapping his tongue around the shaft as his hands played with Naruto's balls - earning blissfully loud moans and pants from the man he so desperately wanted to please.

"Sasuke, please . . . go faster . . . "

Smirking, Sasuke did just that, swallowing the tip of Naruto into him, each time his head bobbed down, taking more and more of his lover into his mouth until the mushroom head was hitting the back of his throat. Swallowing and humming, Sasuke held Naruto's hips to the bed as the blond wound his hands into Sasuke's hair, painfully pulling on it. But he didn't care.

"Umm . . . Sasuke . . . I'm gonna . . . "

Sasuke could feel Naruto's balls tighten, the orgasm building, much like his own. Reaching down a hand, Sasuke pumped himself in time to what his mouth was doing.


And with that final scream of his name, Sasuke felt Naruto let go, drenching his throat in cum as Sasuke worked hard swallowing all of it, not wanting to waste a precious drop of the writhing creature below him. With his work finally done, Sasuke looked down to see his own seed covering his hand. Wiping the fluid on the bed sheet, he slowly made his way up Naruto's quivering body, placing a gentle kiss on his lips before staring into Naruto's blissfully lidded eyes, still dazed from pleasure.

Biting down on Naruto's ear, he asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

"Fuck . . . where did you learn to do that?"

"Trust me when I say you don't want to know."

Naruto sat up, pulling Sasuke with him. "No more secrets. When I ask you a question, I want an answer."

Sighing, Sasuke circled his arms around Naruto's shoulders, burying his face in Naruto's golden hair. "I understand what you're saying, but there are some things I'm not ready to speak about. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just . . . "

"I'm sorry. You've been gone so long, and most of that time you were with that snake faced bastard. I guess I'm just hoping my nightmares of what happened to you are worse than the reality."

Sasuke braced himself against the flood of memories he tried daily to suppress. How he wished he could tell Naruto that was true, that it hadn't really been that bad. But he'd asked for the truth, and that certainly wasn't it.


Squeezing his blond savior closer, Sasuke quietly answered, "You asked me not to lie, but I can't tell you the truth either. I don't know what to say."

Tilting his head up, Naruto moved to place a gentle kiss on Sasuke's lips, whispering, "When you're ready, I'll be here."

Those simple words sliced through Sasuke's chest and he gasped at the pressure they created. Pulling Naruto to him, he crushed the blond, going beyond pain and not caring. "Gods, I need you. How could I have ever left you."

Breathing through the pain of their embrace, Naruto allowed Sasuke to hold him, knowing the man needed the contact. "I've been asking myself that same question for years." Pushing Sasuke away from him, Naruto's eyes were serious, his voice flat as he stated, "And, you're never leaving me again. You got that teme. Never again."

Idly, Sasuke's pale hand worked its way under Naruto's shirt as his mind wondered why he'd left the offending fabric on his dobe. While his fingers ghosted over the invisible seal decorating Naruto's navel, Sasuke could only shake his head. "Naruto, it's not that I want to -"

Gripping Sasuke's shoulders to the point of pain, Naruto shook his friend now turned lover. "No! Don't you dare say it! You're here and like hell I'm letting you go again! You told me you'd stay until I said different. Well, I'm saying you stay!"

Only one word came to Sasuke's mind and the name left his lips in a ghosted whisper, "Itachi."

"Fuck Itachi. Gods, if that is the reason you're thinking of leaving me again, then Kyuubi and I should have wasted the asshole when we had the chance."

Sasuke's dropped head shot up, his eyes spinning widely, a feral growl on his lips. "You will not touch him! Itachi is mine. Mine to kill!"

Heaving a great sigh, Naruto's hands relaxed. "Teme, you sure as hell have a lot of people you think only you have a right to kill."

"Naruto . . . I . . . "

Placing a single finger to Sasuke's lips, Naruto made a shushing noise. "It's ok. Well, I mean, maybe not really ok, but I think I understand. Or, at least I understand about your brother. I've always understood. That's why we didn't kill him when we had a chance."

No longer capable of staring into Naruto's all to understanding eyes, Sasuke glanced away. "You should have done it anyway."

"What? Killed Itachi?"

Sasuke nodded. "He won't stop coming after you, and I can't . . . I mean, I don't really know . . . "

Smiling sadly, Naruto grabbed Sasuke's chin, turning his dark eyes to meet his own shining ones. "Teme, I can protect myself."

"I know you're strong Naruto, but Itachi . . . "

"Itachi is a badass son of a bitch. Ah . . . no offense to your mom or anything," Naruto added with an embarrassed smile.

"None taken, dumbass."

"Hey - "

All further protest left Naruto's mouth as Sasuke claimed it with his own, showing his blond dobe the very depth of his feeling. Only after he was sure Naruto had been kissed thoroughly did Sasuke draw back. "Teme . . . " Naruto heaved, his voice breathless.

"I can't lose you, Naruto. I won't lose you. I can't . . . "

Sitting back, Sasuke's face became a blank mask betraying none of his inner turmoil. In his mind, Sasuke knew. Knew this was what he'd feared all along. This as much as any other reason was why he'd left. Why he'd stayed away. This fear. This gods forsaken overwhelming fear winding its way through his body and soul. The shear weight of knowing that if anything happened to Naruto . . . if he let anything happen to the blond idiot sitting in front of him . . . he'd never recover. There would be nothing. Absolutely nothing salvageable left.

With his hands still firmly gripping Sasuke's shoulders, Naruto could feel the tremors wracking his teme's body. "Sas - "

No answer, just a blank, empty stare. "Sasuke?"

Again. An absolute void of nothing.

Fear gripped at Naruto's heart as his hand clenched down on Sasuke's flesh once again, shaking the man hard as he screamed, "Sasuke!"

Blinking rapidly, Sasuke's dark eyes focused on the worried blue ones in front of him, only now catching up to Naruto mid sentence, " . . . -ap out of it asshole!"


Naruto let out a shaky breath. "Finally. Don't do that again, okay. You really scared the shit out of me for a second."


Naruto's eyes widened in shock. The teme never apologized which unnerved him even more. "Hey bastard, where did you go?"


"Yeah. I mean, you were sitting in front of me, but your mind was like a billion miles away or something."

Shaking his head, Sasuke couldn't find the words. Couldn't even begin to explain what he'd been thinking.

Grinning mischievously, Naruto tried lightening the mood. "Oh, come on teme. Don't tell me you're that worried about me getting hurt."

Sasuke's body stilled, his whole being filled with anger. "Idiot! Do not even joke about - "

But before another word could leave Sasuke's mouth, he found himself wrapped in strong tan arms. His own limbs hanging helplessly by his sides as Naruto's warm breath ghosted across his ear. "Hey, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm pretty tough to kill. Knock me down, and I get right back up again. Not to mention the fact that I'm pretty tenacious when it comes to a certain bastadly raven haired Uchiha." Smiling sadly, Naruto gave Sasuke's body another squeeze before adding, "Besides, you're the one threatening to leave, not me."

Taking a deep breath, Sasuke relaxed into the embrace, allowing his own arms to come up and encircle Naruto. "Hn. As if I could ever really leave you, dobe."

"Damn right. Besides, if you did, I'd just chase after you again."

Sasuke couldn't help the smile lighting up his pallid face. But, it was short lived as memories of his brother began filtering through his brain once again. "So, neither one of us wants to leave the other, but that still doesn't answer the question regarding Itachi."

Pulling out of the embrace, Naruto scoffed. "Che, of course it does."

"I don't - "

"No, of course you don't. You never did understand. But you see, teme, it's pretty damn simple. I don't leave you. You don't leave me, and together, we kick Itachi's ass."

Sasuke's eyebrows rose. "Idiot, he'll just find a way to use how I feel about you against me."

"Only if you let him."

Shaking his head, Sasuke could only sigh. "Naruto, you don't understand . . . "

"Well, I suppose you're probably right about that. But I still think my plan is best."

"Idiot, it's really not much of a plan."

Naruto looked affronted. "What? Not a plan? It's the perfect plan. We track him down, beat his sorry ass into a bloody pulp, afterwards - you kill him. Then, when we're done, we come back to Konoha, I become Hokage, you become head of Anbu, and we spend as much time screwing each others brains out as possible. Who needs a better plan than that?"

Sasuke stared, eyes wide before a wicked grin lit up his face. As his fingers began once again ghosting over Naruto's still naked cock, Sasuke found his own twitching in response to the delicious moans his actions elicited. Leaning forward, Sasuke took a tanned earlobe into his mouth, nibbling on it as he answered, "I see your strategic abilities have also improved since I've been gone."

"Sas - " Naruto groaned.

"For once, Na-ru-to, I believe I agree with your plan."

"Ahhh . . . " Naruto's breathing increased as Sasuke's fingers wrapped themselves around his hardening dick.

"I just find one, itty, bitty, little flaw with your idea."

"Ha . . . and w-what . . . what w-would that b-be . . . "

"Hn - waiting until after Itachi's dead to start fucking your brains out."

Naruto practically whined, "Sasu - "

"Shhh, I promised, not until you're ready. But, there are plenty of other ways I can pleasure you until then." Taking a long swipe at Naruto's neck with his tongue, Sasuke taunted, "Would you like that Naru? Would you like me to make you cum over and over again until you're lying here, exhausted on this bed."

"Fuck Sasuke. Gods yes."

Sasuke's eyes flashed red. "Good answer, Naruto. Good answer."

Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasunaru Sasu

Deep inside Naruto's mind, A warm, blue halo of light, surrounded by hundreds of orange clad, blond haired, shinobi, stood outside a square room - chains crisscrossing the now quiet structure. To his left, a small chibi stood, firmly grasping the hazy blue light within one of his small hands as his little body quivered. "Is it really all right now?"

Looking down with nothing but love, the fuzzy, blue warmth smiled. "Yes little one. It is more than all right." Then, raising his free hand, the being extended his blue aura around the chained box. To a single one, the myriad of Naruto's littering the empty field stared in wonder as the chains dissolved, watching in mute fascination when the door to the room opened and a blinding white light fired across the empty landscape.

With their mouths dropped open in awe, all marveled at the strength this singular version of themselves held. A strength rivaled only by that of the blue halo - Naruto's very soul.

Smiling brightly, the Naruto emerging from the once chained box stepped forward and was instantly swamped by all the versions of Naruto's psyche. Each and every one drawn towards the overwhelming power and warmth of this incarnation.

Leaning down, the blue halo of Naruto's soul patted the blond hair of his chibi self. "You see, everything is as it should be."

Chibi Naruto's head nodded in pure joy. "He's really strong. Isn't he."

Naruto's soul nodded, forming a fuzzy blue streak. "Yes. He is by far the strongest of us all."

"Even you?" Chibi Naruto asked.

"No, child. Naruto's love for Sasuke is part of him, just as all of you are a part of him. And as such, his strength is my strength."

Chibi Naruto giggled as the blinding white light came closer to him. "He feels really warm."

A small smile spread across Naruto's soul. "I'm glad you think so."

"Everything's good again, isn't it," Chibi Naruto smiled.

The blue halo sighed knowing not everything was as simple as Naruto's child like version would like to believe. Still, things were certainly better than they'd once been, and now, without the constant need to cage the pain Sasuke had caused, the light of Naruto's soul could begin working on an even greater challenge - that of one large, pissed, kitsune demon.

All this and more ran through Naruto's soul, but he voiced none of it, instead looking down at the smallest version of themselves and smiling, "Yes, little one, everything is indeed good again." And then, with his work here complete, the blue, shining ball of light known as Naruto's soul, headed for the deepest recesses of his container's mind. No, he would not get too close to the Kyuubi - at least, not yet. But the day would come when he could enter that towering cage without fear. After all, who could really resist the power of Uzumaki Naruto's soul.

Ta-da! That's the end. I hope you weren't terribly disappointed by no full on lemon. I just didn't feel like the Naruto of this story was ready for it.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed.