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A/N: In my universe, Reset and Secret Santa are in the same time line. This story takes place between those two episodes. And so there are major spoilers for the end of Season 2.

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It's been two months. Two months since she left, since Myka left. Pete went after her. Followed her back to Colorado, back to her parents'. Three days later, right before Claudia left to follow them, he returned. He was alone.

The atmosphere in Univille, South Dakota changed as much as the air above it. It got colder. Everyone tried to go on as if nothing happened; Artie continued to find cases and rotated with Claudia as Pete's partner. In two months, Pete spent a total of six days in South Dakota; keep busy, was his motto even when there was nothing to find on his missions. The days he spent at home, one could find him in the stacks of the warehouse, doing inventory without complaint. He tried to keep up his reputation as the jokester but everything was forced.

Artie took on Pete's motto, diving into his work headfirst. The warehouse rarely saw a day or hour without the oldest man. Only Leena could convince him to stop by the B&B regularly, if only to get some sustenance, because she refused to drop off food for him at the warehouse.

Claudia acted the most normal, kept her feelings bottled up inside, for the sake of the team. The only outward difference was the lessening of her sarcastic remarks. Even then, Claudia was pretty sure Leena was the only one that noticed but she never said. It was only in the dead of the night that Claudia let the tears fall silently.

Leena knew. She always knew. With a small glance she could read the auras of the team. Depressed, frustrated, disheartened. It wasn't fair. They had all lost someone important. And Pete, poor Pete lost two of the most important women he's even known in one day. His One, and his best friend.

In the middle of November, on the coldest day on record in South Dakota, the sky parted and the biggest and earliest snowstorm in years occurred. Four feet in the same amount of time. Claudia could have almost swore an artifact was at play but Artie shot down the idea by reminding them all of a certain pair of inside-out pajama pants Pete and Myka obtained roughly six months ago. This made Pete wish it were an artifact, if only so he could get away from the Bed and Breakfast and his mind off of his former partner.

The snowstorm had come after Claudia had convinced Pete and Artie to stay at the B&B to have a Harry Potter marathon. Well, a three-movie-athon, really. They only agreed to watch the first half. Pete said they act better in the first movies. Claudia knew he didn't want to see the romance. It was a miracle Artie even said yes. Or rather, shrugged and grumbled but in the end, sat down on the couch.

So the four of them, Pete, Claudia, Leena, and Artie, sat down with their popcorn and freshly made cookies and enjoyed the first movie in silence. The second one was interrupted by occasional commentary about the special effects. Occasional soon turned to constant and eventually, before the credits even rolled, Artie had enough and turned to leave. But when he opened the door, he stared in shock for a full minute before the others came to see why the door hadn't closed yet.

Artie took a few small steps onto the covered porch. The others slowly followed.

"What?" Pete was the first to recover, although he did nothing more than gape at the four feet of snow just a meter in front of him.

After another few moments, Claudia clapped Artie and Pete on their shoulders, "So, how about number 3?"

Ten minutes later, the four of them were stationed once again on the couch with Prisoner of Azkaban playing on the large television but no one was really paying attention. Each was lost in their thoughts.

Artie wanted nothing more than to return to the safety of the warehouse. Pete tried desperately to not think about Myka. Only his train of consciousness couldn't be derailed by anything. Claudia didn't know what to do. No one expected the snowstorm and she was slightly worried about being stuck in the same place for a considerable amount of time. Leena thought that it might help; it might force them to talk and heal.

It was near the end of the movie when it happened. Roughly the point when Harry yells "Expecto Patronum!" to ward off the horde of Dementors. That was when the Bed and Breakfast was flooded with white light.

A brief thought floated across Claudia's mind – the spell seeped from the TV into reality. But when the light lasted longer than the spell on the TV, when wind whipped her hair into her face, when Artie yelled for them all to get down, she realized something was wrong.