AN: This was slightly inspired by a fic called "Phantom of the Opera on Facebook" and it's cool, so if you're a Phan-girl, or if you just like Phantom, you should check it out. First chapter iiiiis...GLINDA!

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Full Name, and title if you have one: Lady Glinda Arduenna of the Upper Uplands of the Frottica Hills of Gillikin, or just Glinda the Good for short

Gender: Um, hello, do you not see the LADY in front of my name? (me: O_O ...*hides under desk*)

Age: What the heck? According to the Rules of Proper Society (me: that you just made up? *is slapped*), you NEVER ask a lady her age!

Date of birth: You never ask a lady THAT, either.

Relationship status: Single, and ready to mingle!*

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue, but sometimes people tell me they look like crystal clear pools of sparkling water!

Looking for (choose one): Men X Women_

Favorite color: Pink

Likes: Clothes, make-up, shoes, shopping, sales, uuummm, my best friend Elphie, jewelry, fancy things, anything pink and/or girly, hot guys, and uh...that's all I can think of right now

Dislikes: The color black, ugly people, lame people (like that Munchkin stalker from college), people who hate Elphie, uh, when people call Elphie a "wicked witch," um...the Wizard, Madame Morrible's big butt, and Madame Morrible. Oh, and that Dorothy Gale girl!

Your dream date: As long as it is with a hot guy and involves me making out with said hot guy, it fits my standards


Favorite quote: Does it have to be by some smart person or a writer or whatever? (me: *shakes head*) Oh, okay then! Um, let me think...(me: we'll come back to this one)

Personal motto/philosophy: Personal whosie-whatzitz? (me: nevermind...)

Interesting or unusual facts about you: Uuuuuuummmmmm...I have never been dumped EVER in my whole life. WELL, except for that one time when Fiyero broke off our forced engagement and ran away with Elphie, but since I DID kinda sorta not ask him if he was okay with it ahead of time, I don't really count that one since it wasn't a mutually agreed upon union. (me: O_O *gaping at monologue and use of the phrase "mutually agreed upon union")

Hobbies & Skills: Um, let's see...I can kinda sorta do magic, but not very good. Mostly I just give fashion advice and stuff like that.

Interests: Elphie, but not like that, I mean she's special to me cuz she's my bestest friend in the whole wide universe and I think of her as the sister I never had. Oh, and clothes and shopping and shoes and pink and...basically everything I put down for my likes.

Any nicknames?: Sometimes Elphie and Fiyero call me Glin, or Lin, or Lin-Lin, and sometimes when Maggie writes Shiz-era fics, she uses Gali.

Where are you from?: As implied by my title, I am from the Upper Uplands, located in the Frottica Hills, located in Gillikin, which is the Northern region of Oz.

What makes you stand out in a crowd?: Elphie says that when I squeal, it causes a cave-in at the Glikkus Emerald Mines!

Any distinctive physical features?: Do my blonde curls count? (me: *shrugs* sure, why not?)

AN: So, I hope you enjoyed! Also, the thing where I put that little * is a reference to something from the Wicked Pop-Up Compendium. One of the pages is made to look like a school paper for Shiz, and in it, there is an article called "Q & A with Fiyero Tiigelaar." The first question in it is "First things first: Is the scandalacious Winkie prince single?" to which Fiyero replied, "I am single and ready to mingle. Though I do have my eye on someone I think may be perfect for me. No names!" Anyway, I just thought it'd be fun to throw that in there. Next chapter, I'll be giving the survey to Madame Big Butt-Oops, I mean Morrible.

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