...Everyone's a critic. Anyway, I'm having my second snow day in a row, in case you couldn't tell from my rant last chapter, so...yeah. Also, this is the last chapter. You get ONE GUESS as to who it is!
Disclaimer: According to these party poopers here, I STILL don't own Wicked. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go hide all the chocolate pudding so that Fiyero, Emmett, and Joe can't find it.

Full name, and title if you have one: Elphaba Chloe Thropp, the Thropp Third Descending.

Gender: Female

Age: Um...23, I guess? I don't have an exact age, at least not that I know of.

Date of birth: Um...
Me: I'll just write down May 26.
Elphie: Okay.

Relationship/marital status: Apparently, since Maggie managed to get a marriage license out of Nancy's lawyer father through Nancy, I am now a married woman.
Me: *disappointed* You say that like it's a bad thing...*whispers* I thought I was doing you guys a favor...I thought it was what you wanted...
Elphie: It's not-I mean...You did do us a favor, and it was what we wanted, you just went to an awful lot of trouble just to get a piece of paper.
Me: *perks up* Not just ANY piece of paper! A LEGAL paper that clearly says YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE TOGETHER FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY, WHICH MEANS NO MORE GELPHIE OR SARIMA! *rejoycifies w/ rest of the world's Fiyeraba fans*

Hair color: Black
Fiyero: EBONY black.
Elphie: It's still black.
Fiyero: ...Touche.

Eye color: Brown with silver flecks. At least, that's what the book says, although if you want to get technical, it says "the color of freshly over-turned earth with flecks of silver mica." Or something like that. Anyway, that's what it says in the novel, and according to Maggie, you never question the novel.

Looking for (Men or Women): Neither.
Me: She's happily married.
Elphie: Yep.

Do you believe in miracles?: Fiyero is my miracle.
Me & world's Fiyeraba fans: Awwwww!

Likes: Fiyero, his sexy diamond tattoos...
Me & world's Fiyero fan girls: *swoon*
Elphie: ...Glinda, when she's not annoying me or trying to give me a, uh...I don't know, my mind's going blank right now. Maggie's had a snow day today, so she's been buzzing around like a fly all day, and all my energy has been drained trying to deal with her.
Me: HEY!
Elphie: Oh, you know I love you!
Me: *is happy*

Dislikes: Need I say their names?
Me: *shakes head*
Elphie: Didn't think so. Also, Glinda trying to make me "popular," my sister (sometimes), Maggie (sometimes)
Me: HEY!
Elphie: Um...There's more, but since I have no energy, I can't think of anything else right now.

Your dream date: Anything that involves Fiyero...especially if he's shirtless, because that means I can get to those sexy diamonds of his...
Me & worlds Fiyero fan girls: *swoon again*

Idea of a perfect day: Again, anything that involves Fiyero, especially if he's shirtless.

Favorite quote or poem: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Personal motto/philosophy: "Always defend the people you love. Never back down when you know you're right. Stand up for what you believe in, no matter what other people think."

Interesting or unusual facts about you: Oh, Maggie!
Me: Sorry.

Hobbies & Skills: I can do magic, but I'm not very good at controlling it, and when I'm can I say this and still stick to the rating?...Uh...playing...with Fiyero-yeah, that works. When I'm not playing with Fiyero, I usually read or play chess or checkers or something. The other day I beat Rosalie at checkers.
Me: Twice. In a row.
Elphie: And she thought she could beat me at a best two outta three.
Me: *rolls eyes* Silly Rose.

Interests: Reading, being with Fiyero, hanging out with Glinda as long as she doesn't try to make me "popular," um...kicking Rosalie's butt at checkers-
Elphie: Let's see, what else, um...oh, and as most of you probably know, I'm a huge Animal rights activist.

Any nicknames?: Well, there's the ever famous "Elphie," given to my by Glinda before she changed her name, and, then, of course when I was little, "Fabala," and, as I'm sure every Fiyeraba addict like Maggie here knows, there's also "Fae." *covers ears*
Me & said Fiyeraba addicts: SQUEEEEEE!

Where are you from?: Well, my father was the governor of Munchkinland, so (sarcastically) gee, I wonder. (/sarcasam)

AN: And, so there you have it. I feel the need to tell everybody that Elphaba's response to "Personal motto/philosophy" is actually the lesson that she taught me. I look up to her in countless ways, she is my idol, my inspiration, my role model, she just...she inspires me. And she taught me a very important life lesson. And that lesson is that no matter what anybody else says or thinks, you have to always stay firm in your beliefs and stand your ground in order to defend what you believe in, or what you think or know is right, and that you should always protect the people you love. No matter what. Thank you, Elphaba, for teaching me this valuable lesson. I will never forget it. I will hold it close to my heart my entire life, the same way I hold you close to it. You have done so much for me, and I cannot thank you enough. And thank you, as well, to the beautiful, talented Idina Menzel for bringing our beloved green girl to life on stage and for making her who she truly is. Without you, all of us Wicked fanatics would have nothing to obsess over and our lives would be pointless. You helped make Elphaba the strong, free-spirited, stubborn young woman that she is, and for that-and I'm sure that I speak for all Wicked fanatics when I say this-we salute you.

Love and hugs,