Well, you're the girl who'salways striving to be different?

The one who fears clichés and happilyeverafters?

But, Flowergirl, don't you see?

You're s u r r o u n d e d by them


You've caught your bestbestfriend's eye

Just like a game of t a g

But, now, you're upandrunning

Because you weren't supposed to catch


So, run, Flowergirl, run,

A w a y from shimmer and perfectpixiedust

Because it's all so cliché

And horriblyterribly romantic


Wallswallswalls, are built up

Around your h e a r t

Because you're not giving in

To the p e f e r c t i o n of clichés


But, Flowergirl, who said,

Happiness n e v e r lasted?

And clichés actually existed?

W h o s a i d?


So, what's it going to take

For you to see

That maybe there's nosuchthing as fairytales

And we're living in s h a d e s of g r e y


Is that enough, Flowergirl?

To send those walls tumblingcrashing down?

So, maybe, clichés, fairytales, perfection, pixiedust

Don't work for you


But I bet happiness does

That has to count for s o m e t h i n g

So, take your prince, Flowergirl

Before he rides up on a whitewhite horse


Go, be the belle of the b a l l

But don't forget your shoe

Because it's so overlycliche

(But I thought they didn't exist?)


Well, Flowergirl,

You d e c i d e

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