"I can't believe I made this crap." Space Ghost mumbled as he was waiting for Panty and Stocking to show up, shaking his head as he was watching a video tape he made of himself pretending to be both of the girls, "It couldn't be more embarrassing."

"Well, your whole life is a joke." Moltar stated as he walked by, cleaning the set with a broom, "In fact, you should count yourself lucky you aren't a girl in Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus' stories, because you'd be a farting mess. Which reminds me..."

Cue strange cutaway... to the real reason you folks are here.

It was a peaceful afternoon... yeah, very very peaceful...

"Move! Out of my way!" Panty screamed as she pushed random people and cars out of her way, accidentally destroying buildings that were in front of her as she made a mad dash towards the western direction, heading to her home at quick speed.

"Huh... what's going on..." Scanty muttered as she and Kneesocks had some tea on the tallest peak of one of the mountains nearby, not sure if they could understand.

Panty rushed into the house, rushing past Garterbelt, who was eating some rice ice cream on the couch. Panty ran up the stairs, running straight down the hallway as fast as a speeding bullet.

"Toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet..." Panty ducked into the bathroom, slamming the door as she ripped off her white panties, sitting on the toilet and placing both of her hands on her stomach. She let out a loud fart that echoed throughout the entire bathroom. "Ahhh... now I can finally..."

"Panty, are you okay?" Stocking asked as she opened the door, rubbing the back of her head as she munched on a cheery cupcake.

Panty gawked as she farted again, somewhat appalled by Stocking's presence. "Damn it, Stocking! Just when I was at peace, too!"

Stocking lowered her eyes as she shook her head, folding her arms after gulping the cupcake. "At peace? You're gassing up a storm!"

Panty scoffed as she growled. "Well EXCUSE ME for having a potty panic!" She felt her stomach gurgling, another fart about to come out. "I had to fart superbad!"

"Super... bad...?" Stocking asked slowly as she blinked several times, sighing as she dropped her arms. "Let me guess, you went to /co/ again..."

"Yeah, so? What's the difference?" Panty snapped back as she farted three times, each deeper pitched than the last.

Stocking pouted as her arms frantically moved up and down, "You go there every single day!"

"Yeah, but it's not like it affects my private life or anything!" Panty remarked, pointing at herself with a smirk.

Suddenly, Panty gawked as her right arm dropped, her stomach growling louder as she farted so loud, the entire house exploded. Panty and Stocking landed on their faces in the grass as they groaned in pain, looking at each other.

"Then what do you call destroying our entire fucking house?" Stocking yelled with anger in her eyes, in the form of red hot fireballs.

Panty stuck out her tongue as she raised her right finger, stating as she let out a low pitched fart, "A case... of the F Bomb."

YEAH- no, we ain't doing that. That's stupid.

"Wow... I guess you are right." Space Ghost stated as he was dressed up like Panty, his arms folded together as he had a whole bunch of yellow ripe banana peels surrounding him. "Maybe I should be thankful no one attaches their fetishes to me."