Chapter 3: The Lake

"It's so beautiful here," she murmured. The cool night air gently blew, making her hair blow around her shoulders.

"You say that every time," he laughed, walking up behind her. With his hand, he moved her hair away from her shoulder and bent his head down, kissing the skin of her neck. Her skin broke out in pleasant goose bumps as he pressed his blazing hot body against hers.

Renesmee leaned back against him, feeling the warm muscles of his chest. She stared out across the glittering lake, her eyes taking in the moon. It was waning, but still beautiful. This was their last night completely alone at their new home. They had been in Canada for an entire week now, basking in the joy of being newlyweds. That night was a celebration. The next day, their family would be coming up to start planning for their own houses on the sprawling property that Edward had purchased.

The water below lapped gently against the dock, sparkling as the moon shone down on it. The fresh mountain air was slightly chilly as fall crept in, but she noticed the water was steaming with the last remnants of the afternoon sunshine.

"The water must be warmer than the air," she noticed, pointing to the steam.

"Let's go for a swim…" he whispered, running his fingertips down her bare arm. She shivered, but not from the cold.

"In the lake?"

"Where else?"

She glanced out at the shimmering water, the moon settling over it like a spotlight and begging them to join it.

"Okay," she whispered, biting her lip. He grinned, making her shudder internally. They had spent the whole first week in their mountain home, in and around it exploring. Tonight she figured he would have wanted to go up to their bedroom. However, he appeared to have other idea.

Jacob led her down to the dock, the wood creaking slightly under their feet. He paused at the end, kicking off his shoes and socks. She followed, ditching her flip flops and jeans, giggling as he shimmied out of his. He shed his shirt next, and she followed. They stood together in their underwear at the end of the dock, grinning at either other like Cheshire cats.

"Care if I'm naked?" he asked with another boy-ish grin.

"Not if I can be too," she flirted back, reaching behind her back. She un-hooked her bra as she stood before him, teasing him with her eyes. With one snap, it fell forward, exposing her.

"I will….never get tired of that," he muttered, stepping forward. His hands were on her in an instant; squeezing, cupping, holding. His lips assaulted hers, and soon their arms and bodies were tangled up together in a tight embrace.

"Jake…" she panted. "We're never going to make it to the lake at this point."

He halted his kisses, resting his forehead against hers. "You're right. Sorry. I got carried away…which is easy with you."

She grinned, hooking her thumbs around the hem of her underwear.

"That's right…drop those panties," he hummed, winking at her as she flung them further up on the deck with a flick of her foot.

Renesmee rolled her eyes. "You know I hate that word."

He laughed and kicked off his boxers, grabbing her hand. "Panties? You love it," he said, pecking her cheek lightly. She wrinkled her nose and shook her head, trying not to giggle at him.

"Ready?" he asked, pulling her to the end of the deck. She nodded, and he counted off.


They hit the water together, still clenching hands. She laughed as they both resurfaced, sputtering water together and paddling. They swam to shallower water, enjoying the feel of the cool lake.

"Water feels good…not as good as you though," he laughed, wiping some water out of his eyes. She laughed, treading the water a bit. He swam up to her, pulling her body flush against his. She could feel his aroused flesh against hers.

"Jake….just because we're married now doesn't mean we have to lay on the flattery."

He guffawed loudly, the sound echoing in the quiet wilderness. "So what! Most wives would love it if they got some flattery every once in awhile. Besides…we have to keep things…interesting," he smiled, rubbing his manhood against her stomach. Renesmee bit her lip as not-so-innocent thoughts filled her mind.

"Jake…" she groaned, feeling herself start to get more turned on. He chuckled, his hands going to her ass. He squeezed it, pulling her up against him.

"You make me feel so…..bad," she giggled, kissing him.

"Bad as in….naughty?"

She nodded. "Naughty….whatever. I'm glad our house isn't within hearing distance of my parents new house," she whispered, glancing back at their house. "I'd die if my dad could hear my thoughts now."

He laughed. "Well he knows what goes on now. He'd have to deal with it."

"I can hear him now…. 'Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking such a thing!' she laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Jacob laughed, but stopped a second later. "Black," he said suddenly, looking at her.

She smiled, frowning slightly. "What?"

A slow, happy grin spread onto his tan face. "Black. You're Renesmee Black now. Not Cullen. Black."

Another smile crept onto her face as her new last name rung in her ears. She tightened her arms around his neck, grinning wildly.

"That's right…" she breathed, exhaling slightly. "I'm Renesmee Black now."

The name bounced around in her head, making her happier each time. "Renesmee Black," he repeated with her.

"Can you believe we're really married?" she asked softly, stroking his cheek with her wet hand. He shook his head, gazing at her as she floated in the water in front of him. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as she bobbed, her wet hair clinging to her head.

Jacob pulled her closer, pushing her body against his. "I can believe it. I've wanted to believe it for so long…" he trailed off, swallowing. She watched his expression carefully, waiting to see what he was going to say.

"I almost didn't think it would happen. I love you so much…" he whispered before pressing his mouth to hers. His kisses were rough and urgent, his tongue forcing it's way into her mouth to taste her. She had no complaints. She returned the favor, suddenly as desperate to taste him as he was to taste her.

While one hand rested on her hip, holding her against him, the other slid down her body and rested between them. He began to tease her with his fingers; slowly at first, making her eyes roll back in her head. Jacob chuckled to himself at her pleased reactions, lowering his face to nip and suck at her neck.

Heat flooded her insides as his throbbing erection rubbed against her under the cool water. Her legs went around his waist, her body desperate to be as close to his as possible. The heat emanating from him was delightful in the lake. The stark difference between the two made her shiver in anticipation

Would they really do this in the water?

"Whatever you're thinking…just…." she gasped slightly, nuzzling her nose against his cheek. "Just stop and just….oh…" she sucked in another breath as she rocked her hips pleasantly against his. The friction of their two bodies together was almost to much to bear.

He stood, feet planted in the sandy bottom of the lake, his hands gripping her hips with everything he had. Renesmee's little pants and moans were making it hard to even think straight. His mind couldn't get around the idea that they could be like this forever - just the two of them, loving each other with every fiber of their being.

"Jake…." she whispered, rocking herself against him. Her muscles clenched around him in the water, her strong arms and legs locking herself around his body.

He chuckled, his chest vibrating against hers "Did you need something, Mrs. Black?

She smiled against his jaw line, placing needy kisses on his smooth skin. Taking his bottom lip between her teeth, she pulled and sucked at it lightly, demonstrating her need.

"You, silly," she breathed, grinding herself against him again. "I need you."

His hands gripped her bottom under the water, turning slightly in the lake as he looked at her. "You really want to? Here?"

She laughed, the sound a mixture of joy and frustration. "Yes! I just…I need you now," she mewled.

His eyebrows raised as her hand went into the water between their bodies. Slowly, she guided him into her entrance. When his tip came into contact with her warmth, they both quickly lost all semblance of control. Steadying himself, he kept one arm around her back and place the other on her hip. Renesmee's eyes closed in anticipation as he filled her to the hilt with one strong thrust. He groaned deeply, exhaling against her neck. He fought to remain in control. It was difficult to do sometimes; sometimes the wolf just wanted to cut loose and just simply take her. But, things were different now. Renesmee was his wife, and he had to be careful with her.

"Oh!" she gasped. Her nose dug into his neck as she panted, trying to regain her composure. But here, out in the wilderness with just him….it was difficult. She felt so uninhibited and free that it was almost intoxicating.

"You like it when I take you like this?" he whispered slowly in her ear. She shivered slightly at his words, nodding against his neck.

She placed a few slow, lingering kisses on his neck, dragging her lips to his ear. "You know I do, Jake."

He laughed, moving in and out of her easily. The water around them gave their lovemaking a strange, weightless feel. He guessed they would be returning to the lake very soon for a repeat. His senses were overloaded as he tried to open his eyes to watch his wife as she moved with him in the water. Her legs tightened against his lower back with every stroke against her inner walls. Her pussy clenched again and again, making him almost dizzy. His heart beat wildly in his chest as he flexed as hard as he could, pulling her back onto his steel erection. Renesmee gripped the back of his neck, leaning back slightly.

His eyes rested on her pale, perfect breasts as they movec just above the water. With every thrust of his hips they would bounce slightly in the moonlight. He felt his dick twitch inside of her at the sight. Unable to control himself any more, he leaned forward to capture one of her nipples in his teeth.

Renesmee cried out, her head coming forward with a satisfied hiss. She bit her lip and whimpered as his teeth nipped at her.

"Too rough?" he asked, switching to her other breast. She whimpered again as she shook her head no, her hand rising up to grab at her wet, matted locks. He watched as her eyes drifted shut in bliss, his inner wolf smiling.

Yes….show her she's yours….please her like you were meant to.

The dizzying pleasure only intensified as she continued to clench herself around him as he thrust. His senses were almost overloaded at the sight, sound, taste, and touch of her.

Holy shit this is hot, he thought.

Her thighs clenched around his torso in a death grip, which only made him hotter. She clearly needed him as much as he needed her. Leaning down again, he nuzzled her neck. Renesmee responded, dropping her head to one side and exposing her pale, creamy skin to him. His cock twitched inside of her as she offered herself freely to him. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced up at him as he moved within her.

Showing no hesitation, he leaned forward and began kissing her neck gently. She moaned, reaching up to cup her breast with one hand as he kissed her.

"You drive me so crazy…and you're all mine," he said in a low voice. Renesmee smiled, placing her hand on his neck.

I'm all yours…now prove it.

"Are you egging me on?" he asked against her skin, letting his teeth scrape the surface. He felt her shiver in his arms as he teased her. Her reaction lit a fire inside of him, and he couldn't wait any longer. His kisses turned to sucking, and soon he was marking her as his without a second thought. She crooned softly, writhing in his arms as she moved against his cock under the dark water.

"Yes Jake!" she cried softly, leaning forward. He growled again, tightening his grip on her backside as he picked up his pace again. His eyes drifted down to the small purple marking on her neck.


He groaned again, feeling his sack tighten in warning. He was close, and he could tell she was too.

He slowed his movements, taking a few deep breaths. Renesmee leaned forward, sensing that they needed to slow down for a moment. He buried himself in her completely, stilling his movements for a second.

"You…you're so…." He panted. She grinned, pushing some of her wet hair out of her eyes.

"I'm close," she whispered. He nodded as he felt her muscles tighten against his throbbing cock.

"I'll get you there," he promised, giving her his best sexy smirk.

"Don't make me wait," she countered back. Slowly, she rocked her hips in a slow, almost hypnotic way. He paused, moving slowly as she continued to rock against his erection under the water.

"Oh Jake," she whispered again, letting her eyes drift shut.

"I'm here baby," he replied softly, putting both hands on her hips. He helped her set a slow, almost torturous pace against him as her body began to climb.

Renesmee was on cloud nine. The sensations he was giving her were making her lightheaded, and she didn't even think she could get lightheaded. She cried out in pleasure as he sank into her slowly, filling her to the hilt. Jacob groaned as he moved in and out of her in long , slow strokes. She could tell it was almost too much for him too. His hands kneaded at her butt as he growled again. The primal noise gave her shivers; it sounded so wild that it was rather hot.

"Jake…" she whined, moving herself up and down on his shaft. He kissed at her ear, lightly sucking on her earlobe.

"What is it?"

"I'm…I'm…ah…." she couldn't find her words anymore after that. He grabbed her hips again, tilting them forward slightly and impaling her walls on him in a different angle. She cried out in blissful surprise, her body beginning to quake. The water made soft splashes around them as they moved with heavy pants and cries.

"Fuck Nessie….God, you're so beautiful," he panted, filling her with another strong thrust. She cried out and clenched her pussy on him as her orgasm shot through her body, making even her toes curl.


"I know, baby, just keep it coming. Shit…"

She panted and moved against his throbbing erection, her eyes pinched shut as the tremors of pleasure rolled through her limbs. Jacob thrust into her heat a few more times before spilling into her.

They stilled in the water, still embracing. Their breaths were ragged as he stood in the water, holding her in his arms.

"That was…" she trailed off, biting her lip. She leaned her forehead against his, giving him a breathless smile.

"The start of what I hope is a really, really healthy sex life," he chuckled, kissing her sweetly between laughs. She smiled, nodding happily as she wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him to her.

"I think we're going to be very happy here Jake," she said, leaning back to look at him.

He grinned, his bright white teeth glowing in the moonlight. "Wanna break in the dock?"


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