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It has been almost one million years since the end of the fourth shinobi world war which ended in the world being destroyed Naruto the jinchuriki of the Kyubbi was Captured by Akatsuki after having to watch Sasuke Uchiha kill each of his wives , fiances , and girlfriends his wives were Kurenai , Anko , Ino , and Tenten his fiances were Mei Terumi , Samui , and Shion and his

Girlfriends were Temari , Hana , and Kyubbi other wise known as Kira but the only reason she is a girlfriend is because Naruto had not found a way to unseal her and give her a body so they could be together if they were in his mind they were married and had sex and all that other stuff.

After watching Sasuke kill each of his loves with the exception of Kyubbi he took Naruto by surprise by blindsiding him with a tsukuyomi and knocked him out Naruto woke up strapped to a stone slab looking at a statue that he learned a while earlier was called the Gedo Maso and was used to unseal the bijjuu and seal them inside itself Maddara Zetsu Sasuke Sakura who had betrayed the village to be with Sasuke and the reanimated versions of Akatsuki started to go through the hand seals to start sealing.

"Any last words before you die and the Uchiha rule the world dobe" Sasuke Uchiha said smuggly while wearing the Hokage hat and robes he tore off of Tsunade after killing her just to piss Naruto off.

"Yeah you will pay for what you have done".

"I doubt it you are dead as soon as the chakra from the bijjuu is finished leaving your body."

With that being said they finished the hand seals and the sealing had begun but Naruto had a plan he had visited Uzushiogakure a few years ago with Jaraiya and found his families old seals and one was incase of capture it was a suicide seal that would kill himself as well as anyone within a three thousand mile radius and since it was the only thing he could use he used

it as a basis for a seal he created that was also a suicide seal only this one would kill him along with anyone who was trying to seal or unseal anything on him which meant all of akatsuki was going to die and the other bijuu would be sealed into Naruto and then the Jubbi would be released from her prison in the moon and join the other bijjuu inside Naruto making him the new Jubbi jinchuriki as well as bijjuus one threw nines jinchurikis.

"What is going on" screamed Madarra as he saw that Naruto's stomach seal was glowing a midnight black which it was supposed to be a royal blue because of the unsealing process but instead it was black and Madarra Sasuke Sakura Zetsu and the newly resurrected members of akatsuki tried to stop the flow of their chakra but found they could not and the Black was

getting bigger and bigger until Naruto's whole body was pitch black and started trembling and all Madarra and the others could think when they saw it start to open a rift that would suck them in was "Fuck our lives" well that was what Sakura was thinking and Zetsu but what Madarra and Sasuke were thinking was "No now the Uchihas will never rule the world damn that Child/Dobe."

Everything was sucked into the vortex including Naruto the members of Akatsuki ended up in Yami's soul pit of despair while Naruto and the Bijuus sepereated and ended up going into the deepest pits of the Ghost zone which the weakest ghosts were as strong as Pariah Dark otherwise known as the Ghost king.

Naruto woke up to a soft pair of lips latched onto his and another thing he noticed is that he could smell his dead loves perfumes he opened his eyes and to his immense shock standing and sitting before him were his dead girls Kurenai, Anko, Hana, Tenten, Mei Terumi , Samui , Shion ,Temari , Hana , and Kira aka kyubbi and some unkowns some men and a few women.

"Hey Naruto-kun we are with you again we are in a place called the deep zone which is the deepest part of the ghost zone the people behind me are the Ichibi, Nibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Shichibi, Nanabi, and the Hachibi as well as the Jubbi we have decided to give you a gift from each of us we gave you all of our powers as well as our spirit reserves and the Jubbi gave you his rinnegan with Sharingan and Byakugan capabilities you have all elemental powers as well as telekinises and ghost powers that we don't know about yet but will be found out as you grow into getting used to them in this place we will need to train in yours and our new powers before we can do anything else though".

"Present time right after Ghost planet danny phantom movie"

"I feel it is time to reveal myself that fool Pariah Dark lost to a child no less who had way less experiance in fighting just shows he was an arrogant fool just like my old teammates Sasuke and Sakura."

"Naruto-kun come back to bed I want you to screw us again we need more ghost babies if we are going to rebuild your clan and we only have thirty children spanned out over One Million years".

"Not right Now Kurenai-chan I have some business to take care of but when I come home I will do as you wish we can even do the kinky stuff you like so much".

Kurenai squealed in delight and flew off back to the bedroom she shared with all of Naruto's other ghost wives.

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