Warnings: This tale is rated M due to issues of racism (tale is written from Nazi!Germany perspective).

Disclaimer: Clearly this does not belong to me. Nor should this tale be regarded as historically accurate. This is Hetalia universe after all…
Author's Notes: This tale was written for Hoshira/Doitsu's Storyteller. I know this isn't exactly a fluffy tale and it lacks pr0n but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. *blushes*


"Just look at those-" one of Germany's officers said with a knowing look as they watched Ukraine approach.

"She's making some man very happy-or men for that matter," the captain added with a chuckle and a wolfish grin. Germany, better known to his children as Ludwig, simply nodded as he watched the young beauty known to him as Ukraine approach holding a basket filled with fresh breads and milk.

The captain was right; she had a face of an angel and a body of Venus. Naivety and innocence radiated in her shy smile, while blue eyes filled with hope sought to warm his steely gaze.

"Welcome to my home-" Ukraine began in greeting. Her attempts at his native tongue were atrocious, though sincere. With a shy smile, she offered the basket as she bowed in greeting. Austria would have sniffed in disgust had he been witness to it. Germany simply raised a brow as he politely accepted the gift. Gloved hands brushed against calloused fingers as around them their people watched on, oblivious to the weight of their simple exchange.

Only Ludwig knew the full truth behind the brief interaction.

She said her mortal name was Katyusha but her title meant little to him. Her eyes caught his attention. Her eyes reflected the same blind trust he carried whenever he spoke to or of his boss. Ukraine truly believed he was here to protect her children, that Germany was there to save them from the suffering they had endured at the hands of her brother's boss for so long.

"You may call me Ludwig," he coolly answered. A smile lit up her petite features as her eyes shone with joy.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Ludwig."

He would enjoy breaking her.