A/N: This is an idea taken from Kittyclaw (with her permission, of course; she's lovely, she really is). If you want, check out her story A Story of Love: 100 tales of cuddles and fluff (it's for Code Lyoko, and I think she abandoned it at around 50, but it's still got some great little stories in it).

It's a... challenge of sorts. I'm not aiming for 100 specifically, though I have well over that many pairings to choose from. Here's the basis: Within a single fandom (I, of course, plan on playing with Danny Phantom), try to write fluffy little oneshots for as many pairings as you can. Why? Well, Kittyclaw says it best, I think:

This may seem like a monumental (or maybe just insane) task that I'm giving myself, but I do have my reasons. I've always thought that a writer that writes romance can never reach their full writing potential if they stick strictly to their one favorite pairing. Different pairings have different relationships, and therefore would each be written in a different way. If you stick to one pairing you only get to see one of the multitudes of sides to the complexities that make up relationships. And so I believe that the more variety you give to your pairings, the more relationship dynamics you can explore; which means a more rounded romance author. And so in this endeavor I hope to do that for myself.

One thing I would like to point out, if you've read her work, is that while Kittyclaw dabbled in slash pairings, I'm going to stay away from them. I just don't feel comfortable with it, and if you want to call me a hater, then that's fine. I honestly don't care what you think.

Anyways, a lot of the pairings will be strange, and some of them will be utter crack. But that's the fun of it. So please, don't just skip around to the pairings you like. If you really don't want to read a couple, then you don't have to. Not all of them will be perfect, and most of them probably won't even have a kiss because, in my mind, it's more about the minutia of the interaction.

Sorry about the author's note, but... yeah, enjoy. For no particular reason, I'm starting with PhantomxValerie.

Disclaimer: Still don't own anything. Playing with them for a while, might put the pieces back eventually. It's not like they're using them.

He capped the thermos, giving an excited whoop as it closed, spinning in midair in his strange celebration. Valerie Grey didn't know what was going on inside his head, and she didn't care. She hunted ghosts, this one especially, and he was currently in her crosshairs. To her, the reasons that put him there didn't really matter. All she knew was that her vengeance was finally about to be complete, after all this time spent hunting him down.

The snow-haired ghost caught her eye through the crosshairs of her blaster, and motioned for her to halt. She didn't care in the slightest. Hand tensing to fire the final shot, she shouted in wordless frustration when he disappeared. Ready to throw a tantrum worthy of a five year old spoiled absolutely rotten, she hefted the massive ectogun and shot a round into the empty sky above her.

Phantom had captured another ghost to turn into a pet or something, whatever it was he did with them, and it was off the streets for now, but it made no difference. They would be back, and so would he. He continued to not live another day, as he would until she finally managed to take him out.

Waiting a few minutes and turning her board around in circles like a mobile hung high above the city, she eventually compressed the massive weapon into a manageable size and shoved it back where it belonged. "Stupid ghost…"

"Sorry," an eerie voice suddenly echoed from right behind her. She spun, her four faithful cubes locking on and awaiting her press of the button inside her glove for firing. It was the ghost boy, and he'd snuck up behind her. Not a very smart move, however, because he was now right back in her clutches. To her surprise, he didn't make any move to attack, just put one hand up in surrender, keeping the other behind his back. Who did he think he was fooling? "Hold on a sec. I just wanted to give you a little something… figured that you've been mad at me for long enough. This feud is pointless, really. We're on the same side; you're just too mad at me to realize it."

She was about to open her mouth to correct him; about to give the last snatch of witty banter he would ever hear, when he pulled his hand from behind his back. "Here," he said, holding the item in his hand delicately out to her.

Oddly enough, it wasn't vaguely threatening. He had presented her with a red rose, and she wasn't entirely sure how to respond. Cautious but too curious for her own good, she reached for the rose, ready to give the signal to fire any second with her other hand.

For some inexplicable reason, she was deeply engrossed by the small red flower and what it represented. The second her fingers were pinched around the long stem, her black-and-white ghostly nemesis was gone, but she only barely noticed. "It's beautiful…" she whispered, half convinced that there was a spell on it to rob her of her free will. Something did seem off about it…

Wait a second, what was that white corner poking out of the petals? Extracting it carefully, still about a hundred feet above Amity park, she found a carefully folded paper pack. The visor on her helmet slid back to allow her a better view. Unfolding it quickly but delicately, she found three papers in the little secret surprise.

Her entire mind went blank when she registered what the first was. A generic check, in her name, signed with Phantom's stylized DP and with Two Hundred Thousand Dollars neatly printed as the amount. Sure that it had to be a ruse, she almost didn't want to look at the second piece of paper. It was… a letter of recommendation, she figured out, scanning it, from one of the companies her dad had worked for a long time ago, before the end of her world, who apparently still praised his old security system. It wasn't much, but it just might be enough to get them started, if the contacts with it were valid.

The third was extremely ratty compared to the other two, an old and worn sheet of notebook paper that looked as if it had been folded more than a few times. "Dear Valerie," it read, "Can we maybe just bury the hatchet? I'm sorry about the whole thing with the dog, okay? I was only just getting used to my powers back then; I didn't mean the collateral damage. Neither did Cujo, but he's just a dog (note that I didn't say my dog, just a dog). He still doesn't know any better. I hope this can at least start to make up for what I did to you, because I think you'd be a pretty cool person to be around if you weren't trying to kill me. I always did have a thing for getting hurt, anyways. So… maybe, if this will help you forgive me, we can fight on the same side sometime? It'd be a lot easier to save your life if you weren't after mine. Hopeful, Phantom."

Valerie was surprised enough by the gesture itself, but she was speechless when the check went through. Even more so when the letter checked out as completely legitimate. A few weeks later, they were out of the apartment and into a decent-sized house again. Things were starting to look up, but one thing continued to haunt Valerie.

Was it weird that the first personal touch she put in her new room was a half-wilted rose from a ghost?