Edward Lancer murmured appreciatively.

Things were a little crazy at the moment, but in his mind, it was a good week. Spirit week had to be a good week; it was a requirement for cheerleaders, ex- or no. Even though a good ninety percent of the student population was more dreary and angsty than usual, it had to be a good week. Any room that a cheerleader was in had to be filled with spirit, even if they were the only one providing it. Since the school's current cheerleaders didn't seem to be up to the task, the job was left to him.

A welcome face strode her way into his field of vision yet again with the sharp click-clack of heels and a delicious swagger of hips. Further up, flawless skin puckered slightly into a coy smile, and he had to curb the instinct to hum again. Okay, so the spirit part of the week definitely wasn't the only reason it was a good one. Instead of his instinctual and rather uncivilized reaction, he smiled warmly and waved back at the new counselor.

So maybe she wasn't the most qualified. Her credentials were a bit lacking, and the few references she'd provided had been dubious. But, as vice-principal, he had seen fit to put in a good word for her with Dora. She was just so eager, so sly, and it was only a temporary position that needed filling. The teacher in him had seen fit to give her the chance. Just to start out; one honest-to-goodness chance.

Even now, as her presence seemed to be making things worse, the mathematician in him insisted that correlation didn't necessarily imply causation. There could have been a number of other coincidences, and he knew from experience that when kids got into a funk, it was hard to kick them out of it. Even more practiced counselors couldn't get lightning-fast results.

When she passed, a genuine smile lighting up her beautiful features, he had to admit that there was more to it than just that. While it hadn't been the thing to get her hired, the man in him would be sorry to see her lovely curves go when the week was past, even if things proved to be better after their bearer left. Scarlet Letter, she looked good in that suit.

A/N: Totaling 389 words, this is officially the shortest oneshot so far. Though I hope the quality makes up for it, especially after the last few have been so meh. For some reason, this came out in a style very close to BJA Fan's, who is an old DP fanfic writer that stopped around '07, I think. Probably has something to do with his hobby of making crack pairings a bit more serious.

Yes, it is indeed LancerxSpectra, and amongst other things, I blame DBack47. He was trying to get me thinking about some stranger pairings, and amongst other things, he suggested "anything with Spectra." This plagued my head for the rest of the day, took forever to actually write down, and in the end it's not even 400 words. But I still think the episode makes much more sense in this context. I generally like to believe that Lancer's not totally incompetant.

Also, when it mentions Dora, I mean Pricipal Ishiyama, not the medieval ghost. I thought, especially in his head, he would adress her by her first name, and she didn't have one. I liked the ring of it. Same goes for Edward Lancer, but I'm pretty sure I got that one from someone else. So whatever.