"Finally away from the rest of the family," Fred thought. "Now for some pranking fun. What better victim then the one who should expect it?" Fred thought, watching George put up his trunk. When George sat down his hair immediatly turned purple... Just as Percy walked in of course.
"Oh this just keeps getting better," Fred thought, trying not to laugh.

"George, what did u do to ur hair?" Percy asked.

"What're u talking about Perce?" George asked, digging in his pockets for merlin knows what.

"I mean the bright purple," Percy anwered.

"What!" George yelled, looking at his reflection in the train window, making Fred laugh harder then he'd ever laughed before.

"Fred!" George roared, throwing a candy wrapper at him. On instinct Fred caught the wrapper, yelping when his skin turned bright green.

"What the hell? Slytherin colors?" Fred burst out

"Watch ur language Fred," Percy said angrily.

The twins caught each other eyes, and on some que nobody else would see or understand they turned and threw more candy at Percy. As soon as the candy hit him percy turned blue, sprouted horns and grew another two feet. The twins burst out laughing as Percy stormed out trying to find someone to reverse the pranks.

"Funny," Fred said, "all he had to do to reverse all of that was eat one of the candies."

"Cursed wrappers, curing candies, brilliant on our part," George agreed.

"Any idea what we have to do for sorting?" Goerge asked, slighlty nervously.

"Bill said wrestling a troll," Fred answered, hiding his nervouseness better then George.

"A troll!" George yelped.

"Relax George, you know Dumbledor, he won't let anyone get hurt. At least not permanently," Fred said.

"Great" George said sarcastically, standing as the train slowed to a stop.

"Firs' years, follow me! Firs' years!" Fred and George heard, following the booming voice. After fighting through the crowd the boys came to find a tower of a man. He stood a good three feet above the tallest seventh year, with a wild mane of black hair and a beard just as tangled. His black eyes glittered joyfully as he shined his lantern on the twins saying, "Red hair, you two must be the Weasley boys, I'm Hagrid the groundskeeper. I've been tol' to keep and eye on you, so no funny business."

Fred and George just shared a look, following Hagrid to the Black Lake, ready for the journey to Hogwarts. As the boys stared up at Hogwarts both thought about what they might have to do, wondering how hard it would be. Neither believed they'd be hurt but both were still worried they'd be separated.

"We've spend our whole lives together, I don't think we've left each other when we were sick," George thought, staring up at the castle absently.
"I wouldn't even leave the house when George had the flu," Fred thought, staring at the lake.
"I guess we'll have to wait until after the sorting," Both boys thought silently, hoping they wouldn't have to leave their other half.

After walking into the castle and being ushered into an antechamber by the sternest witch the boys had ever seen Fred said, "Wondering if she's a house head, Georgie? I'm not sure if I'd want to be in her house if she is."

"I have to agree with you there, Freddie," George responded. "That Mcgonagall seems a little strict. I wonder how thin of a line her mouth can go. Any ideas?"

"Even if I did I'd probably be wrong. We'll find out soon though, don't you think twin?"

"Oh absolutely."

Just then Professor Mcgonagall came back, telling everyone they could enter the Great Hall for the Sorting Ceremony. As they walked in Fred and George saw the Sorting Hat sitting on a stool. Instantly both began thinking of new pranks to test out on Bill just for telling them about a troll.

"Turn him into an animal?" George murmured to Fred.

"Naw, maybe into a plant though, leave him out for the gnomes," Fred responded.

"Perfect," They agreed, just before Fred was called up to be sorted.

"Ah, another Weasley," The Sorting Hat murmured in Fred's ear. "Fear of losing your twin I see. And a love yet to come. Overall better be..."

"Gryffindor!" The hat shouted to the hall.

"Almost exactly like your brother I see," The hat whispered. "Only more likely to harm others if they hurt him. Better stay with him then, so you'll be in..."