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Third Year

Fred and George sat in the Great Hall, waiting for the Sorting to finish. Ron was getting sorted this year, and had seemed overly relieved when he noticed he wouldn't have to fight a troll as they'd told him.

"Ickle Ronniekins looks happy," George commented, shifting to get a better look at the first years.

"Looks like he may have told Harry what he told him too. He looked terrified and confused," Fred responded, smirking slightly.

"Maybe we can sell false transcripts asking if the students are prepared for a battle against the trolls?"

"Sell it to the students that have younger siblings?"

"Oh definitely," George smirked. "Oh wait, how would we manage that? The parents would probably find those, and unlike the candies they can't be explained away."

Fred thought about that for a minute. George had a point, and it could easily be traced back to them. Everyone knew they were the pranksters of Hogwarts for now, but that didn't mean they had been caught doing anything really bad. Finally Fred nodded and said, "Yeah, and forgery of official documents probably wouldn't look good on our school records."

George snickered before both of them turned back to the Sorting. Ron was up next, Harry had already taken a seat next to them but it looked like he missed the entire conversation.

Good, Fred thought, clapping mechanically when Ron was sorted into Gryffindor. Not like that was surprising, everyone in the Weasley family was a Gryffindor, just like all the Malfoys were Slytherins.

One month later, Gryffindor Domitory

Sales had been great this past month. Students in every house had started buying different prank items, and of course, the Truth Powder was the most popular one in Slytherin. Unfortunately the Slytherins only used it on each other in their common room, everyone else was fair game. Oh well, at least Fred and George could be the first ones in the Great Hall again.

A small explosion sounded through the dormitory, Fred and George both jumping back quickly. They were trying to get the personal scent to work properly, they had never found the right tethering spell, and this one seemed to react badly with the rest of the spell. The twins wrinkled their noses as the smell spread through the room, jumping again when the door banged open and the head boy ran in, yelling "What the hell was that?!"

"Nothing?" Fred tried saying.

"We were-" George continued, before being cut off.

"What the bloody hell were you doing?" the Head boy asked, paling and covering his nose. "It smells horrible in here!"

"Problem with some dung bombs," Fred and George said at the same time. "One of our fireworks went off and hit the pack."

The Head left quickly after that, and both boys burst out laughing. Fred wiped his eyes, saying, "Maybe we should put that spell on one of the our fireworks. If we do that, we can clear the Great Hall, easily."

"And faster than if we used a dung bomb," George added, his eyes gleaming.

"We're geniuses," Fred said, leaning closer to George. "And I think we can start selling the parchment too."

George smiled slightly and kissed Fred's cheek. They had to to be careful, but they were getting closer. They didn't kiss often, it was too risky, if someone walked in they would be dead. Clearing his thoughts, George asked, "But how much do we sell that for?"

"That depends are we going to personalize the messages that the students can put on the parchment? If we take requests we can raise the price a lot," Fred responded, leaning his head on George's shoulder. "If we just offer basic things, it could get old quickly."

"True," George agreed, wrapping his arm around Fred. "I say we personalize it, the buyer has to give us a saying, song, or noise."

"Twelve sickles?" Fred asked.

"Sounds good to me," George agreed, laying down and pulling Fred with him. Developing these pranks was difficult, but with their jokes and the jokes from Zoinkos, nobody could rival them as pranksters.

Christmas Break

Staying at Hogwarts over break was paying off, Fred thought. They had so much extra time to go through their pranks and add to their owl order forms. For the first time ever, they could afford the gifts they wanted for their family without using the money their mother insisted on giving them.

"We'll need to open a Gringotts account soon," George said, stepping into the common room. "We can't just keep all the profit in our trunks, someone could try to take it."

"I know. We could put some of it in the family vault, especially since we don't need help buying Christmas presents anymore," Fred said. "Nobody will suspect its us, but it gives Ginny a chance at some halfway decent supplies next year."

"And the rest in our own account. Sounds good to me, I'll write to Gringotts and ask how we open our own vault," George volunteered, sitting next to Fred. They were alone for now, so neither felt uncomfortable when Fred leaned against George and George wrapped his arm around Fred.

"We're still a long way from a Joke shop," Fred commented after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

"But we have our owl order. We have a start, and can build up a client list. We don't need the building yet," George responded. "We'll get it in a few years."

"Renting in Diagon Alley is expensive. We'll need to save up as much as possible."

"We can do it. It'll take some time, but we can manage it. We also need to start thinking of ways to hide our pranks. The teachers are starting to realize which bags come from us."

"Hmmm," Fred hummed. "We can think of that later. Next term we're probably going to be studying too much to come up with something."

George kissed Fred quickly and said, "You're right. But we should find time to finish the pranks we are working on."

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