Summary: We overhear Strat making his nightly demand of Time to bring he and Annie together again. This is my attempt to reconcile the appearance of Lockwood Stratton in the book "For All Time", fourth book in Caroline B. Cooney's Time Quartet.

Disclaimer: The Time Travelers Quartet (my favorite book series), including Strat and Annie, belong to Caroline B. Cooney (my favorite author of all time).
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Nightly Demand

"Please..." his voice softly pleaded into the empty night.

Over the years, Strat had traveled many places. New friends exposed him to cultures and religions that he never could have imagined while living as Hiram Stratton, Jr. One such friend mentioned reincarnation to Strat, an offhand thought. But to Strat the word meant hope.

"You owe us this…" his voice broke as the full moon peered through the clouds.

Once Strat learned of this word it filled his every thought. Any sight, any word, any feeling sent his mind on a path toward reincarnation and a second chance at life with Anna Sophia, his Annie.

"We deserve another chance, a better chance…"

He learned that when a person is reincarnated they usually remember nothing of their past life. Strat refused to accept this consequence. He began to train his soul.

Strat relived every moment he spent with Annie on a continuously loop. He conjured up from the depths of his memory every word they had ever spoken to each other, every look in her eyes, every touch they had shared. He placed an imprint of his life with Annie on his soul; an immovable shrine to their love within himself.

"Perhaps I have no place making demands of you, Time." His fingers balled into fists. "But I have lived long enough to know that a love as true as ours is rare. You gave us this love, this opportunity at happiness that most only dream of."

Over the years, Strat had accepted that Annie did not belong in his time and that he, in his current state, did not belong in hers. Strat had forgiven Time for repeatedly ripping them apart just when they could feel life together beginning.

On this night, as he did every night, Strat steeled himself to face Time.

Strat straightened his back, took a deep breath, and stared out into the moonlit night.

"And so I make this demand of you: Take my soul to Annie in the future. Let us recognize each other for who we truly are and live together as we are meant to."

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Authors Note:

This was a drabble that I suddenly got an idea for today (who knows how many years after first reading the book) and had to write it immediately. I know that it could be continued, and if people me to continue it, I will consider it.

But just in case I don't, I forward you on to a story by DaggerQuill called "This Time" which provides excellent closure to "For All Time"- I highly recommend it.