Idon't think up stories from start to end, I usually think of them as different chapters in random sequences. Hopefully when I think of an end to this story I'll piece everything together, until then I'm just going to post random chapters. This is set around Isabelle and Shane's final year in high-school.

I have injected my own characters in to the series. My main character Karmil Hartman, a Jewish school girl who runs a drug empire with her older brothers Isaac 28, Jacob 27, Joshua 25 and Abraham 22. She has many layers to her, both good and bad, but above-all she's a family girl who will, and has, killed for the ones she loves.

Shane, Isabelle and Karmil all sat inside the library beside a large window looking out on the street. They were studying for exams that were coming up at both of their schools, but it was getting late and they had to leave soon.
"I'll go wait outside for you guys" Karmil said standing up and making her way out of the library. She stood on the steps out front, her iPod playing loudly in her ears, but over the music she could hear a car screeching around the corner. She looked up just as gun-fire came from the car. Karmil hardly felt the five hot bullets that penetrated her torso, but once it registered in her brain that she had been shot, pain took over her entire body. The impact left her stumbling up the steps before falling down, one hand holding her chest which was painted a deep red. She held her hand up to her face to see blood dripping down her arm and off her hand. She hardly made a sound apart from the light sobs and sighs of pain. She couldn't hear a thing over the thud of her beating heart.

Time went so slowly for Karmil, it felt like hours until anyone came to her side and called 911. She closed her eyes and opened them to see Isabelle's face distorted from the tears that welled up in her eyes. Isabelle rolled her over to remove the blood that swelled up in her mouth.
"Don't worry Karmil, paramedics are coming" Isabelle she spoke sirens came blazing around the corner and stopped in front of the library. There was crowd gathered around Karmil, Shane holding people back.
The paramedics lifted her onto the stretcher leaving behind a pool of blood. They sped off to the hospital, Isabelle sitting on a bench in the back of the ambulance. Shane stayed behind at the library to answer questions for the police...

To be improved on...