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Duncan woke up to his cell ringing in his ear; his whole head was filled with slipknot. He growled and answered it.

"What the hell do you want?" he shouted

"You, Duncan" his mom said through the phone

"Shit! Mom I'm sorry I didn't k now it was you" he said

"Yeah whatever" she rolled her eyes "look you have your phone back just incase of emergency now go take out the ground beef so I can make spaghetti tonight."

"You got it" he said

"Thanks and Duncan?"


"Answer the phone like that again and you'll be in pain as well as grounded!" she said then hung up

"God that woman scares me" he said getting dressed then went through his other pants for the slip of paper he needed "since I have my phone back might as well call the guys"

He saved the numbers in his phone and called them on four way.

"Yo Exo, Trey, Ryan, Dartanian, what's goin down?" Duncan said

"Sup man we're goin to meet the girls today at the skate park you got gear?" Exo said

"Yea I got a bike and a skate board" Duncan said

"Dude, go with the board" Trey said

"Yea the bikes crowd the place so we don't need anymore." Gage

"Alright when we goin?"

"Well we were gonna walk over there from the ice cream shop."

"I'm on my way I can just drive there then we can drive to the park" Duncan said headed downstairs where the twins were. "Yo tweebs grab your gear and get in the car we're goin to the skate park"

"You're bringing your brothers?"

"Yea they can just play outside or something. I can't leave them at home they'll destroy everything" Duncan said

"True but hey Lexi has two little sisters, Sya and Syu has a brother and a sister, and Trish has a bro so they can go play in the yard" Dartanian said

"Anyways give me directions to the ice cream shop"

Duncan pulled up to the shop 15 minutes later and hopped out, his brothers following suit. He walked in and immediately spotted his group.

"Yo, dudes, what's up!" he said after all the fist pounding was done

"Nice to see ya finally made it!" Exo said

"Sup little dudes!" Trey said to Michael and Damien.


"Supp man"

"Grab a cone and chill for a bit" Dartanian said

After ordering them some cones they all sat down and chatted for a bit. They all laughed when Ryan's cone fell the dared him to eat it, laughing when he whipped it off and ate it. They were laughing so hard and loud they were kicked out of the shop. They rolled around for a bit still laughing and talking until Trey got a call.

"Sup, Lexi…ok we'll be there in, like, ten" he said "we got a new guy with us and his little bro's so they can hang outside."

They took of down the street to the skate park and parked then walked through the gate gears ready. They spotted a group of girls waving at them. When trey and Exo started walking towards them Duncan followed.

"Ok girls this is Duncan and his little bro's Michael and Damien" trey said Duncan "this is my girl Lexi; Dartanian's girl Sya; Ryan's girl Syu; and this is Trish"

"Sup" Duncan said while his brothers nodded. Lexi was short with brown hair and big innocent eyes that hid mischief; Sya and Syu are Japanese twins and looked exactly the same, except Sya has snake bites and Syu had small gages in her ears and her eyebrow pierced; Trish had blond hair, green eyes and seemed irritated.

"Konichiwa" the twins said hugging their guys

"Sup dude" Lexi said

"Hey" Trish said boredly

"Don't mind her she's always like that" Syu said "Exo calm down she'll be here in a little bit"

"Who?" Duncan asked

"His crush" Ryan laughed

"His girlfriend?" Duncan laughed

"He wishes" Trish snorted then she looked to the gate "here she comes lover boy"

Duncan looked to the gate and his jaw dropped. Skating towards them, shoes in one hand and a drawing pad in the other, was the most beautiful girl Duncan had thought he'd never see again, Gwen. She still had those beautiful midnight blue streaks in her hair and her eye looked a little darker but, other than that she was still the same old Gwen. He was so shocked to see her he couldn't move as she skated to them.

Gwen was in her own little world listening to paramore as she skated towards them. She really wasn't in the mood for Exo making passes at her. She wished he'd get the fact that she just didn't like him like that but he was just so determined! She looked up and waved to them then noticed an extra person. Who was the guy with the green…Mohawk? Gwen's heart sped up as she got closer and she gasped as she could clearly see who it was. Duncan. She hadn't seen him in months and she couldn't believe he was here in front of her. She skated to a halt in front of him.


"Gwen?" he said then swooped down and caught her in a hug. It felt good to have her in his arms again "I can't believe you're here"

"Me either" she said looking up at him "I haven't heard from you in forever"

"What do you mean? I wrote you a couple letters." Duncan said

"You did?" she said then thought "my dad must have taken them he still treats me like a child"

"Well you look grown up to me, babe" Duncan smirked

"I'd hope so" Gwen smiled as Duncan leaned closer and she did too. And just as their lips met-

"What's going on here?" Exo shouted coming in between them and glaring at Duncan

"Dude what's your problem!" Duncan glared

"How do you know Gwen and why are you all hugs with her?" he said

"We met on total drama island and hooked up" Duncan glared. If he didn't get out of his face soon he'd seriously hurt him. "We lost touch because I went to juvy, now move!"

"So you and Gwen are together?" he said turning to Gwen "but I thought-"

"You thought what? That you and me could be together?" Gwen sighed irritated "I told you a million times I don't like you like that"

"Because of him right?" Exo sneered

"Yes and the fact that your just not my type" Gwen said walking over to Duncan who grabbed her possessively

"Fine" he growled walking away "whatever"

"Dude, don't worry about him" Trey said watching Exo punch a tree across the way

"yea we told him he needed to give up before he got his heart broken but he never listens" Trish said rolling her eyes as she got up and started walking towards Exo "he'll get over it"

"Great now I feel guilty" Gwen said shaking her head

"Don't, you told him you weren't into him it was only a matter of time till he got it through his skull" Duncan said

"C'mon lets just try and have a good time" Dartanian said getting on his board "I wanna skate before we hit up Lexi's house"

"You guys go ahead I we'll catch up" Duncan said dragging Gwen to secluded spot hidden by trees.

"Duncan, what are you-" she was cut off by Duncan's lips on hers. She melted wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back.

"I thought I'd never see you again" Duncan smiled "it's been so long since I've seen and when you didn't write me back I was beginning to think you forgot about me"

"Oh please with the impressions you make no one could forget you" she smiled resting her head on his shoulder

"Good to know" he chuckled

"Hey!" she said looking up and smiling "I think your voice got a little deeper than I remember"

"Yea and I think you've developed more" he chuckled when she playfully punched him in the chest which meant they ended up wrestling and falling with him on top.

Gwen blushed at their new position and Duncan smirked. Duncan leaned down and kissed her again and she returned it and moaned as he ran his hand up her stocking clad leg and wrapped it around his waist. They stayed there until they heard their names being called. They quickly sat up and pretended like nothing happened.

"Here they are." Trey said

"Are they decent?" Dartainan laughed

"Oh shut up, Dartanian" Gwen shouted standing and almost tripping "stupid skates"

"Allow me" Duncan said throwing her over his shoulders

"Hey! I have a skirt on" she said then blushed when his hand moved to her butt

"That better?" he said laughing as she pounded on his back.

"Jerk!" she chuckled as he slid her down to her feet but didn't let go

"Ah but if I wasn't then I wouldn't be me"

"And I wouldn't have you any other way" she laughed

"Stop with the PDA and get a move on!" Sya shouted disappearing in the skate park bowl

"Let's go!" Dartanian said following on his board

"Last one in is a rotten heather" Duncan said to Gwen taking off

"Hey no fair" she laughed trying to catch up.

"Damn him!" Exo growled

"Calm down" Trish said

"How can I? He stole Gwen!" he shouted

"He can't steal her if she was never yours" she said

"But I saw her first" he said "I had first claim"

"Girls aren't property you can claim and put on lay-away we can make our own choices and she chose Duncan" Trish said "there are other girls out there"

"Like who?"

"Well…like me?" she smiled

"Good one, Trish, but I'm being serious here" he chuckled

"Yea I know" she chuckled sadly "you need to move on"

"No! I want Gwen and I'll have her damn it!" he said "no other is good enough"

"Fine, asshole, you can try but your setting you're self up to fail! If you weren't so stupid and stubborn you'd see you'll never have her! Their are plenty other girls out their for you who actually like you!" Trish shouted angrily standing and walking away and whispered "I know because I'm one of them"

"Whatever" he said wondering what her problem was "I'll have her by any means necessary"

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