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Warning A/N: Dominant males and submissive females; this is a male dominated culture inside of Forkington and other communities like it. There are some women who own businesses or work outside of the home, but only with the permission of their mate. The cities and most of Twilight do not observe this culture. There will be some technology in the households. With the men holding jobs in the cities, it would be impossible to avoid. Also, each individual man will want and have technology at his disposal to use as he sees fit. All of the households will be different, from primitive to modern. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett happen to be more modern type of people, and their households will reflect it. This is fiction and I hope that nothing that I write will offend anyone. This is written for enjoyment purposes only.

Additional warning: An anonymous reviewer suggested that I put a rape warning in place, due to the treatment of the females in this story. Individual warnings were already in place for specific chapters. I am not sure why readers continue to read stories that they don't approve of. Move along, no one is making you read this story of fiction.


On a distant planet called Twilight, in the far-away Eclipse universe, lived an advanced people. They had become so advanced by modern technology; they had forgotten how to truly live. Phones and computers were the main way to communicate, and face-to-face interactions were becoming rare. Men and women grew more and more withdrawn from each other and were not seeking out intimate relationships. Even if they did seek intimacy, many women did not want their bodies to carry children. They became more and more vain as time rolled by, and the population on the planet increasingly fell. The lifespan of the Twilighters was extremely long, but accidents, crime, and eventually old age were causing the population to dwindle. A group of men decided to take matters into their own hands.

Space exploration had only been used for observation purposes in the past. But a group of wealthy scientists and businessmen decided action had to be taken. After observing planet Earth with its overabundance of healthy young females, they came up with an extraction program. Twilighters were larger in stature and slightly more durable than your average human, but they could blend in well with the human population. They decided to infiltrate into the populace of Earth and see where a reliable source of healthy young females could be acquired easily. They wanted to acquire intelligent and beautiful specimens, too. The Twilighters had a way to come and go from Earth that was impossible for humans to detect. They could cloak their ships and never be noticed.

In earlier years, their work was more hands-on. But in recent years, and with the coming of the computer age on Earth, they set up databases and computer labs to monitor the school systems. They would get a list of potential specimens and then seek them out to see if they met all the requirements that were needed. Twilighters had heightened senses and could detect health problems and virginity. Once a potential specimen was observed to be intelligent, healthy, beautiful, and a virgin, then the specimen was followed to see when the best opportunity for abduction would occur. The girl would then be sedated, placed on the ship, and sent to Twilight. They would be sent to a facility that housed and trained them. They would be taught the history of Twilight, with the addition of other studies.

Since their main duties would consist of being a mate and mother, homemaking and parenting classes were required. Since the planet was quite different from Earth, there was quite a lot to learn. Since modern technology and advancements were the main reasons the planet was in such bad shape, many communities had sprung up that seemed to step back into the recesses of time; although some homes were more modern than others. Some lived primitively while others had all the modern conveniences; it depended on what the male preferred. Also, the communities thrived on a small town atmosphere, where social gatherings were held often. Face-to-face communications were encouraged.

The Cullen family lived in one of these communities and was a close-knit family. It was now time for the family to grow and all the sons to acquire mates. They were on their way now to the training center to bring home their intendeds, after having previously picked them out. But the girls didn't know that this was all arranged and had been for a couple of years. Each of the boys had grown to love the girls during the time they had chosen them, and they hoped they could also soon win their hearts. Especially Edward, there was something special about his chosen one. He was looking forward to what the future would bring.


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