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Previously on Planet Twilight: We both express our love for each other; and I barely have the words of my mouth, before I feel myself drifting off to sleep in the strong, loving arms of my mate.


Bella POV

Mary Stay had her little boy the next week following my birthday, and the hospital had been officially announced that it was open for business. I could no longer see my feet and my belly seemed to have magnified in size overnight. Edward wouldn't let me go up and down the stairs by myself any longer. He would assist me in the morning and he instructed Bian that I was not to ascend or descend the stairs without her assistance. She assured him that she would assist me if I wanted to go upstairs.

The baby's room was completed, and has been made ready for the baby. The lower part of the wall was painted brown with a dark brown chair rail, and the upper walls were painted pink. The rocker, ottoman, wall decorations, lamp shades, window dressings, and all accessories were all matched to the baby's bedding of pink and brown toile. The Quileutes made the baby bed, chifferobe, changing table/dresser, and the child's rocker. I ordered the rocker and ottoman set to match the baby bedding.

The room was ready, and I was definitely ready for her to get here. I think she was ready too because she feels like she has been trying to push her way out sometimes. Edward keeps talking to her and telling her to be gentle with me. But Edward said that she keeps thinking that she doesn't have enough room, and she sometimes forgets and tries to stretch out her arms and legs. I don't blame her for wanting to stretch her muscles; I am sure I would be doing the same thing.

Edward gives me daily massages and rubs a special cream into my belly to prevent stretch marks. He won't let me lift a finger around the house and even cooking duty has been given to Bian, although she is mostly just responsible for breakfast. Esme, Rosalie, Alice, Didyme, and Emily keep us pretty much supplied with lunch and dinner. They are constantly checking up on me and they never come empty handed. So most of my day is spent lying on the couch while eating and reading or watching Addy play with her toys. She will lie down on the couch with me every day and talks to my belly. She tells the baby that she can't wait for her to be born and that she loves her.

Edward is the one that I am worried about because his stress level seems to be going through the roof. Between the pregnancy and the prisoners, he is going through a lot. I hope the prisoner situation is taken care of in a timely matter. I only want him concentrating on me and the baby.


Edward POV

The council had finally decided the fates of the prisoners. Laurent and Irina would be put to death by lethal injection. Jane will be permanently housed at the confinement center. Alec will have a house built for him, and he will be put on house arrest until he is deemed trustworthy. The other two guards will receive training to become useful members of the community, but they will be monitored carefully.

Carmen and Eleazer have been able to visit Irina and have said their good-byes. Since it was Father's family that had been threatened and harmed by Irina and Laurent's actions, he was put in charge of administering the drugs. He sedated them and then administered the drugs that would shut down their body. After it was confirmed that they were dead, he released their bodies to Eleazer for burial.

Now that was all complete, I could concentrate on the baby. I knew that Bella had seen me stressing over the prisoner situation, and that was causing her to worry. I needed her as stress-free as possible.

The baby was becoming more restless as she ran out of room to move freely. I think she might even come a few days early. She is already fully developed and seems quite intelligent, so early arrival would not be a problem. Bella has told me that she has been cramping for several days now and I know that is her body preparing itself for delivery. I check her daily to make sure that she hasn't started to dilate. I can't wait to see and smell my little honeysuckle baby up close.


Bella POV

Thank goodness the prisoner situation is over and Edward has one less thing to worry about now. I feel sorry for Eleazer and Carmen, and I wish there had been another way to handle the situation. However, they brought the consequences upon themselves and I shouldn't feel guilty. I need to concentrate on the baby and hope for a safe delivery of a healthy baby.

My stomach has been cramping for the last few days, and my lower back has been aching. Edward said that it was my body preparing itself for labor. I hope that is true because I am ready to have my little angel. I long to hold her in my arms, and I want to give her all my kisses.

It is still a few days before my due date. Dad has been stopping by on his way home from work to check on me. Sometimes he brings food by that Sue has sent with him. On this particular day, the cramps seem to be coming at regular intervals and my stomach feels hard as a rock. Edward checks me when he gets home from work and says that I am starting to dilate. He calls both of our fathers and the rest of the family.

Even though it is early in the labor stage, he wants the baby and I hooked up to the monitors to ensure that we are not under any stress. Twilighter babies are usually hard on human mothers; but since I am Faen, he has no precedence on which to base this labor and delivery. So we head to the hospital and into the room that is set up for me. The labor and delivery rooms are quite elaborate with a homelike setting for the mother and an additional area for the family to gather. The bathroom had a large tub to help ease the pains of labor. All the monitoring equipment was waterproof, so I could soak and still be carefully monitored.

I was put in a nice soft hospital gown that was nothing like I had worn on Earth when I had made my numerous trips to the hospital due to clumsiness. It was soft, stylish and had snaps where I could easily breastfeed. Edward placed me on the bed and hooked me up to the monitors and placed a strap around my belly to monitor the baby. He said the baby was feeling anxious and excited, but didn't seem to be under any type of stress. She didn't care for being squeezed so tight though.

The family got settled in the room adjacent to my room, and they added a cot for Alice to lie down. She was beginning to feel the effects of her pregnancy and could only be on her feet for short periods of time. Rose seemed to be taking to her pregnancy extremely well and it hadn't slowed her down any that I could tell. Edward gave me a cup of ice chips to keep my mouth from getting dry and then he checked to make sure that he had everything necessary for the delivery. He seemed to be a little calmer when he was in doctor mode. I could tell when daddy/mate mode crept in because a look of concern and anxiety would cross his face. I kept reassuring him that I was going to be alright.

Addy crawled up in bed with me and patted me on the cheeks and said: "I wuv you, Mama Angel. I don't wike you being sick. I want you to get all bwetter."

"I will, Sweetheart. As soon as the baby gets here, I will hopefully be all better. Don't you worry; I am going to be just fine," I told her.

She moved down to my belly and said, "You be gwood to Mama Angel, baby. Don't kick too hard. Mama Angel is special and you have to be careful. Be a gwood girl in there." She was rubbing my belly as she talked and then she gave it a kiss before she crawled back up the bed and lay down beside me. I put my arm around her and she cuddled up next to me and was soon fast asleep.

"Is she alright there Angel? She isn't bothering you, is she?" Edward asked.

"No, it is comforting having her close. Unless the contractions become too intense, I see no reason in moving her. She is just worried about me and has the need to be close to me," I said.

Addy woke up after a two hour nap, gave me a kiss, and scampered down to go find a snack. The family area had a small kitchenette; and people had dropped in to check on me, and brought food for the family. We really had a supportive community.

The pains were starting to increase and I was starting to feel a little bit of nausea. Edward had put in an IV; and when I told him about the nausea, he immediately administered some medicine directly into the IV line. I quickly felt relief, and I was glad that was one symptom that I didn't have to deal with at the moment. He checked me again, and said that I was about half-way dilated.

The family would take turns coming into the room, and they told stories about Edward as a child. Daddy even got in on the story telling, and told some embarrassing stories about me and my clumsiness. It might have been embarrassing, but they accomplished what they were trying to do. I had forgotten about the labor; until an extremely strong contraction hit me. It caught me by surprise and screamed out in pain.

Edward rushed everyone back to the family area, and he closed the curtain so that he could check my progress. He said that I was almost fully dilated; and was as surprised about it as I was at the moment because the only real noticeable contraction was the one that I just experienced. Edward said that everything was going great, and that the baby was positioned to enter the birth canal.

After several more hard contractions and some intense breathing sessions, he was ready for me to push. It didn't take long and he was holding our angel in his hands. He laid her on my stomach and then he clamped and cut the cord. He wrapped her up, and let me snuggle up with her while he dealt with the afterbirth and stitching me up. She looked up at me with her trusting bright green eyes, and I fell more in love with her than I thought could be possible.

He called his father into the room, and told him to take Esme and the nurse and clean up the baby. He told them that he was going to give me a bath and clean me up. He told the other nurse to change the sheets, so that the bed would be ready for me after my bath. I didn't want to give the baby up, but I knew that it wouldn't be long before she was back in my arms again.

Edward went into the bathroom and started the water and then came back to retrieve me. After removing my gown, he placed me in the tub and gently washed me and massaged my belly. It was slightly painful, but he said that it was necessary. He then emptied the water out of the tub, and filled it up with fresh water. He also washed my hair because it was wet from sweating during delivery. After I was clean and dried off, he placed me in a clean gown and padded underwear.

I arrived back into the room about the same time that they came back in with the baby. Now that she was cleaned up, I could see that she had curly brown hair to go with her beautiful eyes. As soon as she was laid on my chest, she started to nudge around like she was looking for something.

"Angel, she is hungry. Would you like to try to breastfeed her and then we can present her to the family," Edward said.

"If she is hungry, then yes, I want to feed her," I said.

He unsnapped my gown and positioned her over my breast, so that she could latch on to it. He then placed a pillow under my arm to make me more comfortable. She immediately latched onto my nipple and began to suck. Her tiny hand reached out for me, and I gave her my finger which she immediately wrapped her tiny digits around.

Edward was hovering over us and purring as he caressed her head and body. "She looks like you, Angel, except for her green eyes. She also is glowing, so she may have some faerie traits as well," he said.

She soon was finished with one side, and I burped her and moved her to the other breast. Edward helped her latch onto it and then he continued his perusal of her. It was if he was memorizing every inch of her. I could almost feel the love pouring off of him as he attended to us. She was soon finished feeding, and he laid her across my stomach as he snapped my top back into place. He picked her up to burp her and asked if I was ready to introduce her to the family. I nodded my head that I was ready, and he opened up the curtain.

"Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Mirabel Anne Cullen, which means beautiful grace," he proudly said as he showed off our daughter.


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