Misty blue eyes scrutinized the landscape with mechanical precision. Tree clusters then a dip in elevation, rice paddies, more trees, and then a dark tunnel in the mountainside… It definitely gave the vibe of the countryside. The girl by the window raised her wrist idly and duly noted that she had been on this same train for nearly three hours and twenty-seven minutes. She shuddered at the thought of how long it would take a normal person to cover this much ground on foot.

And before she knew it, the train was slowing to a stop at the station. She was finally at her destination. Wordlessly, the girl stood from her seat and stretched before grabbing her luggage from the overhead storage. With an elegant turn and the grace only a Shirogane could possess, she stepped out into the aisle, her skirt and plaid cape billowing behind her, and she adjusted her hat just slightly. Some of the few passengers stopped and stared in awe, but the teenager didn't care enough to spare even one glance at them.

Inaba… She was finally here.

Stepping off the train, she caught sight of a group of men in suits, some looking more haggard than others, and deduced that they were here to "welcome" her to Inaba… and her first job away from home. One of the men, a man in his early thirties, stepped forward and raised a hand as if to catch her attention. She took note of his disheveled appearance—the dark stubble, sloppily-tucked shirt, coat over his shoulder—and his air of superiority and concluded that he was most likely her new "boss." Though, using that word was slightly inaccurate as she was a commissioned detective from her family's agency.

"So you must be Shirogane Naoto, right? The girl from the Shirogane Detective Agency?" the man immediately asked, wasting no time with pleasantries. He held his hand out in greeting and continued, "I'm Dojima Ryotaro. Everyone here looks forward to working with you."

Naoto glanced over the group and caught their lie immediately. It was obvious that the majority of the men didn't want her help with this mysterious serial murder case, but she shook Dojima's hand anyway, if only to be polite. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

As she followed them away from the train station, she tuned out their senseless chatter and immersed herself in her own thoughts. The barely noticeable rip in her beloved cape was definitely problematic… and she pondered the most tactful way to inquire where she could get it mended since there might not even be a tailor in Inaba... With a slightly wistful sigh, Naoto shook her head and continued walking. She shouldn't be so attached to such relics of the past.

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