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Chapter 1: Welcome to Gaia

Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto found himself looking down a large metal tower that reminded him of Amegakure's own buildings as he saw the looks of a battle. He then sat himself down on the edge of the tower as he dangled his legs over the ledge as he thought about his life before coming to this strange new world. While his life back in Konoha was not the one he had planned out be after defeating Madara along with Sasuke and Kabuto who had joined with Akatsuki. For reasons he that were like his former master wanted was Uchiha Sasuke's sharingan. Which like the rest of those Naruto had faced off against were defeated by his own hands.

Even with the defeat of the Uchiha clan being totally gone from the Elemental Nations at last. The blond in sage still found himself in a state of dread after the war had ended. Because the Gedou Mazou was still a lingering threat of the only legacy of the fallen power hungry Uchihas. Naruto now knew there was only one way to get rid of the said threat.




Naruto had walked into the office of Senju Tsunade who is taking a drink of sake behind some folders of paper work. The blond sage had sighed at seeing his obaa-chan neglecting her paper work again and decided throw a bone to the poor woman. "Tsunade-Obaa-chan!" Called out Naruto as this made the woman hunch over. That made the Hokage drop all her paper work on the floor.

"Oi gaki!" She yelled with a tick mark on her forehead being visible. "Now look what you made me do!"

The made the blond jinchuuriki chuckled a bit. "Aheheheheh, Kage Bushin no jutsu!" Called Naruto as three clones puffed in existence as they began to pick up all the papers that are on the ground. While the original Naruto had taken a seat in front of the Hokage's desk.

Tsunade then looked over the 17 year old blond as he lost much of his baby fat. Everywhere on his body to the point that she could have sworn Namikaze Minato had come back from the dead. However the male in front of her had less tan on his skin compared to that of Yondaime. However this looked to be normal by her medical checking because it seemed that his mother's skin complexion seemed to be passing on to her son. However the two things that seemed to set this teen off from his father. Was not only his skin tone, but the whiskers on his face and his blond hair had grown a bit longer as they were no longer spiky.

(A/n: Think of Uchiha Izuna's hair style)

Naruto was dressed in clothes that gave off his Sennin status in the village. As he was dressed in a black anbu style pants with matching sandals. While wearing a white v-neck shirt over a blood red short sleeved cloak with black flames dancing on the bottom of the cloak and the symbol for Itachi's Magenkyou Sharingan on the back. He also had on some black arm warmers that went do to his hands with red kanji on their wrists for sword. Naruto still wore his long tailed black Konoha hitai-ate on his forehead as it looked pretty beat up and refused to get a new one. Because it was the same metal plate that iruka had given him after defeating Mizuki.

But over all the blond sennin had not change much over the days of defeating Akatsuki. With a few exceptions of many foolish old shinobis still having their hate fueled even more than before. After being saved by the "Demon brat" who was responsible for losing friends and family in the Akatsuki war. Naruto had moved on in his life if it weren't for the civilians on the council along with the advisors who still see the blond sennin as a lowly animal. More so with only one shinobi council member being Hyuuga Hiashi, who claimed that they did not need any allies of Kumogakure no sato. Because the Raikage has a great friendship with Naruto, because the blond had become friends with their jinchuuriki named Killer Bee. To say that the Hyuuga head still having hatred toward Kumo was a big understatement in the council chambers. Because not only had the mans selfish ideal in saying that Konoha did not need to rally themselves with Kumo. But that their village alone would be able to defeat the threat of Akatsuki. However the hate fueled Hyuuga was silenced by an angry Tsunade as she slammed her hand on the table and effectively breaking the furniture. She then stated that in the times of war, only the Hoakge is given absolute power of authority in the village. As this made the other members of the shinobi council smirk at the seething Hyuuga head.

When it came to the day of when the allied villages had marched together on the field of battle. Every member of the Hyuuga clan were present as most of the clan new they faced a common enemy. Unlike their clan head who is not going to regarding anyone else other than himself on this battlefield. However he then looked off to the back of the clan to see that all the Caged Bird seals had been removed from their foreheads.

Tsunade was then brought out of her thought by 17 year old sennin who coughed out. "You know Baa-chan." Says Naruto as he grinned widely. "I have to wonder why you never caught on to why Sadaime-jiji always finished his paper work."

"How many times have I told you to stop calling me that?" Said an annoyed Senju until she saw the serious look on Naruto's face.

"Can We talk in private?" Asked Naruto who saw the blond kage pause for a few moments until she finally nod her head.

"Anbu, you can go take a lunch break." Said Tsunade as she waited for the last hidden anbu to leave. Once they were gone she had done a silence jutsu around the room so they could talk in private.

"So are you going to tell me what you is bothering you Naruto?" Asked Tsunade as she looked very concern.

"...I must leave the village to seal the Gedou Mazou alone." Said Naruto as he saw the one his grandmother look at him with shock in her eyes.

"Are you crazy!" Yelled Tsunade as she hit her grandson over the head lightly. "Do you have any idea what might happen if you seal that thing and should it go wrong. Either the bijuus will escape or the Juubi will be revived."

"No it won't!" Said Naruto. "You see I have been going through some of the notes that my father wrote about improving the Shiki Fuujiin seal to where the user does not need to give their life to seal away something." The blond sennin said as he opened a scroll to show an improved version of the Shiki Fuujin jutsu.

"Are you sure this could work?" Asked the busty kage who then saw the blond jinchuuriki grin and replied with. "Of course, my plans always work."

"...(sighs)... Fine brat." Tsunade said in a defeated tone. "I will grant you your request. But promise me that you will spend a few days off training and spend some time with your friends. But I want you to go visit Jiraiya at the hospital. I hope with you there, the nurses won't have to listen to most of his stories of heroism."

"Is Ero-sennin still hitting on the nurses?" Asked Naruto.

"Yeah, times like this I wish I was young again." Exclaimed the busty kage as she grudgingly looked at the paper work. "I could get all this crap finished by now."

Naruto then got up from his seat in the Hokages office as he was about to leave. He had turned around to his grandmother with a pleased smirk on his face. "Why don't you use Kage Bushin?" He said before he walked out the room not before lingering behind the closed door to wait for a reaction on Tsunade's part. Which resulted him in hearing a string of curses that he never thought was every possible.

Naruto had spent most of his time being with his friends of the Konoha 12 (excluding Sasuke being dead). Life was very different in a world without the threat of Akatsuki or Orochimaru about in the world. However what people did not know was that Naruto was Uchiha Itachi's only living legacy. That not even his closest friends new about this with the exceptions that included Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi and Yamato. Because Itachi had given the blond had a medic who was a long time friend and teammate of Kakashi's named Rin. Though she accompanied the Uchiha by some means that Itachi had never mentioned. He then gave the woman instruction on removing his Sharingan from his eyes and made into a clear liquid like substance. Once the procedure had ended, Itachi had told Naruto that he would need this gift once he was ready to face against the true leader of Akatsuki. The former Sharingan wielder then told the blond that unlike himself. Naruto could use all the abilities without the threat of going blind. Because of the kyuubi's constant healing the blonds injuries from any type of threat. After he had drunk the clear liquid he would receive the knowledge that the Uchiha had acquired over the years of his life. Including one skill he learned when Itachi had traveled to Hoshigakure no sato. Where he learned the method to use chakra to fly over short distances at a quick pace. Among other skill Itachi had learned to work on and improve more the original, including his genjutsu that had crows. Which Naruto had to admit it was a very cool genjutsu. When Naruto asked why he was giving him Sharingan to fight Akatsuki. He was answered with Itachi tapping his forehead hard enough to leave an imprint of his two fingers on the blonds forehead. Before saying "I told you that I would always protect you." Were the words from the Uchiha before he left with his medic following him into the shadows. From that point on in Naruto's life felt deep inside himself that he would never see Uchiha Itachi again.

During his time in the village Naruto had gone to visit Jiraiya in the hospital. Because he had narrowly escaped his battle with Nagato who was using his entire Six Paths of Pain. When the Toad Sage was in trouble of fighting a death match against his former apprentice. He was reversed summoned by the two elder toad sages Fukusaku and Shima. While going through some training with Kakashi that day along with Yamato. Naruto was told by the chuunin who seemed to be cursed at doing the gate guarding job with another chuunin. Once Naruto was about to go into the hospital room to see Jiraiya. Only to stop when he heard a woman cry inside the room as he peeked in through the door to see Tsunade. Holding the Gama sennin tightly as she never seen the man look in terrible shape from fighting someone strong. Naruto then smiled to himself saying that he will come back tomorrow to visit the pervert. Then thought about a few things on wanting to keep his godfather and grandmother in the village.

A month later after the defeat of Akatsuki, Naruto had a feeling that he should pack everything he own before making his journey to the Gedou Mazou. However before he could get to the borders of Hi no Kuni. The blond had stopped in going through the trees as he came to a stop and turned around to see all his friends along with his family had followed him.

"Just why are you all here?" Asked Naruto as saw Sakura had stepped up from Sai.

"That should be my question Naruto." Said the pink haired medic. "Tsunade-shisho told us that you are going to seal the Gedou Mazou by yourself. Why must you always try to shoulder everything on your own shoulders. When you know perfectly well that we will follow to whatever ends!"

"I agree with Sakura." Said Sai as he gave a real smile at his best friend. "We have fought along side one another in the Akatsuki war and we are not going to let you go alone to something that is dangerous."

"N-N-Naruto-kun I-I want to g-go to protect everyone along side you again." Stuttered Hinata.

Kiba then grinned at his blond friend. "Che, you think we're going to let you hog all the danger to yourself, right Akamaru?" Said Kiba as the large dog barked in agreement

Shino had nod his head in agreement while the Team Kurenai's sensei, had came forward. "Asuma would be a little disappointed in me if I let one of his no too long students die."

One by one everyone gave their reasons one why they were going to accompany their blond friend to the sealing. However Naruto became more shocked when he felt the winds stir a little with a few grains of sand passing by. Instantly Naruto new that Gaara along with a few shinobis including Temari and Kankuro by his side. Naruto had smiled at seeing the support that he was getting from everyone who had become so close to him in his life.

"Let's go..." Said Naruto as he jumped through some tree.

After a while of traveling through the tree the group of Suna and Konoha nins had came to a clearing. However none of them were aware that Naruto had activated his sharingan as he morphed them into their Magekyo form. After a few moments the entire group had fallen a sleep soundly on the grassy ground. He then looked at his friends one more time before continuing his journey to the Gedou Mazou where Nagato had told him its location before he died. Naruto had taken a scroll from his weapons pouch on under his cloak. Once he opened the said scroll he had taken the genjutsu off from the writing to reveal a reversed version of the jutsu Akatsuki used. The blond the felt the statue had begun stir some what as it felt the Kyuubi's chakra nearby.

Naruto then walked in between the outstretched hands of the stoned body as it's eyes were gazing on himself. The blond then went through a very long set of hand seals before he called out "Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin!" Naruto called out as nine white dragons burst from his body and went into the Gedou Mazou as he began to pull the demonic chakra into the blonds body. After keeping his hand together he felt the consciousness of another enter his mindscape. However while that was happening, Naruto felt the souls that are trapped were the former jinchuurikiss who were killed during th extraction burst out of the Gedou Mazou. Naruto had decided on one more last ditch effort for these people whose lives were needlessly taken away. The blond jinchuuriki then felt the power of the Juuhane no Ryuujin forming inside his body as a blinding orb of light started to form at his stomach.

"NNNAARRUUTOOOO!" Shouted the voices of numerous people behind him as he turned his head slightly to see his friends looking terrified at what was happening. The blond in question gave one more smile befrore the light hand engulfed his entire body as he felt a pull.



End Flashback

Naruto the opened his eyes once he now realized that is the first ever jinchuuriki of the Juuhane no Ryuujin. He then took a deep breath before getting up to stand on the floor of the tower. "Well looks like I am not in the Elemental Countries anymore." Said the blond before he heard a loud screech around the other side of the tower. That was accompanied by a yelp along with a few groans of pain which made Naruto to rush around the corner.

Once he had rounded around the side Naruto had came to a complete stop to see a winged beast that had purple skin on the upper body. However the creature had large red clawed hands along with a red horns on it head and well a lack of a lower body as it looked like it had a large stinger. Naruto then saw three people in blue outfits that seemed to match with the exception of a smaller slender looking person who is wearing a skirt. Naruto was about to jump into the battle when he saw the blue spheres of light with a purple light glowing on the inside. Burst out from the monster's body and the orbs were absorbed into the girl's own body. From the looks of the fight, it seemed that the three people in blue were not looking too good to win.

Squall Leonhart found himself on his knees before this monster had made it appearance during his groups fight with two Galbadain soldiers. Now he did not think of himself to be arrogant like Seifer usual is. But he thought that with the proper strategy with his blond tattooed teammate providing close range combat and the recently joined messenger from Squad A. Who looked to be skilled in long range attacks in magic spells along with her large Nunchaku. However he had forgot to remember that they're were fresh out of training. Just as he looked up at the at the monster something had flashed through his mind for a few seconds. Then narrowed his eyes as he looked at the large monster with utter disgust. He then saw the monster had reached out toward the messenger girl known as Selphie with its right hand.

"Getsuga...Tenshou!" Called out a voice from behind them as blast of black energy that glowed with blood red outline as the energy took the shape of a crescent moon. Had collided with the monsters chest going across diagonally which severed its body in two.

The three SeeD candidates watched the monster die in utter shock at the powerful magic spell that was just used. For a few moments The candidates then looked behind themselves as they heard foot steps walking toward them. "Huh. I did not think that guy was that weak." Said a voice that seemed cheery. "I mean he looked really tough and just one high powered attack from Tensa Zangetsu seemed to be too much." Said Naruto as he was not aware of the three teens looking at him with disbelief.

Squall had tensed his body when he saw the blond hair teen walk past them as he looked over the dead body of the Monster. "Hey thanks for the save man!" Said Zell as grinned at Naruto. "I seriously thought I was gonna be a goner there."

"Yeah thanks a lot." Said Selphie as she smiled brightly at the blond in front of her. "I just got here to Balamb Garden and it would be a major bummer that I will be killed after just arriving."

Just as Squall was about to speak to the blond swordsmen only to be interrupted by his Squad captain Seifer. "Hey just who in the hell are you!" demanded the Disciplinary committee member. Naruto looked at the gunblade user for a moment before ignoring him completely. "I'm talking to you!"

Naruto then tuned the SeeD candidates conversation out as he looked down toward the beach to see a battle going on. However he was brought out of his musings when he heard Zell complain about his Squad captain. "Yo you comin along?" Zell yelled out to Naruto who looked nod his head in response before jumping off the tower and landing in front of the entrance down below.



Beach of Deling City (17mins. later)

Naruto had arrived on the beach to help the people in blue uniforms who looked to be the same age as him. The blond sage had looked to see that some of the teens looked to be scared for their lives. He then sighed to himself as he then began to pump chakra into his legs to increase his speed as he took a hold of Tensa Zangetsu and charged at the enemy.

Quistis Trepe who is a SeeD instructor for Balamb Garden looked around the battle to see their forces in trouble. She was then approached by a fellow SeeD member who asked told her to get ready for retreat. However she argued to the SeeD to help her rescue the pinned down candidates on the beach.

"Instructor Trepe we are near completion of the retreat order." Said the SeeD member who then cringed when he saw Quisits narrow her eyes at him.

"We are going to wait just a few more minutes so that all our candidates will not be left behind." Quistis said as she then heard the radio goes off.

"Instructor Trepe, you are to follow orders just as everyone else!" Said a voice on the radio. "If you do not obey the orders, then you will be demoted as a Instructor of SeeD!"

"Uugh!" Quistis growled out as she slammed the radio down. "We are going to wait a little longer and try to save those that are pinned do-." She had stopped before she could finish what she was going to say. As she saw a blond teen taking out the Galbadian troops in speeds that did not look natural. She had continued to watch the blond swordsman defeat soldiers one after another.

"Who is that Instructor, one of ours?" Asked the SeeD member who looked just as confused as Quistis.

"No I have never seen him around the Garden." Replied Quistis. "I'm glad he has taken out the Galbadains. Now we can save the lives of the candidates." Said the SeeD Instructor as she saw the blond swordsmen helping the candidates to their feet back to their vessels.

Quistis had ran over to Naruto to see him done helping the last of the candidates that were on one other vessel. However she had seen that no one from her squad had arrived yet. Other than Seifer who had arrived a 7 minutes ago while Naruto helped the candidates. However that soon changed as she saw Zell arrived to the vessel along with a member of Squad A. Quistis then saw one of the new mobile weapons of the Galbadian army dubbed as X-ATM092 chasing after Squall. She then rushed up to the gun that is placed on the top the vessel as she was ready to shoot the mobile weapon down as soon as Squall was out of the way.

Naruto had turned around to see what Quistis has just seen that the gunblade wielder get knocked down off the steps to the city down to the beach. Naruto then started to charge his hand with one jutsu Kakashi had taught Sasuke. However the lighting that was being charged in his hand was far more powerful than the one Sasuke used when he was alive. Naruto then saw Squall get up from the ground as he began to run for the vessel. Only for the gama sennin to run the SeeD candidate while have lightning charged in his own hand.

Just before Squall had went past the blond swordsman he faintly heard the sounds many chirping birds drawing near. But then stopped when he saw the blond run passed him with his hand being covered in lightning as it tore the ground out from under him. "What is that?" Said Squall as he watched the blond charging forward.

"Hey get out of the!" Quistis yelled as she took her hands off the trigger and seen the blond jump in the air at the X-ATM092 without any fear. Everyone on their vessels had watched the blond pressed his lightning charged fist forward into the mobile weapon. As the large spider looking robot was being cut in half like a hot knife would cut through butter. Once the mobile weapon was cut in half the mystery blond had landed behind the destruction. Only to vanish for a split second, then to reappear in behind Quistis.

"Is everyone safe?" Asked Naruto as he made the SeeD instructor jump in surprise.

Qusitis face had turned a little red in annoyance at the blond swordsman who laughed at her. "Do you have any idea how much danger you put the candidates, SeeDs and yourself in that stunt you just pulled?" Said Quistis as she walked Naruto into the vessel as she went into her Instructor mode. On codes of conduct in battles, while Naruto just walked into the vessel and sat there while reading Icha Icha Paradise.

The SeeD instructor kept lecturing Naruto until she saw him reading an orange book as he was trying to ignoring her. "Hey are you even listening to me!" She demanded.

"Hm, you say something?" Replied Naruto as he peaked hi head over his book and having a feeling that Maito Gai heard him back in Konoha.

Back In Konohagakure no Sato








"SENSEI!" Yelled Lee as he ran over hugging his sensei while the cried. Unfortunately a couple of academy graduates had walked in the area. To see a sun setting beach around t

he spandex duo and they began to roll around the ground with cries of horror.

With Naruto (Gaia)

Naruto had found himself with a glaring Seifer because the SeeD candidate looked to be fuming at his mere presence. Because he kept trying to make the jinchuuriki angry enough to get in trouble with Quistis. However the said antagonist had started to eye the mysterious blonds black sword. As he was also on the tower when he killed the monster with just one blow. He then saw the tattooed blond also having a few glances at the sword and at the same time looking a bit curious.

"Yo, uh..." Zell said as he then scratch his head.

"The names Naruto." Said the blond jinchuuriki.

"Right, Naruto... hey man I don't wanna be rude." Zell begain as Naruto looked over to him. "Can I check out that sword ya got?"

"Knock yourself out." Said Naruto has he handed the completely black bladed sword with a strange hand guard he had ever seen. On inspection he noticed that there were 8 or 9 chain links on the bottom of the sword handle.

Zell had given the sword a few half swings as before he gave the sword back to Naruto. "It's pretty light which gives ya a speed advantage than any sword I have seen." Commented Zell.

"Yeah that was the idea behind making Tensa Zangetsu." Said Naruto as he handed the sword back to the blond whiskered boy.

"Hey dude." Zell called back to Naruto who just used his eyes to assure that he had his attention. "What was that cool looking move you did back there? I mean I never seen a Limit Break like that ever."

"A what?" Naruto asked as he had a confused look on his face. "Whats a Limit Break?"

"You know that black and red blast that you shot and that weird lightning attack you did with your fist." Zell exclaimed.

"So... I can do those things with ease. It's nothing really special you know." Said Naruto as he did not notice the six people inside the vessal look at him with shock. "Besides that was not even my strongest technique." Says Naruto as he then started to think back on his battle with Madara and Sasuke who stoon at the Valley of the End.

FlashBack (Valley of the End)

Naruto found himself with Tensa Zangetsu in his right hand as he is holding another sword in his left hand. While he saw both Uchiha's smirking at his battered looking body that told of how much their battle had been going on his side. However they could not see that the blond in question had a confident look on him. Though he had a bored expression on his face as he looked at the two with nothing but pity in his eyes.

It was not too long ago that he saw that Sakura along with Hinata and Ino had defeated Kabuto with everything in their bodies. To take down the crazed snake medic nin that took on so much of his former masters obsession. Though thanks to the Kabuto's ignorance about the Edo Tensei jutsu. He had forgotten a few things in the seals that are needed to control the body of the dead nins or in that case all them. Was that they only so strong as their master because it required a lot of chakra from the summoner themselves. Which led the allied nations to have better chances at winning that battle.

What the former medic nin did not count on was that in turn that two of his summons would betray him in the end. As they were none other that Nagato who was once known as Pein and Uchiha Itachi himself as he took his precautions in someone using the Edo Tensei. Nagato had broken the controlling seal by his own will power alone as his strength came from his faith in Naruto. While Itachi had done the same thing as he strength came from protecting the blond jinchuuriki. As they turned from enemy to the allied nations to their best chances of winning the battle as they took on a few of the strongest members of the summon enemies. Itachi had some help with Shikamaru to free Asuma of the control seal that was placed by Kabuto before the attack. As they reminded him that if Akatsuki were to win in this battle then his son would be killed along with Kurenai.

However what no one had known was that the single blond jinchuuriki had arrived a lot earlier on that battle. Than anyone could have guessed possible after his training with Killer Bee had turned successful. But when he had arrived with on the scene of what he thought was the battlefield. He was confronted by none other than Madara and Zetsu themselves as they had a predatory look in their eyes as the saw the last two jinchuuriki standing together. Naruto had instinctively told Killer Bee that he would handle Madara on his own in this battle. While he along with the Tsuchikage and his shinobis fight off Zetsu.

It was here that Naruto had fought with the Uchiha founder that made a trail of destruction in their fight. Their battle had lead traveled around through the borders of some countries on the main land. Which lead all the way back to the Valley of the End, where the blond Jinchuuriki had faced off with Sasuke. Even with the stolen Rinnegan that he had taken from Nagato, Mardara was still just as human as anyone else. Despite his so called immortal life, the man still needed chakra to do jutsus that he so loved as much as his sharingan. While Naruto was still fighting to with his own will power alone to win. The blond jinchuuriki had used the moment when the Uchiha had to realized this fact as well. When he ripped the man's eyes out of his head before using a high powerful Getsuga Tenshou to obliterate the Uchiha's body completely.

After the defeating Madara at the Valley of the End or what was left of the place. Naruto was then attacked by his former best friend Sasuke from behind as he activated his Eternal Magenkyou Sharingan. Sasuke who was smirking at the blond thinking that he would finally kill his former friend that was another stepping stone to Konoha's destruction. However like Madara before him, Sasuke found that defeating the blond jinchuuriki was most difficult. While Naruto on the other hand was fighting off the prediction that the great elder toad sage about his death. The battle between the two had started at the Valley as it trailed lead to the beach side of Hi no Kuni. Naruto then had to make the one decision that he was warned from using by the Kitsune vixen herself was very dangerous to use. When fighting with his two swords at their strongest forms in battle as well as the risks.

Naruto then looked at the Uchiha driven only by hate, looking to be more stronger at this point in this battle. As the blond felt his chakra running dangerously low to the point where he was nearly losing consciousness any moment. "Teme... I am asking you one last time." Said Naruto as he gripped the swords even tighter. "Will you to stop this non-sense right now."

"Hn!" Was Sasuke's reply. "You along with those fool in Konoha are nothing compared to a Uchiha, dobe and I am not going to stop until I see Konoha burn to the ground. While standing over the bodies of everyone in that village as the trash they are."

"I wonder what Itachi would say if he heard that you are willing to kill needlessly for your petty revenge?" Naruto asked more to himself than Sasuke who scowled.

"Don't you dare bring him in this loser!' Sasuke replied harshly as he sharingan blazed. "I am doing this so that my clan can finally be where it was we were supposed to be...Ruling this world."

"Tch... Your such a weak child who whines about every little thing." Naruto said as his chakra began to flare up to the point of being visible for everyone to see. As he stood on the surface of the water in a good distance away from the land. While the two swords he held in his hands began to flare up in two different colors of chakra.

While this was happening the two ninjas were unaware that their battle was begin watched on the beach side. As the people of the allied nations had all gathered to watch the battle coming to a close. A few people had used their summons to get a better view of the battle taking place on the ocean. When they saw the blond jinchuuriki's body began to glow a pale blue pillar of light as it shot up to the heavens.

Back at the battle Sasuke looked at the blond in fear as he had never felt power of this kind any time before. The Uchiha then began to seethe as the dobe had again gained more power that should be rightfully his. Naruto himself could feel this new power that was coming from five different sources other than Kyuubi's chakra. Naruto had opened his eyes before his body was engulfed by the power that he now had with him. Seeing this Sasuke had gone from smirking to shock as he saw his brothers Magenkyou Sharingan in the blond's eyes. Sasuke then placed a hand over his own eyes to figure out what was going on at the moment. However he did not have time to figure out what was happening because Naruto's body was not coming into view from the dying light.

"W-W-What t-t-the h-hell is...that thing!" Asked Sasuke as his fear became more evident in his voice as he was no longer seeing Naruto. But something that radiate power beyond his own.

"This is your end Uchiha!" Was the only reply the Uchiha got.

End Flashback

Naruto had opened his eyes as he remembers everything from that battle before falling into the water below. He then looked to see the six people were eyeing him on what he thought about before he smiled at them. "Sorry I was just thinking about something that happened last year."

Quistis had barely seen the look of pain in his eyes as he mentioned that. So she had decided to change the subject to get off the topic on the blond. "Well Xu had informed that our Headmaster would like to speak to you at Balamb Garden. So that he can thank you for helping everyone in the exam."

"Helping?" Seifer said before he scoffed. "Pfft, more like interfered in our fun time and our victory."

Naruto looked at Seifer with a raised brow. "Victory you say."

"Yeah says ME punk." Seifer replied back getting clearly annoyed.

"I over heard that you were the captain of Squad B correct." Said Naruto as he saw the gray coated gunblade users eye twitched a few times.

"So what!" Seifer said as his anger can be felt.

Naruto then sighed at the gunblade wielder before closing one eye with a bored expression on his face. "As a captin of a squad. You are obliged to think about the well being of your teammates and not going out to look for ways to test your strength. Because if they were killed in battle then it fall upon you to tell the families of those who had fallen under your command. What I want to know is that can you keep that cocky attitude of yours, when you see the grief of the people who died needlessly. All because you wanted to show off to prove that you are superior above everyone in your path?"

Seifer had for once found himself to be out of words to fight back his claims of victory. But found that there was truly no way to counter his words as they seemed to be one of seeing battle before.

Squall had also picked up on these words as he too came to a thought that the blond now named Naruto understood the responsibilities of battles or war for that matter. "Man you sound like ya have fought in a war." Zell had said as he caught everyone's attention.

"...You could say that." Naruto replied before leaning back some.



Back at Konoha (Hours after the sealing)

Tsunade who sat at her desk as she held the bridge of her nose as her office is filled with her ninjas wanting to start a search for the blond savior. Now she would be the first ones out with a search party to find her grandson because he was her only living blood relative at the moment. But she needed everyone to be calm so that they could find leads to what may have happened to Naruto after the sealing was complete.

"Would you all SHUT THE HELL UP!" Yelled the Godaime as she had a more scary demon head than Iruka's before she sighed. "Now listen to me everyone. I do not know what happened after the sealing of the Gedou Mazou as I am not a Fuuinjutsu master like Jiraiya or Naruto. However Jiraiya may have some idea what may have happened in the sealing. So all we can do is wait for him to get back to us after he is done checking the seal Naruto had used and all of you must calm yourselves while doing this."

A Few Hours Later (Training ground 7)

Haruno Sakura who also changed her appearance after the war with Akatsuki had ended. Her pink hair had grown back down to her mid-back as she had it in a high pony-tail. She is still wearing the black skin tight shorts with matching boots that went a little past her knees. Along with black fingerless gloves that a little past her elbow. As she still wore a longer version of her red shirt that went under a black buckled obi around her waist. She now had a good bust size between a c-cup that was not too much near a d-cup. She now has her own symbols of four green diamond marks on her forehead that came together in a star formation. Her shirt no longer supported the white circle that was the symbol of her family crest. Instead in its place was a sky blue design of the Rasenshuriken over the shirt that hung below her obi.

Sai on the other hand most of his clothes the same except for wearing a black cloak with white lions head on the back. Though he was not the original member of Team Kakashi as Sasuke was. But he over all filled the gape in the team greatly as the new Team Kakashi who got along better than the original. But in everything else they worked more as a team then anyone could think. Despite Sai's lack of self control in giving names on his better judgment that he gets from books.

However today team Kakashi found themselves to be in the same predicament as it was four years ago. As it is once again a missing friend that had left them behind. Only the circumstances were very much different from the time when Sasuke had left willingly for his own selfishness. While Naruto had left to prevent anymore lives being destroyed by the last remnant of the Uchiha clan or so they thought. Sakura along with Sai walked with the two senior members of Team Kakashi in being Hatake Kakashi himself and Yamato as co-captin of the team.

Now as it stood that Naruto was still in fact a genin who required to be on a three man cell block. Even though he is the new toad sage that Jiraiya had given his student the contract. While Yamato stayed on the team for precautionary reasons for Naruto's nature. As Sai no longer served Danzo who was killed by Sasuke at the Kage summit. So he had decided to remain on the team because the blond jinchuuriki was his very best friend and as it looked to everyone around them. The fiver members of Team Kakashi looked to be stuck together as Kakashi made it his choice to keep his blond student in his eye sights.

"Just when everything has finally settled down this has to happen." Said Sakura as she glared at the area around her. "Why can't that idiot stop trying to put everything on his own shoulder. Now look at us... it is was just like this when Sasuke left the village."

While Team Kakashi walked through the forest of training ground 7. They came upon the waterfall where the Naruto had spent training to complete his rasengan training. Along with the crater that was made when the Rasenshuriken was near its complete stage where he surpassed his father. Now all of it seem like a distant memory because the blond had vanished after the sealing of the 9 bijuus into his own body. Just as Kakashi was about to say something to his pink haired teammate. The said girl raised her fist high into the air before punching the ground and shattering the ground in front of themselves. Now all they could do was wait for Tsunade to summon them when Jiraiya had finished going over the seal.



With Naruto

"We're finally back everyone." Said Quistis as she let out a sigh of relief as she watched each student of Balamb Garden are safe. However she then turned her gaze to the mysterious blond whiskered face boy. That seemed to be that of a civilian of Dollet City, if he did not have really powerful magic spells at his disposal. She then watch Naruto stretch out his arms as he came out of their drop vessel as he looked around the small town.

"Man, I've never seen a place thats like this!" Naruto yelled out as he looked around the docks for a moment to see a few people fishing. "Sugoi, this place is so different from Konoha or Umi no Kuni (Land of Sea). I wonder what kind of food they got here, lets go see!"

"Naruto!" Yelled Quistis as she saw the whiskered face teen stop dead in his tracks before turning around to look at her. "You can look all you want later. But Headmaster Cid wants to speak with you about your actions in Dollet City remember."

"Fine..." Replied the Jinchuuriki in a defeated tone before going into a thinking pose. "Um just where is it Balloon Garden again?" He asked as while having a sheepish smile on his face and scartching the back of his head.

"Thats Balamb Garden, Naruto." Said Quistis as she looked at their tag along shrug at the name. She then stepped on to the ground to walk over the Squall's group as they looked ready to leave. "Good job everyone...Where's Seifer?" She asked as she saw the gunblade wielder point over to the Garden car they came in earlier. Quists this give another sigh at her other top student actions. "Well you are free to go now and remember that the test results will be held at Garden"

"Sweet!" Exclaimed Zell as he jumped off the ground in excitement. "Mind if I can go visit my Ma, Instructor Trepe?"

The blond Instructor then nod her head in agreement. "But you have to take Naruto with you to Garden as Headmaster Cid wants to speak with him."

"Yes ma'am." Answered Squal/Zell and Selphie at the same time.

"Yo." Naruto greeted the trio as he got a thumbs up from Zell and a little wave from Selphie. While Squall just looked at him for a moment, then started to walk to the car. "Great... now I got to deal with a brown haired Sasuke here." Thought Naruto as he rolled his eyes. "Looks like we're stuck together again, hope you don't mind."

"Nah, it cool dude." Said Zell as he grinned at the fellow blond. "I mean if any one could actually make Seifer shut up and knock his ass off his high horse. Then their okay in my books."

"So... are we off to Bumble Garden or not?" Asked Naruto as this made Zell laugh and Selphie giggle at his words.

"It's called Balamb Garden, Naruto." Selphie said as she gave the blond jinchuuriki a friendly smile. "But don't worry about it, I'm sure you will get it right... eventually."

"Gee, thanks." Naruto grumbled as he looked off to the side a bit annoyed.

"Don't worry so much about it." the nunchaku wielder said as she looked very sincere. "I'll show you around the place, when I get time. Cause it is pretty big. I even got lost a few times in trying to find my way around the place."

After they were done talking to about random things as they were going to get into only car left that went to Balamb Garden. Only to see Seifer along with his own tag alongs leave with the car and Naruto just watched the vehicle leave in amazement.

"Damn... looks like we're walkin back to Garden now" Said Zell as he really wanted to punch Seifer out.

"Oh maaaannnn." Whined Selphie as she hunched her body forward. "And here I was really hoping to give my feet a little rest too."

"It's not like we have a choice right now." Squall spoke as he looked at his group. "Walking is our only option now."

"Aaaaawwww!" Wailed Selphie/Zell.

"Whats the big problem with walking anyways." Naruto said as he saw the two more lively members of the group look at him like he had an extra head. "What? I can't be that bad."



To Be Continued

Well everyone I hope you have enjoyed the rewrite and the new back story. Now on to the notes.


Getsuga Tenshou - Heaven-slicing lunar fang

Tensa Zangetsu - Heavenly Chain Cutting Moon

Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin - Complete Nine Mystical Dragon Seal

Shiki Fuujin - Reaper Seal

Juuhane no Ryuujin - Ten Winged Dragon King