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Chapter 3: Dancing & Reunions

Naruto lay on the bed of his dorm room with a book on the summoned creatures in Terra opened over his face that looked to be covering the light from his eyes. But in all truth of the matter, the blond did not like the results of gaining such power as he read the book. More likely he made one of his clones read the book as he trained with Squall and found that the gun-blade specialist also dread the SeeD party. Naruto then found himself a good sparring partner in Squall Leonhart as the said teen also had the same thought. When he openly admit that the blond was better than Seifer, without having to worry about his physical safety. Just then something came to his mind as he starts thinking of his time in Terra and learning about the summons or Guardian Force as they explained.

Naruto then shot up from his bed as a grin on his face threaten to split his head apart before slamming his hand on the ground. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" He called out when a small plum of smoke appeared in his room. He then waited for the smoke to clear up to reveal a small Gamakichi. "Hey Gamakichi." Naruto said as he saw the toad jump at him.

"Bro, you really are alive!" The Toad exclaimed.

The blond then blinked a few times when the toad said these words then said. "What do you mean by I'm really alive?"

The toad then jumped down to sit on his summoner's bed which he said is very soft, he began to explain. "Well after you finished sealing the bijuus in the Gedou Mazou into your own body. You were no where to be found in all the destruction of the stoned body of the Juubi. Everyone came to the notion that you were died in the sealing."

"Eeeeehhhh!" Naruto reacted as he dropped his head down. "I knew what I was doing and my skills in Fuuinjutsu have improved a lot now."

Gamakichi then sweat dropped at his summoner when he said these words. "What about the time you tried to improve the storage scroll seal and you took out twenty trees in the forest?"

"That was just minor set back and I got better at it." Naruto argued back, but then finally something clicked in his head. "Wait a minute, how did you know that I'm alive?"

"Oh that one is simple on our account." Spoke the toad as he brought out a copy of the toad summons contract and opened the scroll as it to show Naruto's print still in blood. "When a summoner dies from any means in your world. The blood on the scroll become black or vanishes in some cases. Now look at your fathers name is as it is in black ink."

"So the contract was the only means for everyone to know I survived?" He asked when he saw the toad nod his head. But shrug the thoughts out of his head to his personal task as he brought the summoning contract out of a storage seal on his left arm. "Is it possible for you to give me a blank scroll as big as this one."

"Thats no problem bro." Said Gamakichi as he looked at Naruto took out some kind of food to which might be some candy. "But why would you be interested in getting a scroll like this?"

"Well You see..." Naruto then went into detail on what he read about the worlds current summoning system. He did not expect to see the toad to look very shocked at what the blond sennin is saying. Sure there were summons that required some type of offering when they were summoned. But none that were extreme as the former Boss summon as Manda who wanted offering of human sacrifices. That came to an end, when the snake tribe gained a new boss that took over Manda. But hearing the price of gaining a summons in this world seemed to be too much a steep price for the summoner. "And thats pretty much the jist of it."

"So I take it that you are not going to be finding a way home anytime soon." Said Gamakichi when he saw the blond shake his head.

"Nah, this place is kinda cool and I want to see more of it too." Naruto said as he scratched the back of his head with his trademark fox-smile. "Besides I think that I might have a real good chance with a clean slate here and well you know that I'm too famous in the elemental nations. Now I'm starting to see why Sasuke-teme ran away from his fangirls." He finished when he saw the toad sigh, which made him perk his head. "Is something going on in Konoha?"

"I think you better call forth Ma and Pa for that part." Gamakichi replied. "But as far as the scroll is concerned, just give me a few days on it and summon me again."

Naruto the watched the toad leave in a puff of smoke as he wanted to know what was going on back in Konoha. So he then decided to ask the toad sages in person as he pumped more of his chakra into his hand and summoned the two. Fukusaku and Shima then looked pleased to see the young Toad sage to be alright as Shima started to cry. This lead Naruto to hug the purple skinned toad as he pretty much worried her with his disappearing in the sealing. Fukusaku then asked Naruto on his take in the sealing of the Gedo Mazou, to which the white haired toad got a lot of understanding. But the two toads became shocked in what Naruto said with his discovery of the Juubi being a Juuhane no Ryuujin.

"Are you certain of this Naruto-chan!" Asked Fukusaku in a voice filled with shock as his eyes widen a bit more when Naruto nodded his head. "Do you think that Madara might have known that the bijuu he sought to have under his thumb for his plan. Was in actually a ten winged dragon in it's true form once merged again."

"I don't know honestly." Naruto told truthfully. "I don't think we'll ever know for that matter. I mean he just would not freakin shut up about Juubi this or Juubi that and lets not forget about him wanting to be a god. I just hope that there is no one hear who acts like that asshole."


"Ooooowwww!" the blond jinchuuriki whined. "What was that for?"

"How many times have I told you not to use that language Naruto?" Scolded Shima as she has a tick mark on the back of her head.

After sometime of watching the female toad lecture the blond sennin, Fukusaku coughed to get their attention. Once he did this, he brought out two tri-pronged kunai that is used for the Hiraishin jutsu that Minato made. He went on to explain on what Naruto must do to make a connect from where the anchor that is used at an empty area in Hi no kuni. Naruto then nodded his head in understanding at what the two sages were telling him as he took the two kunais.

"I'll get right on it when I learn to control the Juuhane chakra then. Hmm, I better do that now, while I have the chance." Said the blond toad sage as he stood up to pump demonic chakra into the two tri-pronged kunais. "By the way, I need you to have Ero-sennin look this over at Konoha or some place safe for him anyways."

Fukusaku was about to ask what Naruto meant in his words about wanting Jiraiya to have for safe keeping. But caught a stone that is within a container or more accurately, a jar. "What is this Naruto-chan?" Asked the toad before talking a few glances at the stone. "I can feel immense chakra coming from this one stone."

"Meh, all I know is that it was near me when I woke up after the sealing." Naruto shrugged. "But I can sense the chakra of the juuhane in it and I honestly, I think its more trouble for me to keep it. So I want Ero-sennin to put it some place safe."

Once Naruto finished what he was saying to the toads sages, he left his room to clear his thoughts. As he did not really have to worry about the SeeD Graduation party as it was pushed back to three more days. Though he did not know the reasons for why it was pushed back, but just shrugged it off. As he made his way of to the Quad section of Balamb Garden with a couple of time looking over his shoulder to see a few girls talk about him. Though it was not the whispers of hatred toward his person like those of his childhood. No, these whispers were ones that Sasuke used to ignore in his days of Konoha. So all he could in these situations were is wave back at the girls, which made them squeal in delight.

"Okay, I think now I know why Sasuke didn't like them..." Thought Naruto as his ears winced a bit.



Konoha: Hokage's Office (Hours Later)

Tsunade sat at her desk as she grumbled at the increasing paper work before her. She then stopped to give the picture of Namikaze Minato a glare that could burn a hole in anyone that dared look at the busty blond. However she gave up as there was no point in going against a picture frame of a dead man. But for some reason on days like this, she could actually see the young kage grinning at her.

"Damn you Minato!" She cursed at the picture. "Why did you leave the secret of defeating paper work behind? Heh, I bet you wanted to go down in history as the first kage to not be taken by this inferno curse."

"Oh, I see your having fun." Said the voice of Jiraiya as he sat on the window seal with a smirk.

Only for the man to be knocked down by an incoming book thrown at him by Tsuande. "Damnit Jiraiya, use the front door, like a normal person!" Yelled Tsunade who finally calmed down enough to allow the man into her office. "Now I am going out on a limb here and say this is about Naruto, right."

Jiraiya then got up from the roof of where he feel from getting hit by the book as he rubbed the back of his head. "I'll answer you that when my head stops throbbing." He answered to the blond and took a moment for the pain to die down. "Well, I think this is better heard if it were only two of us at the moment. But I think that is going to be out of the question now, don't you think Kazekage-sama?"

The moment Jiraiya said the words with his eyes close, did the red haired Kage make his appearance to the remaining Sannin. "Your words are correct ones Jiraiya-san." Spoke Gaara as he leaned against the wall in Tsunade's office with his arms crossed. "I hope this information will be a means to return him back to our world."

"Jeeze, I'm getting all this pressure from all sides." Thought Jiraiya as he sighed at the moment. "Well the both of you are not going to believe what I am going to say at this moment."

"Try me Jiraiya." Tsunade scoffed at her teammates words. "From Naruto being in another dimension like the toads said. I doubt anything you have to say could make the matter any more complicated than the situation already is."

Jiraiya did not say anything at the moment as this was most likely going to be hell on Tsunade. "Well the thing about that is... " Jiraiya spoke quickly as the made Tsunade blinks a few times. "Naruto is wanting to stay in the world he is to help some people with their problems."

"Well, I cant be surprised with him wanting to stay there to help some people." Tsunade said before slouching back on her chair before looking at her former teammate. "Why do I get the feeling that there is more you are going to say."

Jiraiya then nod his head to the blond kage as Gaara waited to hear more. "From what Naruto told Fukusaku-sama on his side from where-ever he is now. Is that Naruto found a stone beside him, that he felt the power of the Juuhane coming off it and I inspected it for a long while when the stone was brought to me. But I think I have found a way to transport a team to where the gaki is. I have already made the needed preparations"

"Are you serious on this Jiraiya?" Tsunade asked with excitement in her voice as Gaara looked on with wonder. "I mean this is really good news to hear from you. But how is it that you are able to make a connection to getting to Naruto's current location?

The gama sennin then smirked at Tsunade. "Since when has the Gallant Jiraiya ever let you down?" He asked back when he saw the woman give the Gama sennin a flat look. "Okay okay, let's say that the seal for the Hiraishin not only acts as an anchor. But also as a beacon from what Minato told me on the use of the seal with the tri-pronged kunai. The seal of course takes in familiar chakra from the person who uses it as in this case. Naruto's is laced with bijuu chakra than his own for better effect than Minato ever did, as the bijuu chakra allow the gaki to travel great distance. Now I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Naruto is able to use a little bit of the Juuhane's chakra and used it for the Hiraishin to travel a great distance."

Tsunade then nod her head in understanding the work of the Hiraishin jutsu inner workings before she held a hand up to her teammate. "So you are saying that we can use the stone's power to send a team over to Naruto." She said to the two people in her room before pacing in thought. "The question now, is who will be willing going on this mission."


Gaia: Next day (Naruto)

The blond jinchuuriki stood in the middle of a small forest nearby Balamb Garden. Though he wanted to get some needed training to master the Juuhane's chakra. Like he had done with the Kyuubi no Kitsune on the island with Killer Bee. But this time around he would not have the help of Yamato like he did then. There was that one back information and the monsters were attacking him. I found it to be a bit annoying to have any time to concentrate on mastering the Juuhane's chakra. He would have done a barrier jutsu, but that required him to be fully concentration on his part and using his clones were out the window. Because they could only keep the barrier up for a random amount of time.

"That's it, now I'm pissed!" Naruto said annoyingly as he turned around to see four Funguar behind his person and jumped to the side to get away from the incoming spell they were going to launch at him.

Though it took him a little bit of time learn how to use the computers at Balamb Garden. He became very interested in what they could do. Unfortunately, one panel ended up getting busted by the blonds own browsing. But later Quistis showed him a few things on how to use the panel and even showed him the list of monsters outside the garden. He then read up on their weakness along with a few details that some students typed in from their personal experience. So he found out that the Funguar main spell was that of one called sleep. The name of the spell meant exactly just what it said. To more experienced students in Balamb Garden, one would be able to defeat at least 3 alone. But for of a student to have no real experience, just one Funguar would be a lot of trouble and needed the aid of a Instructor or a SeeD member who was not assigned any mission. But there were other alternatives for the said person as such in fighting in a group of three. Then there is having a magic caster in the group to take care of any status affects on the party member.

But Naruto got a headache from Quistis's advice as he did not make much sense to him. So he had asked her to make it a bit simple for him to understand, which took about a hour and a half for the blond instructor to finally reach him. Needless to say is that he finally understood a little bit of what she said and found that the weaker monsters were known as Geezards. Though he encountered a few along the way to his current location. The blond jinchuuriki looked a little grossed out by their looks.

They looked very much like a brown warm with two limbs stick out as arms. But were in fact long stubby looking claws for the limb. Though they were brown in skin texture, he saw traces of pink muscle like flesh that could easily be seen. However what really freaked him out more was that they looked to have a human like head with sharp teeth, so in all his thoughts. Only one thing came to his mind when he first glances at them.

They looked like one of Orochimaru's experiments gone wrong.

"Lets see you guys handle this one!" Naruto yelled as he went through some quick hand seals and said before taiking a deep breath. "Fuuton: Daitoppa!" The blond the blew his breath out as a large blast of wind came out of his mouth and blew the Funguar away from him, through the trees. As three were killed by hitting trees of rocks with deadly impact, while the one that survived ran away.

Naruto then let out a sigh of relief for defeating the mushroom monster. But that was short lived when he noticed a blue glow off the trees and knew it was a magic spell being aimed at him. He then turned around to see a Caterchipillar laying on its back like the ones shown in the panels at the Garden. It's skin was mainly green in color with blue and purple designs going on its sides and back with pink seemingly on the belly to the end of it's tail with matching color spike. The creature had its mouth open to show that it indeed have teeth.

Naruto knew he could escape the magic spell from being casted on him as the creature looked to be waiting to let his guard down. The monster than put the blond to sleep with the spell it used as stars came from the ground and zoomed up to his head. Naruto then felt himself feeling his eyes becoming heavy with the need for sleep. Just then the Caterchipillar then started to move it's body rather fast for a worm like creature of its kind. The monster then leaned it's upper body to the side of the blond to chomp down on his body. But was then startled by the moment it bite down on it's prey. To find it's teeth stuck on a log instead of flesh, but that was the least of its worries. When the sound of a thousand birds chirping was coming from the side and became afraid at the sight of its would be prey. Coming in fast with lightning charged in his hand as it knew that would be the last things, it will ever see.


Naruto then pulled his lightning charged fist out of the Caterchipiller as the raiton jutsu started to dissipate from around his hand. The blond then looked down at the monster corpse for a moment and decided to go back to Balamb Garden in a yellow flash.

He was however, unaware of the sky above where he stood before leaving the area. Seven looking shooting stars zoomed over the sky as two of them separated from the other five.

The two streaking light then landed near the beach of Balamb as it landed in the water or one did as the other did land on the beach. Just as the dust cleared on the sandy grounds of the small beach. A figure stood up, dressed in a red long sleeve coat under a grey chest armor with one strap over his left shoulder. Along with black pants with matching sandals. But the one things that can be noticed about the figure was their pale green eyes with dark circles around his eyes and a tattoo that says love on his forehead.

The person looked around with his gaze looking at his surrounding. Until his gaze came on the large structure that is Balamb Garden. However another figure arrived next to the first one who made themselves known.



Next Day: With Naruto

"Oh man, I can't believe the pain in the ass party is tonight." Naruto said out loud in the Quad.

"Well you can be thankful that you went shopping with me the day before yesterday." Said the voice of Selphie Tilmitt who is sitting on the bench. "And I seriously thought that we were going to argue the whole day on your clothes. I mean, orange is a good color, but wearing a full orange tux is a bit too much."

"I don't think so." Naruto replied as he jumped off the branch of the tree or was going to if the branch had not broke which made him fall into the water below.

Selphie then ran over to the rail to see if her friend was in trouble. But was met with the sight of the blond standing on the waters surface.

She did not have time to say anything when a voice called from behind. "Yo Selphie, what cha doing over there?" Said Zell as he walked up.

"Naruto fell to the bottom and is standing on water!" Selphie yelled as she bounced on her toes and pointed below. "Just look down there, Zell."

"I'm not falling for that one." Said the blond martial artist as he wave his hands protectively. "The last time you said something about Naruto doing something. I ended up with my underwear and gloves turning orange. He even managed to get into my room to give me his whisker marks."

"I'm serious Zell, look!" Selphie said as she was getting a bit impatient.

Zell the gave out a defeated sigh before shaking his head. "Fine then, I'm coming. But If that idiot does something to me I'm gonna-"

"DDDYYNNAAMIC EEEENNNTRYYYYY!" Yelled the voice of the person Zell tried to threaten as he jumped off from the walk her ran up and tried to kick the SeeD member.

Zell then gave a out a grin when he saw the kick coming in at him as he side stepped the kick. Then grabbed Naruto's leg as he threw the toad sage to the side. But Naruto did a back as he came to a skidding stop on his feet and then dashed forward to see his tattooed face friend did the same. Zell made a punch as he came forward to be his whiskered friend who did the same thing.

Selphie was about to run at the two blonds to stop the two from fighting. But then stopped when she saw their fists were inches away from their faces as both boys were smirking at each other.

"Your pretty good Naruto." Said Zell as he held his fist in place.

"Heh, I can say thing about you too." Naruto said with his smirk on his face before taking his fist back as Zell did the same. "Gejimayu is the only one who I have ever trained with in taijutsu. But then again I can't really say I have a style, since I am just on who reacts, when in a fight."

Zell then nod his head in understanding his friends method of fighting as he took his fist back too. "I hear ya on that one." He said. "I started out like that too, before I took to other martial arts. So are you ready for the SeeD graduation party?"

"Yes/No." Naruto and Selphie repiled together.

"I'd rather do some mission than to go to a fancy party." Naruto complained with his hands behind his head and looked off to the side. "Bad enough I had to sit through some boring wedding with one of the gossipy girls in my village. While having a short tempered teammate who can make half a mountain crack."

The two SeeD members laughed at their whiskered friend who pouted at the two and Selphie just pat his head again. "I couldn't have been all that bad?" She said.

Naruto the scoffed at the words of the nunchaku wielder. "Hmph, it was terrible and nearly fell asleep during the ceremony." The blond jinchuuriki then took out his favorite book, Tales of the Gutsy Ninja out. "I think I will just stay at a table tonight and read my book in peace."

"Man, you're kidding right?" Asked Zell as he crossed one leg. "Oh man that sounds like something Instructor Trepe would do at a party or Squall to avoid dancing."

"Oh really?" Said a voice behind the two SeeD members as Zell went on before losing some of his skin color. "Yeah I mean-!"

The blond martial artist then turned around to see Quistis with her arms folded and wearing a pink dress with her whip on her belt. "Uh, I mean, No, well you see... Hey those guys are running in the hall, I better warn them about Seifer, bye!" Zell ran off leaving Selphie and Naruto behind with an annoyed instructor.

"HHHeeeeeeyyyyy! wait up Zell!" Selphie yelled as she ran away from the scene.

"And what do you think?" Asked Quistis when to ask the whiskered blond on his opinion. But then saw that she was just talking to a log in his place, she gave a sigh before smiling. "Just how does he do that?"


Balamb Gaden (SeeD Graduation Party)

The members of SeeD were dressed in their uniforms as their dates were in some clothes that looked great for the occasion. Even the more active members of SeeD were among the guest along with future clients. But the students that were there as dates for the SeeDs looked happy that the Garden Faculty are not around for this night. Some of the SeeD members talked about their times in the field exam as they compared to other before the, as some made comments about the situation. However the general topic of the night was that of a mysterious blond showing up out of no where and used a lightning attack that came from his hand and cut through a Galbadian weapon like it was nothing. Some of the experienced members of Seed made a comment about being a new kind of Limit Break of some sorts, while others said it could have been a new lightning spell. But the new members of SeeD did not say it looked like that of a new spell, then caved into the thought of being a Limit Break.

Just then the door opened swung open to reveal a whiskered blond teen with bright blue eyes. People could tell that the blond is male from his build that looked pretty much in shape. He wore black slack plants with matching shoes along with white sock. He wore a white V-Neck shirt that exposed some of his chest and his slightly pale skin that has some tan to show he is very healthy. The blond wore a blue long sleeve silk button shirt over the white V-neck.

Naruto the walked around the dance hall to look at how it was decorated. While ignoring the whispers of him being told by the members of SeeD of whom he is. Girls were looking at the Jinchuuriki with hearts in their eyes as he is good looking in their standards.

"Great, looks like I'm not going to be able to read tonight." Naruto thought to himself as he sighed for a moment only to hear Zell Talking to Squall about being SeeDs, only to see the gun-blade specialist shrug him off. "Okay, this guy really is too much like Sasuke-teme. I just hope he doesn't go, I have a certain someone to kill one me. Then I seriously gonna have to beat the shit out of him. If get out of hand."

Squall stood against a pillar in the room hoping that no one would ask him to dance for the night. As it stood, he would much rather want to be training than to be here as he really didn't like parties that much. Sure he would be paired with random people outside the Garden for missions to keep the place going. This was to be expected from him once he became a member of SeeD. He also knew the option of transferring to Galbadian Garden for further training to join the ranks of the Galbadian army. However it took him a long while to reach this point in career of Garden and to go further was not one his options at this moment.

"Do you really think that you can get by with just your strength alone?" Said a voice from behind, that Squall knew very well as he turned to see Naruto. "Take it from me in what I say to you Squall. There will come a time when you will find true strength within yourself. But it will not be the means in what you have been doing or how much you came on your own. No, this strength will come to you when you have strong bonds with other people and then you will have a drive to protect those you deem as precious to you. Because a person can be truly strong is when they are protecting something that is very precious to them."

Squall was about to say something to want to know the meaning of Naruto's words. But the moment his light blue eyes came into contact with the blond semi-darker one. He saw a person who has seen things that looked to harden a person and yet he could see the drive to protect in them from what he spoke.

The young toad sennin hen soften his eyes to the gunblade user as he smiled happily. "Don't worry, the answer will come to you someday and then you can look at the world in a new light, just as I did." Naruto spoke as he took out a book and saw Selphie coming their way. Then made his way to a table to be reading Tale of the Gutsy Ninja. Naruto just smiled at the page he read in the book of his godfathers as he enjoyed it a lot. But was a little shocked that when Jiraiya told him that his father saw it as a tale of his sensei's own life and Naruto couldn't help to agree with his father.

"Ah-ha, there you are Whiskers." Said a cheery voice from behind and Naruto had a flat look on his face as he turned around to see the girl he met in Balamb Town. "I was starting to think that you were not going to show up tonight." Smiles and looks at the book. "But I think you're just trying to hide from me aren't you."

"Please don't call me Whiskers." Naruto groaned. "It's bad enough that some of the people from my village called me that and I thought I just lost it here."

"Why not, its a very cute name and you have those marks on your face." Said the girl as in a very pale dress that glittered when she walked.

The blond ninja started to pout as the black haired girl started to poke his whiskered cheek. Which seemed to relax him a bit to the point of almost making him purr. "Um, please stop that, it's kind of sensitive."

"AAAAAWWWW, you're so cute." Said the girl as she kept stroking his check before Naruto batted her hand away from his face. "I like your outfit by the way."

Naruto blinked a few times before looking away to hide his blush. "Well, not to be rude to anyone here." He started as he leaned in for a whisper. "But I don't think those uniforms look kinda stupid and make the guys look kinda bulgy too."

The girl then started to laugh out loud at the blond's words as he really did seem to have a dislike to the outfits. After a few minutes the music started to change as she looked to the reading Uzumaki as he did not see her get up from the table.

"Let's dance." She said when with her smile beaming at him. Only to frown a little when she saw him trying not to pay attention.

"No that's okay." he deadpanned this made his not so really date pout as she placed her hands on her hip.

"Oh, come on!" She said. "You can't be that bad of a dancer."

"Your right...I'm the worse." Naruto said.

"Now you I know you're just making this up." She said with a look that says [You better dance with me if you know whats good for you] look.

Of course this would work on any male who saw this look before and Naruto has seen it a lot of times. But it looked like this time he hoped to win this one by keeping his eyes on the book. However he felt his date's eyes burning right through his read and finally gave up as he stood up to follow her on the dance floor. Only for him to drag him on to the dance floor by this girl and he caught a glimpse of Squall dancing or attempting to with Selphie as he snickered.

Only for the blond ninja to be brought close to his date for the night as she placed his right on her hip and took his left hand outwards. The she began to led him through some of the dance step as he accidently stepped on her feet once. But she did not mind when he broke apart before starting up again, only to bump into another couple. The SeeD gave the pair a rather annoyed look on his face. Only for his date to stick her tongue at the said person before smiling at the blond jinchuuriki.

Naruto then finally got the hang of doing the right steps, a bit. However he really did start to enjoy his time in doing such things without the need to look over his shoulder for once in his life. Though he is no longer in his own world for the moment, he really enjoyed this moment. Just as the two came to a stop in their dance, fireworks started to go off above the Garden for the celebration.

"Your a pretty good dancer Whiskers." Said black haired beauty with a wink. "Though it did take awhile for you to get the steps right."

"Hey, it's never too late to learn new things." Grinned Naruto as he scratched the back of his head. "I have always been a bit of a quick learner (Liar) anyways."

The two then went back to the table where the blond originally sat down with his book. Naruto was about to begin reading once more, as it is Jiraiya's first work and the source of his name.

The girl who sat in front of him read the title on the cover. Which read, Tales of the Gutsy Ninja and wondered if was any good. Since the reader seemed to smile with each moment he read the said book. She was about to ask him about the book, until something caught her eyes and she did feel badly for what she is going to do. But right now, she needed to take her chances right now.

"It was nice dancing with you Whiskers. But I need go do something very important." Said the black haired girl as she got up from her chair as she wanted to explain further. But was silenced when the blond teen held his hand up and grinned at her.

"If it's really important for you then you don't need to explain yourself to me." He said with a smile on his face as he puts his book away.

"Thanks for understanding." She smiled as she walked into the crowd.

Naruto chuckled to himself in think what his godfather would say time him. More like he would be yelling at him for letting a girl as beautiful as her leave without getting some late night fun. But like always, he would just ignore the elder toad sage and his perverted advice. However he was broken out of his thoughts of his master with the talking of female SeeD members talking about him. Wanting to avoid another scene like his earlier dance lesson. He got up from his table after pocketing his book to get away from the girls. He then walked over to the balcony to see Squall leaving the area.

He then spotted the blond Instructor for the brown haired gun-blade specialist and he noticed that she seemed to be in deep thought as he approach her. "Is something wrong?" He asked which Quistis who nearly jumped out of her skin from being startled.

"Ah! Naruto would you please stop appearing from nowhere!" She demanded from her fellow blond who just laughed at her before she calmed down.

"Sorry about that Quisty-chan." Naruto said scratching the back of his neck. "But sometimes it's just too fun to see all the reactions of other people."

The Garden Instructor finally calmed down for the moment as she had a little smile of her own. "I must say, that you are quite the dancer out there." She said and heard Naruto muttered to himself. "But at least you got the hang of it near the end and that says a lot. So what brings you out here anyways?"

"Getting away from dancing." Said the blond jinchuuriki as he took a seat on the balcony. "I don't want to step on anyone else's feet and hopefully, avoid getting fangirls." he finished with a shudder. "And you?"

Quistis take a deep breath as she looked out the star filled sky. "I'm just out to relax for the night and taking a break from watching the other graduates. But I am going to turn in for the night, good night Naruto." She smiled

"Night, Quisty-chan." Naruto replied as he looked at the sky.

"Ma ma, I didn't think you had it in you to dance Naruto." Said a voice from behind the blond and resulted him in falling forward on his face.

He then got to his feet before pointing his finger shakily at the man before him. "K-K-Kakashi-sensei! but how are you here?" Who is crouching on the balcony.

"Yo," The silvered haired jounin held a hand up. "That will need some explaining to do and I would prefer it to be one in private." He then gave an eye-smile. "But I am glad that you have been learning new things too."

A tick mark grew on the blond gennin's forehead as he has his head with his body shaking. "You-You won't tell anyone will you?" He asked nervously.

"Would I be the type of man to say something that embarrasses his student?" Asked the jounin off handedly as he saw his student relax, only to say. "Now if someone were to ask me, then I'd tell them."

"It is nothing for you to be ashamed of Uzumaki Naruto." Said a monotone voice from the side and there stood Sunagakure's Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara with his arms crossed. "Normally you would never kept things hidden from your friends. So why would this be any different from before?"

The blond sighed in defeat as he knew that his red haired friend was right. "So are you guys gonna tell me how you got here?" he asked.

Kakashi then decided to jump off from the balcony and stood on the ground. "I think it is better we talked that one in private as well and for now, can you take me to the one in charge?"

The blond ninja nod his head as he lead his fellow ninjas into the dance hall to find Headmaster Cid. To hopefully convince the man to letting the two stay in Balamb Garden for the time being. He just hope that he could come up with a good cover story on his part.



Blamb Garden: (Kakashi, 2 days later)

Copy-ninja was walking around the building of Balamb Garden, already he along with Gaara were a bit of the talk of the students. The young kage was referred to be the quiet cool loner type of person from some girls he passed by and himself, was the cool aloof, and dreamy instructor Trepe of person. A number of times he was approached by a few girls that looked to be 18 in his eyes as they asked them some personal questions.

However he was saved by the moment his blond student walking around with some kids. He seemed to enjoy being in the company of kids as he liked to play their games. Kakashi had to admit that it was a nice change of pace for his student. With the threats of Akatsuki along with Orochimaru and Sasuke, all gone. Naruto never really had the chance to relax or do any of the things his friends were doing.

Sure, most of them were able to find love before the war started its final days of battle. Chouji got together with Ayame, Shikamaru with Temari which was no surprise to anyone. Kiba was able to nab Hinata, since Naruto had to turn her down gently and she accepted his answer whole heartedly. The Hyuuga Heiress, still worried for the blond jinchuuriki as anyone. Because she feared that he would live the rest of his life alone. However he assured his friend, that he would try to look for someone to see him for himself.

Neji married Tenten a few days after the war with the Hyuuga prodigy asking his blond friend to be the best man. Naruto agreed whole with great joy in being asked his friend. This almost ended in Lee challenging Naruto the right to be Neji's best man, as this involved the two in a race around Hi no Kuni. After everything was settled in which both teens being best man or men. It took Ino to make sure he did not wear anything that is way too much orange. The ceremony was just as great with everyone making sure Lee did not have any alcohol for good measure.

The real shocker was Sakura accepting Lee's request for a date. Everyone was pretty shocked at this piece of news, all but Naruto. In fact he approached his taijutsu specialist friend and congratulated him. This also shocked many of the ninja populace as some even put up a betting pool. Some anbu were thought that he would win over the girl of his dreams. But like him, no one showed any animosity toward the pinkette in respect for the Toad Sage.

When Kakashi confronted his student on his actions for letting Sakura go. He was floored with the reasoning behind the blond's actions.

"I know I may have ended the war, but still. People will fear jinchuuriki and with being who I am. I doubt that I will find a girl will want to be with me and not for my status in the world."

The jounin did not know what to say to Naruto then as there were a whole bunch of truth in them. He too suffered from the blonds second problem on his own. Everyone from their world would see him as the son of the Shiroi Tsume (White Fang) or the man that was able to take out so many in the Akatsuki war. It was too much fame for the masked jounin and wanted the same thing as Naruto. Though Kakashi is one of the best ninjas in Konoha, he is still human as he thought about wanting a family of his own someday soon.

"Excuse me, Mr. Hatake." Said a calm voice the belonged to Cid Kramer.

The silver haired jounin turned around to see the middle aged man standing behind his person. "Is there something I can help you Headmaster?" He asked.

Cid the nod his head. "Yes, I would like to speak with you in private, if you do not mind." Said the Garden Headmaster as made his left eye move to the side. Which the Copy-ninja noticed some movement behind the sign of a walk area and instantly knew the meaning behind the words of the man. "Because this is a personal subject I would like to talk with you."

Headmaster's Office

"I thank you for accepting my request." The Headmaster said with a more relaxed voice. "You see, Naruto spoke of you with very high regards when he came here. I feel like I can trust that young man's words along with my hopes."

Kakashi smiled under his mask for the praise the middle aged man is giving his student. Truth be told, Kakashi also felt like that at times with the blond. With his battle against Kakuzu along with other members of Akatsuki proved that.

"Oh I am sorry for going off like that." Said Cid as he started to wipe his glasses clean. "Now the reason I asked for you to follow me is that I wish for Naruto to accompany three of Balamb Garden SeeDs on a mission to Timber. So they can provide help with the resistance group based there to achieve Independence."

Kakashi then looked at the man for a while to see any trace of deception on his part. But found none to be there at the moment in choosing the blond sage. So all he could do was listen to what the Headmaster of Balamb Garden plan.

"Have you already selected sufficient team to go this place?" Asked the jounin as he watched Cid nod his head to confirm his answer. "Very well, I would like to join Naruto and have Gaara with me for this mission to accompany the SeeDs." Cid had a pleased smile on his face. "May I have the names of the team that will be going to Timber?"

"But of course." The Headmaster said with a hint of pride. "The members of the Timber Team are, Squall Leonhart a gun-blade specialist, Selphie Tilmitt Magic/Nunchaku user from Trabia Garden and Zell Dincht a Balmab Gardens strongest martial arts user. Though I would like to send more SeeDs with them, but another element is keeping that from happening. So I had come to you for assistance in this matter and hope you will help keeps the students safe."

Kakashi did not know what to say to the leader of the Balamb Garden. The only other person who did this to home was Sandaime Hokage himself and like before, he could not entirely refuse. He would ask what the other two ninjas opinion on the matter of going on a mission. But he knew, that deep down inside himself, Naruto would go without question. "I already said that I would help out Headmaster. That, and I have a feeling Naruto would do it without question."




To Be Continued

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