Voyagers!: Memories Of Time's Past

Chapter 1: Prologue

Another failed course. Another warning lecture. Another dispute with a stodgy professor who tried to demean her intellect. She would never be used to this strange, yet wondrous place. As she glumly rounded the corner of the congested hallway, AnneMarie Schaffer was struck to the very core. Her sharp intake of breath nearly deafened her. However, it went unnoticed by the handsome man she collided with. Their eyes met and her heart ached with a loving recognition.

"Anne Marie." He uttered, unaware that she heard him.

A smile curved upon her lips. His bright eyes, so serene and playful, bore into her, and she wondered if he felt the same. Her heart cried out to him– familiar words spoken a lifetime ago.

"Yes! Yes, I'm your beauty! I'm your AnneMarie! I'm yours!"

Time froze in a solitary moment as their gazes lingered. She saw a flash of his face–younger, more cherubic, as he hovered over her passionately in a flowering meadow.

"Love me…love me now, forever."

His gentle, yet commanding voice sprang up a whirlwind of loving and even foolish imagery from the recesses of her mind. Puppets? Mud and wild hog chases? Stolen glances, injurious family secrets, the decrepit hull of a beached ship, and frenzied kisses…

She let out a deep breath and clutched her gold and jade necklace. It was a keepsake she had on when she arrived and she refused to take it off. He seemed to identify with it and curiously watched her motions. AnneMarie wanted to speak to him, but the crowds surged forward and they separated. She turned and glimpsed the back of his suede vest as he entered into the courtroom.

A very important hearing was taking place that involved three top members of the Voyager Tribunal. The giant oak doors slammed shut behind him. A desirable chill ran up her spine. When he had spoken her name, her mind drifted to a bustling, 17th century city called Rotterdam, Holland. Was that her home of origin? She experienced an unexpected and powerful yearning for him. They belonged to each other, but she did not know how.

A/N: This story is a continuation of 2007's 'The Origins of Phineas Bogg.' The story will also reference a few events from, 'A lighthouse army of two and friends'. You will also recognize many of the so-called 'scientific' concepts I developed over my years with other Voyagers stories, including using my favorite Omni director-Bobby Peters. He's a story hopper and my always reliable OC hero.