"Could You Love Me?"

Chapter 12

He gently stood her on the floor, she kept her arms around his neck and kissed him. He moaned softly as the warmth of her body and her scent drew him in. She gazed lovingly into his eyes.

"I'll be right back," she murmured.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"Why, to get ready for bed... silly. I'm tired," she whispered seductively at him.

He gulped. "Okay," he managed to say huskily.

Marron went through to the bathroom and softly shut the door.

Trunks looked around the room. He opened the bottle of champagne and poured them a glass each. Taking a sip of his he lowered the lights and removed his jacket. He stood thinking for a moment reflecting on the past few months.. He smiled to himself, at last she was his... or rather, very soon she would be his, totally and unconditionally his. He felt the warmth beginning to rise in his body as desire started to pulse through his veins. He removed the rest of his clothes and leaving just his boxers on climbed into the bed. He propped himself up with the pillows and sipped his champagne while he waited for Marron to join him.

In the bathroom Marron removed her wedding gown and hung it up. She also removed her slip and bra then slipped her soft, sheer negligee over her head. She released her hair and brushed it so that it lay in soft golden waves around her face. Picking up the bottle of perfume, she dabbed some on her wrists and neck, then as a last thought she put some between her breasts. Looking at herself in the mirror she blushed. Here she was on her wedding night, her new husband waiting for her and she was acting like a school girl! Still she felt hesitant, but there was no denying it any more. She wanted him and he wanted her, she was as ready as she was ever going to be. She took a deep breath and turning off the light she stepped out into the bedroom.

Trunks looked at her as she glided across the room to the bed. He felt goose bumps break out on his skin... The desire was beginning to rise, the blood was rushing through his body. She looked so beautiful, like a goddess. The garment was sheer and soft. She slid into the bed next to him. He felt the ache starting in his groin.

Timidly she ran her fingers across the corded muscle of his chest, her eyes found his and they begged for him to understand her shyness and fear, and to be patient with her.

He slid his arms around her and pulled her close. He began to kiss her forehead, then down to her nose, lips, ... her neck. She arched back allowing him free access to her creamy skin. He ran his hands up her sides pulling the silky night gown with them. He kissed her as he tugged at her night gown. She broke the kiss and pulled the negligee over her head and tossed it to the floor. His eyes roved over her perfect body and she felt the heat of the blush begin to rise under his gaze.

"Oh, Kami, you're so beautiful," he said softly and kissed her as his hands wandered to her breasts. Gently he squeezed and massaged them as moans of pleasure came from Marron. He began his kissing journey again, moving from her neck, down over her collar bone to the valley between her breasts. She shivered under his touch; gently he kissed her nipple then swirled his tongue around the soft flesh. Slowly and softly he was arousing the fire of passion locked deep within her. She began to feel the stirrings of want and need such as she had never experienced before. She ran her hands over the muscles of his back till she came to the hem of his boxers.

He groaned lustfully and pushed his hips towards her, daring her to explore further. He continued his teasing of her nipple. She ran her fingers around the hem of his boxers, she could feel his hardness beneath pushing against her hip. Her hand slid underneath the fabric and gently closed around him. He shuddered and moaned as she ran her fingers up and down the length of him, marvelling at his size. She began to get bolder and tugged at his boxers, pushing them down over his hips. He wriggled and removed them for her. She let her hands run free over him, exploring every inch of his muscular frame. Trunks growled with excitement, his breathing was becoming short as her hands and fingers gently touched and explored him. He ran his fingers up the inside of her thigh. She trembled at the feathery touch. He hooked his thumbs under her panties and pulled them from her. He began to kiss her again and slowly moved his hand between her legs.

She continued with her gentle stroking of him and he pushed his hips towards her, delighting in her soft touch. Gradually he worked his fingers between her legs and began stroking her. It wasn't long before she was moving under his touch. Very gently he slid his fingers inside and began to tease her. She began a series of ohh's and ahhh's as new and exciting sensations engulfed her very soul. At last Trunks could stand it no more. He had to have her. Reluctantly he pulled his hips away from her touch and removed his fingers. She grunted with disappointment at the cessation of the pleasure, she open her eyes and looked at him. Trunks raised his body and positioned himself above her. He pushed her legs apart and sank between them. She stared at him, a combination of love, lust and fear was evident in her eyes.

"Are you ready?" he asked quietly.

She nodded apprehensively.

"I promise I will be gentle," he said.

She reached up with her hands and ran her fingers through his hair. "I know you will," she replied.

He lowered his body on to hers, evenly distributing his weight over her small, delicate frame. He found her entrance and slowly slid his tip inside; she groaned.

Gently he began to slide the rest of himself into her until he met with the barrier of her maidenhood. She bit down on her lower lip tasting blood. He withdrew slightly then covering her mouth with his to muffle her cries he quickly thrust forward and broke through her last barrier.

He caught her moans in his mouth, she squeezed her eyes tightly together as a sharp pain went through her body. He waited for her to adjust to his size then slowly he began to flex his hips.

Shortly the initial pain went and Marron found herself enjoying the new sensations. he was a considerate lover and took his time. His thrusts were slow, rhythmical and deep. He buried his head in her neck and began to nibble on her skin as she ran her fingers down his back until she found the stub of his tail. She let her fingers wander over it, softly stroking and caressing the furry stump. Trunks growled softly with the pleasure.

He slid his hand under the small of her back and braced her against him as he began to thrust faster and deeper. She began to buck her hips in response. Her pleasure and excitement was building to new heights. Marron had never felt anything so wonderful, she could feel her body ascending to new heights, pushing for release, crying out for the pleasure to explode and drown her in it. Trunks felt her reaching for the edge and thrust faster.

Marron began to pant as her goal came closer. Her hands grabbed Trunks' back and she pulled him closer as her excitement mounted. She raked her nails up his back and began to shake and tremble under him, soft moans escaped her lips as her orgasm hit her.

As the waves of pleasure washed over her so her body shook with the spasms, so intense was the relief. After a few more thrusts Trunks gasped, groaned and shed his seed deep within her warm body. As they lay wrapped in each others arms waiting for their breathing to return to normal, so they basked in the mutual afterglow. Trunks shifted slightly.

"Am I too heavy?" he asked.

"No," she whispered and hugged him.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Mmmm," she sighed. "I have never felt so... so..."

"So physically and emotionally free?" he whispered, his breath tickled her ear.

She giggled. "That was so incredibly wonderful." She kissed his neck.

He gently withdrew and rolled off her.

She snuggled into his warm body, her soft gentle curves fitting into his perfectly.

He wrapped his arms around her protectively and began to nuzzle and nip at the skin of her neck.

"You're all mine now," he said. "And I don't share."

She smiled. "Neither do I, my love... Neither do I."

~ Fin ~

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