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His egotism never fails to bite her nerves, or scratch at her badly itching throat till it bleeds. Grotesque, but that was the feeling Lexi gets when Duck opens his mouth.

But still, Duck does have a charming side to him. His hero-side never fails to make her fall for him, complete with heart melting, wobbly knees and flushing cheeks. Sometimes, Lexi despises herself for behaving like a –she can't help but choke a little at the term– hormonal high school teen.

Fiercely loyal she might be to Ace; Duck has always managed to successfully catch her attention.


"Tell me again, Duck. Why did I agree to be your partner for this mission?" haughtily, she interrupts Duck's self-praising tirade. As it is, his ego is getting too much for her –too much for the cramped aircraft both of them are occupying right now. For the sake of her sanity, Lexi tells herself, he needs to shut up. Otherwise, she would do something drastic, like separate his beak.

"Why?" Duck looks at her disbelievingly, "We have a world to save! That's why."

And once more, Duck had her admiring him, charmed by his passion. Lexi abruptly turns away and hopes her burning cheeks would go unnoticed. Hormonal high school teen indeed.

"And every hero needs a sidekick,"

Yeah, his egotism gets to her nerves.