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Jane glared down at her phone as it buzzed, skipping across her desk. "Grant?" She picked it up and looked at the screen as if it had turned into some sort of distasteful substance. "Really?" She sighed as she pushed the button to answer. "Rizzoli."

"Jane, it's Grant."

She crossed one arm over her stomach as she rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I know. Caller ID."

"Oh, right." There was an awkward pause as he tried to figure out what to say next. "So, anyway, I'm back in town for a little while, and I thought we could go out for drinks."

"When?" She leaned forward to pull up her Outlook calendar. "My week's pretty full right now. How long are you going to be in town?"

"I'm moving back, so whenever. They decided to push me back here to do some rep work. It's a long story. I can tell it to you over a beer. What about tonight?"

"Can't. I have plans with Maura. What about Thursday night?"

"No good. I have a dinner meeting. I hate those things."

"Yeah," Jane's voice was full of apathy. She had started surfing the net as she chatted with Grant.

"What about Friday night?"

"Nope, plans."

"Really, Janie? With who?" His irritation was rising.

Jane sat up in her chair, her eyes narrowing as her grip on the phone tightened. "First of all, don't call me that. Second of all, it's none of your business. But, it's with Maura if you have to know. We have tickets to this play that I promised I would go to with her, and I can't back out. We've been planning it for a month now."

"Okay, fine, then you pick a day."

"Saturday's fine. You know I can't do it Sunday; Ma's got that day booked forever."

Grant chuckled. "Yeah, I know. Okay, I'll see you Saturday night. Pick you up?"

"I'll meet you."

"You sure? I haven't forgotten where you live, you know."

"I'll probably spend the night at Maura's. So, I'll just meet you at the Robber. Six good?"

"That'll work. See you later, Janie."

The phone went dead. With a frustrated grunt, Jane tossed her phone back down on the desk.

"Jane, who was that?" Maura had slipped into the squad room while Jane was dealing with Grant.

"It was Grant. He's back in town and wanted to grab a drink Saturday. We don't have plans, do we? It's just that play on Friday night, right?"

Maura nodded, expression for once unfathomable, but only for a moment. Then she smiled. "It sounds like fun. You'll have a lot to catch up on," said the medical examiner as she deposited two folders on Korsak's desk and one on Jane's. It had already been a busy week for her, most of it devoted to paperwork, though the court appearance this morning had been something of a break. How sad, she thought in the part of her mind that wasn't occupied with Jane's information, that she regarded a day in court as a break.

"Yeah, it'll be something." Jane watched the ME walk around the room dropping off folders. "How was court? Are we still getting together tonight? I know it's only Wednesday, but I could really use the break." The detective looked down at the mound of work she'd already finished that was now balanced rather precariously on the edge of her desk. "Thinking about it, why don't we skip out early and go get dinner? I've been filling out some stuff on Hoyt for the FBI, and I could really go with something else to think about for a while. Know what I mean?"

The four o'clock doldrums had sunk their teeth into Maura an hour ahead of schedule that day, and so she immediately accepted Jane's invitation with alacrity. "That's a wonderful suggestion. I could go now, if you're ready? I'll just get my coat." She all but skipped away, returning in very short order with coat, purse, and freshly reapplied lipstick. "I'm glad you suggested this. How about this? Anywhere you like, my treat. Absolutely anywhere, no arguments from me." It was a pie crust promise, easily made and easily broken if the place Jane suggested didn't meet with her rigorous standards for cleanliness, but she meant well.

"Anywhere huh?" Jane pushed her pile closer to the center of desk and went about shutting down for the evening. "You know, I'm really not feeling it for the Robber tonight, and I don't feel like changing into my 'going out clothes'." She looked up to give Maura a wink. "What about we go to the store, pick some stuff up, and actually cook for a change? You and Ma are always saying I eat out too much anyway, and… damn it." Jane picked up a folder from her desk. "I have to drop this off with the FBI. Come with me? I don't want to go in there alone. It always takes me forever to get out of there when I go in there by myself." She pulled her blazer on and doubled checked that she had her badge, gun, phone, and keys. "Besides, if I run into Dean, I want to have a quick excuse to leave."

Maura had a habit that unnerved most people, smiling or meeting eyes for about a second too long, and she was doing it right then. When she did speak again, she was still smiling. "I think that sounds lovely. My place? You can stay over. Bring Joe, so you don't have to leave early to go her walk in the morning." She wasn't worrying, or even thinking, about Dean.

"Another ladies' night out?" Korsak gouged with good-natured humor as he edged his bulk around Maura to get back to his own desk. "What do you girls do all the time, paint your nails and talk about boys?"

"Pillow fights," Frost responded with a grin, voice assured as if he actually knew what he was talking about.

Another voice chimed in. Frankie Rizzoli had heard Frost's words but nothing leading up to the line Frost had just shouted across the room. "Lingerie pillow fights." However, when Korsak moved aside and Frankie could see that his sister was involved in the conversation, not even Maura's hurried protests could drown out his fervent, "Oh, wait, we're talking about Jane? Gross. Never mind. It's probably ladies' night at the batting cages or something. No offense, Doc." His sister's best friend did not fall under the normal protections of sister's best friend: she wasn't to be hit on, but she also wasn't gross, so the apology was in order.

Maura's brow furrowed as she considered it. "Does that mean you don't want me to take offense, or that no offense could possibly be taken, or that you hope you're not being offensive, or that you want to reassure me that you didn't offend your sister by calling her gross, or that you know offense could and should be taken, but you'd object if either I or Jane did, in fact, take offense?"

"Uh, yeah," Frankie gave his big sister a look that was clearly a plea for help.

"Maura, we should go. I have to drop off this folder at the FBI, we need to go shopping, I need to swing by my place to get stuff and Joe, and then I have to figure out a way to kill my baby brother without Ma figuring out that it was me." She placed her hand on the doctor's back to guide her to the door. "It's a busy night. Korsak, don't watch too many cute animal videos. Frost, shut up. Frankie, bite me." She addressed each of them as she made her way out with the confused doctor in tow.

Once they were safely in the elevator, Jane dropped her hand. "Sorry, Maur, the guys can be stupid sometimes. You want to drive or you want me to?"

The doctor allowed herself to be guided, though she did flutter one hand in farewell towards the men who rounded out the closest thing Maura Isles had to a crowd of friends. "You can drive." It was unusual for her to suggest such a thing, since Jane drove in a way that just barely avoided reprisal from one of her brother police officers on the traffic beat, but she knew Jane enjoyed driving, and she enjoyed watching Jane do things Jane liked to do.