The brunette let go of the breath she was holding and gave a tentative smile. "Yeah?" The look of relief on her face was unmistakable. "Good." She tugged on the doctor's hand, urging her closer. "I think I'd just jump off a bridge if you'd told me no." She smirked, some of the Rizzoli smugness seeping back into her face. "You know I've never dated a woman before. I don't know about you." She scooted closer. "What… what would you like to do from here?" Her smile turned into a smirk. "I can think of a few things, but I think I've done enough without your consent tonight."

"I don't know... I mean, I theoretically know the mechanics, at least, based on some literature I once researched, but that was a long time ago, and honestly I don't put much credence in it. It didn't help me at all when I was learning with boys, either. Only experience really made a difference. Why don't we just figure it out as we go along? What little information I do trust says that whatever one of us enjoys, the other is also very likely to enjoy. Let's just take our time and work it out like we did with boys when we were teenagers, okay?" Maura replied with a light chuckle as she lowered herself onto one elbow, scooted a wee bit closer, and leaned such that she would be slightly underneath Jane. "But in case you're worried, I think you should know that you didn't do anything wrong. Whether you knew it or not, even whether I knew it or not, you've had my consent for months now, for... whatever we figure out together."

With a chuckle, Jane leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the lips of the woman beneath her. "I'm not there yet for that kind of thing, Maura. I was thinking a little make-out session, maybe some cuddling, and then sleep. We have to go to work tomorrow, and, honestly, I don't think I could handle the shift from being with you like that to working cases the very next day." She lay down, facing the blonde. "Small steps, k?" She leaned forward, inching closer to the doctor.

Maura inched just that little bit closer to accept Jane's weight onto herself along with that light, chaste kiss. "Infant steps," she agreed. "That's exactly what I meant by figuring it out like teenagers. Holding hands for six months in junior high, kissing a few times in high school, college..." She trailed off, then smiled and murmured a sweet promise. "We'll get to collegiate activities later. By that time, we might even graduate to using the grown-up bed in the other room."

Jane gently settled on top of Maura, narrowing her eyes as she did so. "Baby steps, Maur." She bent down to kiss the doctor again. "I really hope you're not thinking of taking years here. I was hoping we'd hit … college about the time we hit Florida." She gently nuzzled Maura's neck, breathing in the scent of the other woman. "But, we can move to the other bed right now. Of course, that means we have to move…" She lightly nipped at the sensitive spot just behind the doctor's ear.

"Oh, God," Maura gasped, hands swiftly running up Jane's back as the detective's newest investigation located a particularly sensitive part of her neck, or perhaps it was just that Maura's senses were already quite heightened that evening. "No, I don't think I want to move right now. At least, not into the other room. I can't seem to stop moving myself, I mean, my - You know what? Just keep doing that. You might graduate early through the Gifted and Talented program and get accepted through early admissions."

Another chuckle slipped out between nibbles as one of Jane's hands ran through Maura's hair. "Hmm… do I get extra credit if I get you to moan before we go to sleep tonight?" She ran her tongue over the blonde's jawline, just below her ear and then blew lightly over it.

"God," Maura said again in a voice that sounded suspiciously similar to a moan, chin lifting to allow greater access. Her own hand drew back beneath Jane's arm and up to the taller woman's face. Her outside foot lifted along Jane's calf to the back of the knee, then pressed to bend it and draw it closer and higher into her thighs. "No. But you might have to do some extra credit assignments, because... Jane, I'm not good with metaphors and I can't keep up with this one, so just… please."

Jane drew back to gaze down at the woman now writhing beneath her. "Baby steps?" She squeak out. Closing her eyes and taking a slow, steadying breath, she tried to think with more clarity as the sensations of Maura moving below her filled her senses. "Okay, one of two things is going to happen tonight," she managed to get out, a growl threatening to escape her throat. "We're either going to college, or you're going to the other room." Opening her eyes and placing a hand on either side of the blonde, she pushed up, her thigh moving further up as she moved. In a husky voice, full of need, she whispered, "Tell me, Doc, which is it going to be?"

Maura whimpered as the strong stimulation slowed, giving her time to catch her breath and think. She thought. Considered. Carefully weighed, eyes locked on Jane's, all her options. It took her about a second and a half, after which she said, still panting a little, "I don't want to not be touching you all night. Do you think we can keep our hands above the waist? Because if we can't..." She licked her lips, which felt suddenly dry. "If we can't, then... I guess you'll be finding out how loose I would've been in high school if I'd felt like I could get away with it."

With a snort of laughter, Jane dropped her head to Maura's shoulders. She remained there for a moment trying to focus. Finally, she slowly rolled off of the doctor. "I'm really not ready yet. I meant it. I want to take our time," She shook her head. "Maura," she rolled onto her side, gazing into the other woman's eyes. "I want our first time not to be rushed. I think, tonight, we should take a breather, and, tomorrow, we should plan our trip. I'll just keep my hands about waist level. That okay?"

"I won't say I'm not a little disappointed," Maura confessed as she took a few deep breaths to lower her heart rate, "But more than that, I think I feel grateful for your cool head. As difficult as it feels right at this moment, I want to take our time too. You're so worth savoring. We'll be more likely to be able to conceal signs of our changed status around your coworkers, which I would like to do for now. I don't feel like sharing this just yet; I want to keep it for just us. As long as I can sleep beside you tonight, then I'm... satisfied."

"I really don't think I'm going to be able to hide wanting to jump you from Korsak. He's been watching us like a hawk for weeks now. I think he knew before I did." Jane stood up and grabbed her bag. "I'm going to stop worrying about it. If we're really going to give this a shot, I want to really give it a shot, not just do it half way." She grabbed her phone from the nightstand. "Ma, she's going to be thrilled, I think. I don't know why. I just think she's going to be okay with it." She shrugged, causing the bag to slide down her shoulder a little. "I also think I'm ready for the big girl bed." She gave Maura a sideways glance as she walked out of the guest room and toward the master bedroom. "You coming, or what?"

Maura sighed, crumpled back onto the bed, and pulled Jane's pillow onto her face for a quick scream. As she put it back and followed after Jane, the woman who barely knew three words of slang demonstrated knowledge of at least one term that was not just slang but, dare one say it, even vulgar. "Not tonight, damn it."

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