Chapter 2

Once again that anxious yet trusting look settled upon her face as he stepped closer, her chest starting to rise and fall at a faster pace.

Gently he reached out with his other hand holding her hip delicately as Dorcas's eyes fell closed for a moment, relishing in the firm feel of his hand through her dress. Carefully he drew her closer and smiled softly. How could he do this to her? Make her feel free and so… undone. The last time she had been this carefree was with Mr Delafield. He had taken her by surprise shaking her life so utterly. He had been so confident and sure of himself, so sure of what he wanted. In a way Gabriel was like him but in so many others he was oh so different. Gabriel could be at times so unsure, and unlike Mr Delafield, Gabriel was gentle. Mr Delafield had seemed almost confused, Gabriel was not, he had loved and lost yet still he looked at life in such a joyful and admirable way. He was everything she could want.

Lifting their connected hands up to his lips he mumbled "What are you thinking about?" he said gently hoping he wasn't pushing her or going too far as he sometimes tended to do.

The wind gently rustled through the corn and she smiled "You" she said quietly, the wind gently carrying faint sounds of the Bazaar to them.

He smiled and lifted an eyebrow "Oh?" he said tracing circles against her hip.

Dorcas chuckled softly "Yes, I was just thinking about how you make me come 'undone' as you said" she quipped back.

"Ahh" he said in understanding.

Their presence with each other was relaxed and lethargic; everything around them so peaceful, Dorcas felt as though she could stand like this, with him, forever. Gently with her free hand she trailed up his arm, feeling his strong muscles through his thin shirt. His face contorted into one of faint pleasure and she smiled in triumph, her hand finally stopping just below his shoulder.

He let go of her hand, slowly almost reluctantly, and took her chin carefully tilting it upwards as he lent down. Their lips were so close, each other's breath caressing the others face when…

"Aaahhh! Sidney! Laura help me!"

With the sudden sound of Minnie piercing voice Gabriel quickly pulled them down into the corn, hiding them from the four intruders, hoping they hadn't been seen by them.

To say it was an ungraceful scramble to hide was a gross understatement, Gabriel had pulled them down and Dorcas had lost her footing completely, squealing, falling down on her bum and onto her back all the while taking Gabriel with her. Dorcas, who now lay underneath Gabriel, glared up at him making Gabriel laugh silently. She scowled at him profusely as he chuckled against her but the vibrations secretly made her shiver in delight despite her anger.

"Laura help!" Minnie continued to scream.

Some distance away they heard Laura laugh heartily with Daniel "Oh Minnie, it's not real, Alf put the real snake in a bag!" she called back.

Minnie screamed when they assumed Sidney went near her "Yeah but what if he found another one!" she said as they heard her running through part of the corn.

"Oh Minnie!" Laura called back and Dorcas couldn't help but chuckle quietly.

Though she often reprimanded the young girl she truly loved her. Her innocence and lack of knowledge often made Dorcas laugh. She brought laughter and a light hearted presence with her, she was almost like a daughter and if she ever lost her she knew her heart would truly break.

Gabriel looked down at her happy face and smiled, it was like everything seemed brighter when she laughed or smiled. Dorcas noticed his gaze and looked him in the eye, curious to his thoughts she spoke quietly "What is it that has you entranced Gabriel?" she said as he hovered over her slightly, his face still close to hers.

Just like she had said moments ago he replied "You"

Dorcas nodded and smiled "Well, It seems we have each other entirely captivated Mr Cochrane" she said her lips curling up at the sides.

"Indeed it does Miss Lane, entirely" his eyes filled with passion as he spoke.

For minutes they just stared at each other, their chests rising and falling against each other. Time seem to pass by, neither of them noticing anything around them. Instead their worlds only seemed to contain each other. The fact that a man she was not even courting was lying on top of her in a field didn't even bother her, the only thing she seemed to care about was how sensually soft his lips looked and how she longed for them to be on hers again, even if it was only for a mere moment.

Gabriel too seemed to be having difficulty on concentrating on things around him, her presence drawing him in and over taking. It was true that he was still grieving and missed his wife terribly but after the letter her image had been tainted, whether he wanted it or not. And despite the fact that Dorcas knew everything she did not push him away or frown upon his late wife, instead she had encouraged him to respect her and make him regain the image he had held before the letter and for that and so many other things about Dorcas it had made him fall harder.

Leaning his weight on his hands he looked down at her, smiling at the way she bit the side of her lip and relished in the way her hands remained on his forearms.

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?" he said gently, his eyes devouring her simple beauty.

Dorcas blushed "A long time ago" she replied "Now lines run along my face, showing that I'm not as young as I used to be" she said, idly tracing invisible lines across his hands as she looked up at him.

He chuckled "Well you must still be young because I do not see any lines"

Dorcas bit her bottom lip "Then your eyesight must be blurred because whether you can see them or not they are very much there"

Leaning down a little further he said softly "My eye sight dear Dorcas is perfect and so are you" he said looking into her sparkling eyes.

Dorcas breathed in deeply and swallowed. Did he truly like her? Or was she merely a way to pass the time with him? Oh how she hoped it was the former but she had already been hurt too many times not to be cautious. It somehow seemed drilled into her these days.

As he looked at her he knew she doubted what he said or least his intentions, why? "You doubt me?" he said softly.

"No" Dorcas said immediately "I, I don't doubt you Gabriel I just…" she sighed and looked away.

Carefully leaning on his one hand for a moment he captured her chin gently and turned her face back to him "Tell me" he said before leaning back on both of his hands.

Seeing the trust in his eyes she started "Before…" she breathed in and looked at him more firmly "Before Sidney came, I was very much in love with his father. We courted and then one day a lady whom he worked with came to stay at his Inn. A day or so later, I cannot remember when, he proposed and I said yes. He had no ring though and went out to get one. As he was out the lady who was staying at the Inn came to see me and told me that they had been and were in a relationship, it broke my heart and when he came back with the ring I told him no. He said that the relationship between him and the woman was over but I could not believe it. The rest is a long story but to cut it short it turned out he had a son from long ago, Sidney did not attach to him and attached to me instead so I adopted him as my own and the rest is history. That is why when you say words of such endearment I am… reluctant to believe them for I, I am, i…" she could not continue, could not tell him that she was already so in love with him.

"You are afraid I will hurt you as he did" he finished for her, looking at her sympathetically.

"Yes" she whispered.

He sighed slowly "Well trust me when I say I won't hurt you" he said sincerely.

She nodded and closed her eyes for a moment before looking back at him, once again searching his eyes as she often seemed to do "So where does that leave us?" she said completely unsure as to where exactly they stood.

He smiled and shrugged "I haven't the faintest idea, but what I do know is that I very much enjoy your company" he confessed making Dorcas smiled back softly.

Reaching out she stroked her hand through the side of his hair before resting it back on his hand that lay by the side of her "And I yours" she replied.

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