Having issues getting started on 'Her Sacrifice' so I started pulling prompts from the fluff meme on LJ to maybe help with my block. This one I wrote first, because I wanted to post it for XChemicalXFallXPanicX. She needs the mindless fluff today, and she's awesome like that. So here's one of the shortest drabbles I've written in a while! :D

Kendall Knight had a certain presence about him. It was an air of utter manliness that, even though he never tried to hide the fact that he was gay, nobody questioned his gender. Even those who only knew him as the fearless and impulsive leader of the newest boy band to hit LA, knew he wasn't one to be messed with. He would be the first one to throw a fist into a person's face who dared mess with one of his friends, or, god forbid, his boyfriend.

Logan loved how strong Kendall could be when on the defense. He was quite fond of it as long as it didn't get out of hand. And everyone around them could see that Kendall Knight was the epitome of masculinity.

But Logan knew differently.

Kendall Knight was the world's biggest cuddler. Almost to the point where Logan sometimes worried he would suffocate in the middle of the night. Or maybe die of heat stroke on those muggy summer evenings.

And it was just the "I want to be near you" type of cuddling. Oh no, Kendall Knight was nothing if not thorough. Nope, it was the "skin contact only, leg thrown over hip, arms wrapped around chest, and head resting on shoulder" cuddling that Logan found endearing after so many years.

Because even when he had just called the blonde a friend, he found himself being smothered in warmth a lot of nights. Albeit from a thunderstorm making it difficult to sleep in the bed by the window; or maybe they passed out while they sat on the same bed, talking late into the night like they always seemed to end up doing; or, on the rare occasion, a terrifying nightmare had one of them seeking the other out and crawling into the other's bed for comfort. He always woke up sticky with sweat, but well rested.

Oh yes, Kendall Knight was one of the most bad-ass guys there ever were, but he was such a softy as soon as Logan crooked a finger in his direction and turned out the lights.

Logan shifted slightly, finally allowing his mind to calm down enough to drift off. As soon as he scooted onto his back, the blonde rolled as close as he could in his sleep, slinging his leg over Logan's hips (missing that most vital of body parts, a learned habit after years of practice) and nuzzling his face into the brunette's neck. Logan couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped his lips.

To Logan Mitchell, Kendall Knight, the "bad ass," was preciously amusing.