The legend of Spyro

Legend of the black dragon

Chapter 1 old journey, new mysteries

"Uuurrg" Spyro moaned, slowly opening his eyes to look around. He saw that he was laying in a valley that looked familiar to him. He could barely remember what had happened. But then it all started to come back to him: the battle with Malafor, the destruction of the world and his endeavour to save it. Now he also recognised it as the valley of Avalar. Then his mind shifted towards Cynder, he quickly looked around and found her laying unconscious a few meters away.

He slowly scrambled to his feet still exhausted from the heated battle. He crawled up to Cynder his body itching from the battle and slowly got to her. Cynder was knocked out but luckily he found no injury. He then allowed his tiredness to take hold and collapsed next to her.

After a few hours Cynder started to wake up and looked around to see what had happened. She saw that Spyro was laying right beside her his side touching hers. She smiled and pressed her lips softly against his. Spyro intently woke up, jumped back and stood in his battle position ready for an attack. Cynder giggled and Spyro looked away, very embarrassed.

After they both had woken up they started to talk about what had happened. Then they realized that they had won the war against Malafor for good now. They could hardly believe it. It was over! The pain, the sacrifice, the losses, the fighting, it was all gone now.

"I can hardly believe it is over!" Spyro exclaimed. "We have beaten Malafor and the world is saved from his evil". Spyro looked towards Cynder as if expecting an answer. "Well I guess we go back to Warfang to inform the guardians of our victory" she suggested.

"I agree" Spyro said" we have to tell them about the dark master and about the fate of Ignitus" Spyro eyes darkened a little when he made the second point.

They started to walk back towards the dragon city of Warfang, enjoying the landscape and the peace they both fought so hard for. They decided not to fly but to walk the journey home not only because they were tired but also to prolong the journey. They wanted to be able to take in the moment and to enjoy their journey for once. But the peace and beauty was quickly interrupted when they saw a dead wyvern laying next to a broken tree (the wyverns where Malafor's Arial soldiers). They continued on there journey and they quickly saw another dead Wyvern and after that another one. As they continued the bodies of dead wyverns lay everywhere on the landscape, there where hundreds of them! "wow where did all these beasts come from?" Spyro asked

"well I guess there must have been a pretty intense battle here" Cynder said.

"yeah I guess so but come take a more close look this wyvern" Spyro said

Cynder walked up to one and saw that it was still bleeding, indicating that it's heart is still pumping and it therefore it must still be alive.

When they looked at some of the other wyverns they concluded most of them were alive or had died only moments before. There mystery was solved when they were interrupted as they heard a loud shriek in the sky. "What was that!" Spyro gasped looking confused around.

"Look there!" Cynder screamed.

Spyro looked and was struck by what he saw.

Just over the treetops an adult Cynder was fighting a few dozen wyvern.

"Cynder! but how!" Spyro exclaimed looking next to him he saw Cynder still standing next to him in her teen form with the same bewildered look on her face.

The two dragons looked at the black dragoness for what seemed like an eternity

"but how can this be!"

They where struck back to reality when the black dragoness clenched and it was then that they saw she was injured and looked very tired. At that moment a dozen wyvern's longed at her and completely covered her and she fall towards the ground.

"Spyro you've got to save her!" Cynder shrieked while she shot up in the sky to chase the remaining wyvern's away. Spyro raced to save the black dragoness but he saw he was not going to make it in time. He shot an earth missile in front of him which exploded below the dragoness, stopping her fall for a second. This second was all that he needed and Spyro shot under the dragoness and she landed on top of him.

"Ough!" Spyro exclaimed as he fell from his feel as the large adult dragoness fell on him.

When Spyro crawled out from underneath the dragoness he was attacked by the wyvern that where blasted of of her when he shot his earth missile.

He opened his mouth and unleashed an storm of electric energy at the shrieking beasts, completely incinerating them

He looked up to see Cynder coming down after destroying the Wyvern's with her poison element

"Who do you think she is?" Spyro asked wondering.

"I have no idea" said Cynder "but it doesn't really matter now she needs help fast" she gasped as she looked at the number of wounds covering her body.

"You go and treat her the best you can and I will go and find some red crystals" Spyro said before rushing of into the woods.

"Well guess I better get to work" Cynder thought. While using her shadow breath to numb some of the worst wounds.

After a few minutes Spyro returned while carrying a dozen torn red crystals on his back held down by his wings.

He put them down next to the black dragoness and walked up to Cynder.

"How is she?" he asked.

"I think she will be fine after we give her some red crystals" Cynder answered.

"Alright" Spyro smashed a some of the torn crystals he brought and Cynder did the same.

The shard of the smashed crystals magically flew up to the dragoness and into her wounds, healing them.

"Urg" the black dragoness slowly started to wake up.

"How are you doing?" Spyro asked slowly moving up to her.

"Stay away from me!" the dragoness suddenly shrieked and lashed out with her tail blade with surprising speed.

The blade was aimed at his heart but Spyro jumped back and the blade cut his side instead.

Blood started to drip from the large cut on his shoulder.

The black dragoness immediately jumped back in the sky with new energy as if her life depended on it and before Cynder or Spyro had realised it yet she was already gone.

"What was that about" asked Cynder who was looking the other direction and therefore missed what had happened

"Well she woke up, lashed at me and flew off" Spyro answered.

"That is very strange"

"Spyro you are wounded!" Cynder exclaimed when she saw the large cut in his shoulder.

"Don't worry about it Cynder" Spyro assured her.

"We have been through worse and besides" , he nodded towards the pile of red crystals that was still laying just a few meters away, "We have pretty amount of healing crystals"