The things I do to save you

AN: This title would not let me alone last night. So here it is.

Summary: Ryan and Esposito find out exactly how Castle and Beckett got into the building to rescue them.

Disclaimer: I don't own Castle, if I did, I wouldn't have been so excited when Knockdown premiered because I'd already have seen it.

*********** (Scene break) *************

"Hey bro," Esposito said, leaning on Ryan's desk, "How do you think Castle and Beckett got into the building?"

"They walked through the door," Ryan suggested, with a "duh" expression on his face.

"But there had to have been a lookout," Esposito said, "and guys like that don't just let their guard down, so how did they get close enough to knock him out?"

They fell in silence for an instant, thinking about it, then Ryan's head popped up and he swiveled quickly to his computer and began typing.

"What'd you find?" Esposito asked, moving to look over his partner's shoulder.

"There was a camera in the alley," Ryan said, not bothering to look up, "If I can find the footage, we can see - Ah-ha!" He clicked something and they were looking at an empty alley. "Now I just rewind..."

He clicked back hour by hour, until… "There," said Esposito, pointing. A car had rolled up on screen. Ryan rewound the video a bit more and hit play.

Beckett's car rolled up and parked. From this angle, they could barely see Castle and Beckett sitting in the car. They sat there for a few minutes, and then got out. They were, however, behaving oddly. Beckett was weaving as if drunk and leaning on Castle, who put his arm around her.

Ryan and Esposito shared a look, amazed that Beckett would do such a thing. They quickly turned back to the video.

Their coworkers staggered down the alley, doing an extremely good impersonation of a slightly tipsy couple. The lookout came down off the stairs to investigate. He walked towards them, looking suspicious of them. They watched Beckett's hand go for her gun, but Castle stopped her. She looked at him and he pulled her in and kissed her.

Ryan and Esposito knew their mouths were hanging open, but couldn't bring themselves to care.

The pair on-screen pulled away from each other. The guard was looking more amused than suspicious at this point, but he was still on alert.

This time, Beckett initiated the kiss. It was longer and more heated. The guard relaxed and looked away, an amused grin playing across his features. As soon as he wasn't watching them Beckett spun around and knocked him out. Castle said something and she turned around and looked at him.

"That was amazing," Ryan said. Esposito gave him a funny look. "What?" he asked, "that's what he said."

Castle said something else, which Ryan interpreted to be "I meant the way you knocked him out."

Beckett turned back around and ran inside to rescue them, Castle following.

Ryan turned to his partner, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

A smile spread across Esposito's face. "That they will never hear the end of this?" he asked.

Ryan nodded and turned back to his computer.

*********** (another scene break) ***********

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