Hi everyone. First off, spoilers for the game, so ya. This one is from Freya's point of view, and is the sequel/continuation to "Athanasia", so it's probably best if you read that one first. If you have, there's very little to explain, as it's sort of the same style, so please enjoy.

Unfortunately, Freya will never be crossing out her writing because strikeouts no longer work. If you'd like to see this fic the way it was meant to be seen, please visit the writings section of my website for it, grrrr.

The rating in this one is mostly because of strong language.

For Guardian, who wanted another, so I will do my best to not disappoint you.

"All the World's Sorrow"
By Amanda Swiftgold


To Nathanael Geshama
Midnight Lane, Treno

From Dareana Mosacai
Antigone Path, Theater District, Lindblum

Beloved Nathanael,

To my dearest little brother, many fond greetings. I hope that this letter finds you in good health and spirits, and that your studies at the university are improving. All here is well, and Mother, Father, Spencer and the children send their love. Do not be alarmed at this extra letter from home, as it is not bad news but rather good news; at least I do hope and expect that you will find it so.

Enclosed in the package you will find with this letter is something that will be of great interest to you. Do you remember our sweet little neighbor, Idun? Her grandmother in Burmecia recently passed away, and left her possessions to Idun. Among them was this packet of letters and journal writings which seem to have once belonged to the legendary Dragon Knight Freya Crescent.

I thought that might intrigue you, dear brother, if I may be so bold as to surmise your excitement at this moment! I remember well your fascination with the great heroes and fantastic deeds of olden times, and when I happened to mention this to Idun she made a gift of the letters to you. (I think perhaps she is a little fond of you, Nathanael, though I beg you if you see her, do not ever mention to her that I told you!)

Although it is worn somewhat, the correspondence appears to be in good condition and, most importantly, authentic. They appear to consist of letters Lady Crescent received as well as sent, along with personal writings of her own. They have previously been ordered by date as well, so you should have no difficulty perusing them. I do believe that you will find it of significance and a worthy addition to your collection of Eight Heroes lore.

Your big sister

P.S. Father says that you must not 'idle your time away with books', and remember to mind the store when you are scheduled, for he will not send rent money for you this month. (I do hope that I have not greatly added to your temptation with this package!)