The sky was starless on this stormy night. In a little store called RICKS COMPUTOR SHACK , a middle aged man was typing away on his computer.
The screen showed two people. One had Dark blue hair and crimson eyes. She wore a blood red bodysuit .Her legs ended in black combat arms ended in fingerless gloves. A black cloak was wrapped around her body.
The second person had Black hair and green haunting eyes. She wore a ripped muscle shirt with a camisole underneath.

Her legs were swathed in jeans and wore the same black choker with a dragon underneath.
Underneath the blue haired one was the Name Raven Riverstorm. Under the black haired one the Name read Zero Riverstorm.

With another few strokes of the keys, their memories were finished.

He grinned to himself as he hit the enter key.
Time for part one of his plan.
Near the Hollanders house and near the carnival, two portals opened .

Out of the Hollander portal stepped Zero Riverstorm.
She swore in Spanish."OW!I am NEVER doing that again!"As the rain started to soak her, she made her way over to the Hollanders house.

Out of the Carnival portal Stepped Raven, with her black cloaks hood covering her face. She Glanced at the carnival.

Th fight with Ace lightning had caused some substantial damage to the place.
"This should be interesting" she smirked