Wolfgang Fear sat at his organ. His bony fingers found the right keys to coax a haunting melody out of it. As Staff Head rested against a wall, Googler cleared his throat gently.

Lord Fear let his fingers clang down on the keys.

"What is it?" he snapped irritatedly.

Googler flinched, but he recovered quickly.

"There is someone here to see Fear," he said loudly.

Lord Fear turned in his seat. "And who is that?" he snapped again.

Raven stepped into the dim light of the organ room. "That would be me."

Lord Fear's eyes widened in recognition. Two hundred years ago Lord Fear had invited as many ambassadors of all the powers of the Sixth Dimension as he could to create or renew treaties. Elves, Ghouls, Wizards and witches gathered for merriment.-and that night had caused the first of many pacts between the Black Rose Society and the Carnival of Evil.

"Raven." His voice held nothing but shock.

Raven bowed her head slightly. "It has been too long, Lord Fear," she murmured.

"Cut to the chase, Raven. Why are you here?"

She looked regretfully at him. "I'm here to watch you."

Lord Fear's eyes flew open.