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"So do you agree?" Buffy asked sharply as she turned to face her fiancé who was gazing gormlessly at the soccer on the television with a beer resting in his hand. Around him lay an assortment of papers, scraps of material, magazines and silk flowers with Buffy sat in the centre of the mess looking about ready to explode if she didn't receive the correct answer. It had been a month since Spike first proposed and trying to organize the venue, reception, date, guest list and everything else that went along with a wedding had quickly turned her into a full-blown bridezilla.

"Agree?" He mumbled sleepily as he turned towards her. She frowned heavily and he caught the don't-mess-with-me look in her eyes that he knew only too well and suddenly sat more upright in an attempt to act like he had been listening intently all along. "Of course I agree Pet. Completely agree." He nodded vigorously, trying to compensate.

"And what is it you agree so strongly with?" Buffy asked, her annoyance slightly giving way to amusement as she watched her lover squirm uncomfortably under her gaze.

"The… urm… colour scheme." He bravely ventured. Receiving neither conformation nor dismissal from Buffy he wandered on blindly "That we couldn't have the pink and the red together because it would be a bit too much and so we should go with the red because it compliments your skin tone" he recited devotedly "and reminds me of those hot little skin-tight trousers you used to wear in high school." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Buffy fought to keep the corners of her mouth from turning up. You are mad at him she scolded herself.

"Very good Spike." She murmured. "Yes, that was what I was talking about… like two hours ago!" Spike groaned and threw his head back in defeat, resigned for the worst. "Since then I have covered seating plans, table decorations, the order of service and now we are supposed to be discussing the actual date we get married. And I was saying," Buffy said in an as-you-would-know-if-you-were-listening voice "that the hotel only has one vacancy within the next two years and that is a cancellation in three weeks and what I was asking was if you agreed that this was a do-able time frame for us to get everything done by." She finished abruptly and folded her arms giving him her best tough-girl stare.

"Pet if anyone can organize a wedding in three weeks it's you. You can do anything you put your mind to." He cooed softly as he tried to scoot closer to her and place his arms around her but she shook them off, her anger still bubbling beneath the surface.

"That's the thing though- I don't want to have to do this all by myself. We're both getting married and I could use some input from you. This is supposed to be the biggest day of our lives not just mine and it seems like you just don't care about it."

"Buf, love, of course I care! I'm gonna be the happiest man in the world when I see you walk down that isle towards me. Sure, I don't care what colour the sodding flowers are or who your great auntie Murtle sits next to but that doesn't mean I don't care about us getting married. We could get married in a shed and it would be the best day of my life, you could be wearing a bin bag and you would still be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I'm not a thinker, love, you know that. I go with what I feel and all I care about is you and me being together for the rest of our lives but if that means three weeks of picking flowers and shoving almonds into boxes for the gifts-"

"Favours." Buffy interjected, grinning.

"Sorry, favours. Then so be it. As long as at the end of it I get to marry you I'll be happy. I love you, Buffy I hope you know that." She grinned at him as he pulled her close for a well-deserved kiss. She sighed and instinctively nuzzled into his neck as she pulled herself onto his lap and wrapped herself around him.

"You're such a big softie." She teased, all the anger now gone from her voice. "If only your old friends could see you now. The big bad of Sunnydale high talking about flowers and favours." She giggled.

"It was a reputation I never understood why I had anyway." Spike admitted.

"I think it was the accent and the leather coat you insisted on wearing despite it being the middle of summer that did it."

"Hey, my coat was cool!" Spike muttered sulkily.

"Of course it was baby." Buffy cooed patronisingly as she kissed his head and ruffled his hair, laughing at the look of mock outrage that covered his face as he grabbed her hands and wrestled her onto the floor, squirming and giggling.

"Say it was cool." He ordered her as he pinned her down and began to tickle her mercilessly.

"Okay, okay, I surrender." Buffy gasped between her laughter. "The coat was cool." He stopped and sat up with his legs either side of her still pinning her down. A look of smug triumph appeared for a split second before Buffy, with a mischievous grin, added "Nearly as cool as the time me and Dawn painted your nails in your sleep and you didn't realise all day." She shrieked with laughter and in one fluid motion pushed him backwards, wriggled free and bolted up the stairs still chuckling to herself.

"Oh you are so for it now summers." Spike growled as he sprang up and raced up the stairs after her.

Buffy hid under the covers trying to conceal her silent giggles that wracked her body, she felt like a child again playing hide and seek again.

"That is the worst hiding place in the entire history of the world." Spike drawled as he pulled the covers off her in one smooth movement. "It's a good job you don't have any big nasty chasing after you, you wouldn't last a second." As he jumped onto her, their lips crashed together and Buffy had an image of herself running through a cemetery clutching some form of weapon with the full knowledge that she was running for her life and some 'big nasty' was indeed after her. She'd been having the weirdest dreams recently and tried to push it out of her head but something deep inside her made her pull away from her boyfriend and blurt out;

"I don't think I'd do too badly. You shouldn't underestimate me you… look what you did, you made me go all big-wordy." She pouted as Spike lay beside her and pushed the stray strands of hair form her face.

"Sorry Pet didn't mean to test your vocabulary I just meant that you do have a tendency to squeal and hide when the monsters jump out in the horror movies so I don't think a life of escaping bad guys is really for you." He paused thoughtfully as if heavily weighing his next words. "Unless you believe the nut-job who ran into me earlier."

"What guy? When?" Buffy asked with panic in her voice.

"Calm down love," he soothed her. "Just some random guy that ran into me on my lunch break today and started spouting some rubbish about a fight against evil and remembering who I was. Obviously he'd run out on one of his nurses."

"You didn't know him then? Was it a joke or something?" Her brow knitted together and she chewed on her lip to try to not show her anxiety. Weird things like this made her feel so out of control and she hated it.

"Not a joke no, just some crazy talking nonsense. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned anything."

"Well what did he look like?" Buffy pressed, clearly not willing to let the subject drop.

"Oh I don't know Buffy," Spike sighed. "Tall, dark and broody. Looked a bit gay with hair that had a ridiculous amount of gel on it. Bloody pouf if you ask me." Buffy smiled slightly at Spike's use of language.

"Knew I could get a smile." Spike ginned at her as he pulled her closer once again. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have mentioned anything. Can we go back to discussing colour schemes? I very much prefer you angry than upset."

"I'm sorry I know it's silly it's just… the dreams. I hate it so much I wake up terrified."

"I know pet." He muttered into her hair, and he really did. He woke up to her screaming every night and it broke his heart to see his girl in such distress. "I know. It's just the stress taking its toll on you. They're only nightmares and if I see any nasties or anything that remotely signifies the end of the world I will give you the heads up, I promise." She laughed lightly and felt the weight lift slightly off her shoulders as she snuggled into his embrace and felt at peace with the world for the first time all night. Here, at least she knew nothing could bother her.