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Feeling enormously confused, Haruhi slowly glided down the hallway. As the light grew closer, her heart got faster until it was ferociously pounding in her chest. Suddenly she stopped. On the opposite side of the hallway, a door was cracked open. From it, she heard what appeared to be muffled sobs. Ignoring the voice in her head that told her not to intrude, she pushed open the door and stepped inside.

"Hello?" Haruhi called into the black. Immediately the sobs stopped and the entire room went silent. "Hello?" she repeated, searching for a light switch. After a few moments, she gave up, taking a few more steps into the room.

As she did, a window came into view, dim moonlight seeping through the glass onto the floor. Her eyes wandered around the space, finally coming to a stop when she glanced the figure of a person leaning against a leg of the grand piano. She took one step closer and then a second, approaching the figure cautiously, waiting for any sign of acknowledgement.

As she got closer, she began noticing more details. The figure was that of a man, hands covering his face. He turned to look at her, letting his hands fall back.

"Haruhi, you should be heading to the ballroom now." Startled, Haruhi jumped back, falling off balance on top of her four inch heels. With inhuman reflexes, the man jumped to his feet, catching Haruhi around the waist, moments before she would have collided with a glass coffee table.

Looking up, she found Kyoya's face only inches from hers, eyes steadily gazing into her own. Haruhi blushed as he wrapped both arms around her, pulling her into a gentle embrace. She could feel his heart beating under one of her palms. It soothed Haruhi as she closed her eyes and let her head rest against his shoulder. She felt Kyoya's arms tighten for a moment before he finally let go of her.

"Well, I shouldn't keep you from the party any longer," he sighed.

"Senpai—" Kyoya cut her off.

"You head down. I'll rejoin the party in a moment. And if you tell anyone about this," he added, "I'll have to make sure you regret it." Because he had not completely composed himself, Kyoya's words did not have their usual effect. Nonetheless, Haruhi did not doubt his tenacity. She excused herself before silently venturing back into the hallway.

As Haruhi stepped into the light, she let out a slow breath. Before her loomed yet another red-carpeted staircase, flowing down into an enormous ballroom. Near the walls, small groups of richly dressed aristocrats socialized. The men discussed business. The women gossiped, occasionally providing snide remarks about the dresses of women in neighboring parties.

In the center of the room, young, elegantly clothed couples turned and glided across the marble, bathed in golden light from several massive crystal chandeliers. Music echoed through the space from a small orchestra. Crytal vases lined the walls, filled with blue orchids, hydrangea, tea roses, crocus, and magnolias, the flowers Haruhi and Hana picked the precious week. So this is the event, she thought. Windows on three sides of the room opened out to the cloudless night, and silver moonlight saturated the very edges, where a few seated individuals watched the scene play out.

As she stepped out into the light, many pairs of eyes turned to her. Haruhi diverted her eyes, taking the stairs slowly, placing one hand lightly on the railing as she did so. Below her, the orchestra's music began to slow, and, to her great dismay, the song ended the second she reached the bottom. The crowd applauded politely, couples thanked one another for the dance, and everyone fell silent as a single figure made his way through the center of the ballroom to Haruhi.

Haruhi's heart gave a tiny leap as Tamaki bowed to her.

"May I have this dance?" He asked, offering his hand to her with the upmost elegance. Haruhi stood, shocked, for a moment before remembering her father's words. Just enjoy myself, she thought, this is just like the host club.

"Of course, Tamaki," she replied, placing one hand in his. As the two made their way to the center of the floor, all eyes gazed at Haruhi.

From her hair to her dress, Haruhi looked the part of a modern princess. Baby blue polish coated her perfectly rounded nails, and a few rhinestones added sparkle. Around her right wrist, a single sterling silver bangle gleamed.

In her hair, Haruhi wore a hairpiece, which had been artfully shaped into a loosely tied bun on the back of her head. Ranka's hairdresser had gently bumped the front and tucked away the loose strands with silver combs. A small baby blue ribbon encircled her neck tenderly and tied in a perfect bow in the back.

Mrs. Hitachiin beamed lovingly at her gown. The design began with a simple, fitted dress. Expertly draped ocean blue satin wrapped left over right in the front, forming a deep v neck, and the blue satin continued to the floor. Thin velvet straps in a matching color wrapped over the shoulder elegantly. Alternating layers of long ocean blue and royal purple tulle attached at the empire waist and split down the center into ruffles. At the empire waist, a large amethyst pin rested on a thick band of royal purple velvet. In the back, a small train of tulle and satin fluttered over the marble.

As Tamaki and Haruhi stepped into the center of the ballroom, the orchestra began playing a slow waltz. Haruhi placed her left hand delicately on Tamaki's shoulder as he pulled her in gently.

Tamaki lead effortlessly, moving them around in a slow circle as the music swelled into a beautiful minor melody that Haruhi remembered from the week before.

"This is your song, isn't it?" She marveled allowed.

"Yes," Tamaki replied. "I wanted to give you something very special, and I know you don't really like expensive things. When I composed this piece," he continued, smiling, "it originally ended in a minor key, but you changed it that day you came over. You changed my look on life, so you changed this melody." Haruhi listened as the key shirted from minor to major and flowed softly into the ending.

At that moment, Haruhi realized the entire room had formed a wide circle around them. In the front, she could see Hunny, Mori, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kyoya who wore a bittersweet smile. Also present were her father, Hana, and Tamaki's father and grandmother, standing side by side.

Tamaki dawned his heartbreaking smile again as he dropped slowly to one knee, pulling a small velvet box from his pocket. His lavender eyes met hers with warmth and sincerity as he began to speak.

"Haruhi Fujioka," he began, "I don't know when it was, but at some point along our adventure, I fell in love with you." Haruhi felt tears come to her eyes, her lips stretching into a breathtaking smile. "With each day, with each word, with each smile, I have realized that *we are going to get through this…together*." Haruhi recognized her own words. "Haruhi," he started slowly, opening the velvet box. A stunning diamond ring sparkled inside it. "Will you marry me?" A silent tear of joy slipped down Haruhi's cheek.

"Yes!" She replied, overjoyed. The audience burst into applause as Tamaki slipped the glittering ring onto her finger. He stood gracefully and pulled Haruhi close as he leaned in. She closed her eyes, meeting his lips in the first kiss of many the two would share.

When the music began again, Tamaki broke the kiss, wrapping one arm securely around Haruhi's waist and taking her hand with the other. Slowly, they swirled in circles to a soft and endless waltz.

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