Inside a dark room, two minds were brewing. The room was a large elaborate apartment somewhere within London. The two minds belonged to young women trying to understand a mystery that had affected them deeply in the past. One of the women stated, "Now then, give me a recap of our research."

The other woman responded, "Sure thing!" She cleared her throat and sounded like she was reading from a piece of paper, "Subjects Tohno Shiki and Emiya Shirou. Similarities between the two include that they are both of Japanese descent, both possess incredible powers, but above all else, both can apparently drive women to fall absolutely in love with them with no effort. This ability does not discriminate between what kind of women they are, be they human, vampire, demon, familiar, Servant, or even my own sister!"

"And my own sister too!" The other woman interjected.

"And also," The second woman painfully added, "ourselves." She then cheerfully said, "Although you have it worse than me!"

"Guh! Don't remind me!" The first woman shouted.

"But you said to give you a recap, so I am! You see, Shirou fell in love with Saber, they 'exchanged mana', but you were in love with him and Saber-"

"-Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

"at the same time, so in a sense-"

"-Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

"he stole her from you-"

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

"And she stole him from you at the same time!"


"Don't forget all the boys from beyond the fourth wall who are 'gay' for him!" She added with a wink.

"I know. It's pathetic, Kohaku." She breathed a sigh. "Alright now, recap's done. So then, what intrigues us most is how these two subjects are able to drive so many people to become attached to them. I theorize that they possess some rare magical aura that allows them to charm so many people without even trying. However, even despite my knowledge and training in magecraft, I can't detect if they really are using some kind of magic. I don't remember sensing within Shirou some ability to make me and a lot of other girls-"

"-And fanboys!"

"Go crazy for him, but you come along and tell me that you can either prove or disprove this theory. This is where you take over, 'Magical Amber.'" The first woman concluded.

"Right!" Chimed the amber girl. "You see, using a combination of my Tatari-influenced mastery of science, as well as your expertise of magic, I have modified the television set in this room," there was a typical television set next to her, albeit one hooked up with suspicious-looking cables and doodads, "To display if the powers of our muses-slash-love interests are indeed based in magic."

The other woman asked, "And where did you say you got this idea from again?"

Kohaku cheerfully replied, "Oh! I got it from watching an American anime; there was an episode about a 'what-if machine.' To think that we have one right here and now!" She then leered at the woman and said in a playful yet suggestive voice, "And so Rin-chan, would you do the honors?"

Rin blushed, looked away, and said, "Don't call me Rin-chan. I'm too old for that."

Kohaku giggled, "Whatever are you talking aboutĒƒ? You're not even that old!"

Rin said, "Fine, whatever." She went up to the modified tv, "Tell me, what if there was no magic in the world? No sorceries, no heroic Servants, no anything that most people would find to be fictitious? What would life be like in Fuyuki City?" Upon saying this, the tv flickered to life.