Exdeth gets the groceries

One day in disdidia Exdeath wasnt fighting with onion knight so he figured he had to replenish his food stocks so he run down to the nearest store and realise he forgot his money, luckily he found some and went into the shops again. When Exdath saw all the tasty food he couldnt decide, he go up to the shop guardian and says "Hey buddy where can I get a good food?" and the shop dweller who was passin buy give him some turkey for free, it was a good day for axdath because theres nothin like turkey when your throwin the void at people. Imediatly after, sexdeath decided that it was too borin to wait so he grabbed the hole shelf of food and run away. When he met up with garland and sephiroth, they were dissapointaed in him "sephiroth said: did you steal all this shelf food? It gotta be returned btw" and exdeath says "no i found it and you guys are mean" exdeath suddenly tripped up and onion knite helped him up and says "are u ok?" and exdeath was happy and sayd "thanks onion nite, I was in a predicamant ther" so exdeatht gave the food to onion nite and onion knite got a 87 year prison sentance and exdeath went home happy that day.